5 Seconds of Summer - CALM

℗ 2020 5 Seconds of Summer, under exclusive license to Interscope Records

CALM Tracklist:


This album did not disappoint. All the songs are amazing, I loved every single song.

other kool kid

2020 has been kind of a bad year between Kobe and Giana’s deaths and the coronavirus. It almost seems like the world is falling apart now. 5 seconds of summer is just like “not today!!!” After releasing this album, I feel like quarantine has just gotten a whole lot better. Y’all who are writing all these bad reviews need to calm down. These guys are making AWESOME music and are literally legends. THX 5SOS 🥳🥰🤪🤘💞💖🤩

m1chelle <3 ..

They really introduced a new mix of songs, I totally recommend this and I really think all types of people would like it. Congrats 5SOS for living up to the expectation and surpassing it! I love it and it really needs to get more attention! <3


5SOS put so much time and effort into this album and the perfection really shows from the instrumentals to the vocals. no skips on this album, all the songs are bops. probably the best album they’ve made and it’s so beautiful. the lyrics are so raw and honest and reflect how far they have come! i love it so much!!

my cat is blue melw

this album was phenomenal, stupid itunes messing them over #itunesisoverparty


literally a masterpiece 💕


5sos stans never lose. these boys put so much of their time and energy and effort into doing what they absolutely love. this album is so unapologetically them and it’s truly an amazing story. the emotion behind these songs....the drums.....the vocals....5sos truly popped off!

Sasso No. 1

This album is simply outstanding. It may be their best work yet. Listening to this you can see influences from bands like Queen and The Beatles. There is no song you can skip on this album. It truly shows each of the 4 artists’ individuality and how they all work together to create perfect artistic unity.

Huyaaaa girl

STREAM CALM !! 0 SKIPS these men have outdone themselves again !!!!


Would recommend


i’ve been a fan since the self titled album and the amount of growth is insane. i love these boys and the music they produce. this album is a BOP.


i love it!!


I recently became a fan in December 2019 so this is my first album release, but this album is amazing!! Even with their other albums, I’ll have songs that I don’t really want to listen to m, but every song on CALM is absolutely awesome and unique. I don’t skip any songs on the album!!


Giving as many 5 star reviews as I can. The fact that dua lipa Stans are leaving bad reviews on here so she can get number one is childish. You can listen to any album you want but don’t be disrespectful to other albums. Anyway this is an amazing album so listen to it if you want to you won’t regret it😊



Alannah Murphy

5SOS have had a lot of good albums and i was nervous before hearing this album if they could top Youngblood. They definitely did and all i have been listening to nonstop. THE BEST ALBUM EVER MADE


5sos has not released a bad album and youngblood was gonna be a hard album to compete with but they definitely worked hard and created an album that is their best on to date! i would recommend the song best years to everyone!! happy listening!!

marcella pagnott

this album is musically, lyrically and sonically incredible. this band never ceases to amaze me and their ability to grow as a band and as individuals. STREAM CALM!


it’s honestly amazing, I’m so proud of how far they’ve come 💗.


This album is so different from the others, heck even the songs on this album are all different from each other in some type of way! They’ve really grown as artists, expect all since the last album, I’m so proud of them

forehead! at the disco

i never leave music reviews on itunes but i heard that some dua lipa stans are leaving bad reviews here so calm sells less than whatever she just released which is rlly petty so i’m just trying to boost their ratings because the guys worked really hard on this album and it slaps and they deserve the sales


5SOS have done it again!! Blown away by this masterpiece of an album


there’s not one single bad song on this album. you can really hear growth and maturity in their music. what a band. stan 5sos.

Intense movie lover

i can’t even explain how good this album is. i am beyond proud of the Australian band called 5 seconds of summer. this album is completely diverse and completely different from their past albums and that’s what i LOVE about 5SOS ♥️♥️ i am hoping and praying that my concert in august is still on from everything that’s going on! i am beyond excited to see them live bc they never disappoint!!!


The 2018 album was one of my favorite albums in a long time. I really didn’t like this one. I tired getting into it but it wasn’t the same. I wish them the best


Just saying one of their best albums


Such a mature and cohesive sound with similar elements in each song so that the whole album flows pretty well together. And definitely my favorite album lyrically and content wise!

Danielle Noel Anderson

This album will blow you away. I am out of words to describe it. A true work of art. Great job to 5SOS they have out done themselves again. I thought Youngblood was the peak of song writing, but then CALM came around and blew me away. True song writing in this album.

Mariangel Mero

I feel so proud of them, they’ve worked so hard for this and I’m excited for this new era. This album is fresh and so good! It’s all I’ve been listening to ever since it came out.


I’ve only just recently became a die hard 5sos fan but I was lucky enough to be here for the release of this album. These guys are so brave and kind for doing the things they do for their fans. Even with all of this craziness going on in the world, they bring some light into this darkness. You should share this album with everyone you know, even if they’ve never heard of 5 seconds of summer, do it. I’m sad the boys didn’t get to be together for the release and that they’ve had to cancel shows, but the way they stream and interact with their fans on social media is beyond heart warming. There are great things in store for this band<3




As the day it was released I listened closely to each song and noticed how it created a story behind it i.e. Old Me felt like giving your past self a hug and thanking them for the effort and hard work that they went through to the life that you have now throughout High feeling nostalgic whether you had a close friend or lover move on or not it still hits closer to the heart and soul. That is why if you are reading this whole comment to see how much of the effort 5sos put through toward this album both sonically and lyrically so go ahead and listen to each song perhaps you may also feel euphoric and melancholy.




Calm is by far the best 5sos album. They have grown so much lyrically and vocally!

Riley Mahoney

Once again these boys delivered an AMAZING album. Different from Youngblood but in a good way. Never fail to amaze me🥰❤️


calm is actually a masterpiece. like i knew it was going to be good because 5sos always make good music but calm is just actually the best album i’ve heard in a while. i am in love with every song on this album and i feel like i can listen to this album on repeat for the rest of my life. 5sos killed it. very proud of them. stream calm.

Olivia Tatyana

This album has absolutely zero songs that i would skip. it’s AMAZING. No song is like the other and it’s beautiful ❤️🤍 #CALM


album of the year, it appeals to almost everyone and has such versatility throughout the whole record and each track is flawless from start to finish. 5sos knew what they were doing when they released CALM


these men just cannot miss. 10/10 have shared the album with all my friends. so happy to see how their music has developed over the years

Anggel soto

we have to stan


Every song is so catchy and well made that I can’t stop listening to them. There’s no better way to describe this album the perfect. I’m so excited for the bright future ahead of the 4 amazing musicians that I love so much. 🎸❤️

random moments


Lizbeth Irwin

This is a great album, I haven't stopped listening to it since the day it came out. The songs are sooo good and the lyrics are great. Please give this album a try, I promise you will love it.


Their best album without a doubt

Mai Dahari

wow. what an incredibly beautiful album. every song is amazing. not one skip. the vocals are impeccable and so are the lyrics. great job to 5sos for coming back with another hit!


ok 5sos has really broken a barrier down or something because CALM is so so so good like it left me literally speechless. like it is so emotional and deep and I can literally feel the emotions that they had will making this album. it is truly an amazing album and it will never be forgotten ❤️


i’ve been a fan of 5sos for almost 7 years now and it’s truly incredible to see the growth, maturity, and pure talent that CALM embodies. there are songs for everyone because of their ability to mix and play with genres, and the album genuinely has no skips. thank you 5sos for constantly working hard, being vulnerable, and sharing your talent with us. it doesn’t go unnoticed and i’m incredible proud of you guys 💛


5sos have seriously outdone themselves, there is not a single song I don’t like.


best album yet!

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