Agust D - D - 2

℗ 2020 Bighit Entertainment

D - 2 Tracklist:

John Fabulin

I wish he makes more MV for this songs. Loved Daechwita MV!!!


Praise the king


Absolute king🥴🥴


Best album of 2020

Trust and Us



I think this was a great follow up to the first mixtape. If there is another one released, I can imagine they will just get better and better! I appreciate Agust d’s improvement. However, I don’t believe that Daechwita was an appropriate title track. A song like What Do You Think? or Honsool would’ve been a better choice in my opinion. But that’s a personal opinion. However I know I was not the only person who found the chanting of “DAECHWITA, DAECHWITA, PLAY IT LOUD, DAECHWITA” to be annoying and loud. I get the head nodding dance thing, but still. I also (I don’t speak Korean) was confused on the lyrics for about three days bc no one told me what the word Daechwita meant. But haha other than that, my favorite tracks were Strange and 28. I really recommend everyone read the lyrics to Strange, because they’re extremely thought provoking and deep. They question the whole of capitalism and I find that so interesting and great that Agust D (I refuse to call him another name when that’s the name he’s chosen 🤷🏻‍♀️) is speaking against something so accepted. I adored 28 and i replay it over and over these days, it means a lot to me. I think you’ll love it too if you give it a chance! In short, I loved this mixtape but believe the title track song was chosen wrong. Great job, Agust D!


I love all of your SONGS and I’m a really big fan of you😘😍😍 I love you SUGA✨✨✨


Just amazing 💜


Yoongi world domination, great mixtape!!

plastic moon

There is not one skip-able song on this album. The lining of the songs is sooo perfect and the production is on another level. I do not regret buying at all!


AgustD (Suga) has just dropped the mic. Game over.


Much respect to Min Yoon-gi. Layer upon layers of sound on each track. So much fusion of East and West. Lyrics and beats flow well...even an instrumental album of his beats would be amazing! Agust D2 shows how much more of an artist he is.


beautiful in every way

#maze runner fan of newt

I really thought the album would be as good as Agust D but I was wrong I got hyped up for the songs to come out and then I was disappointed ☹️ I just overall don’t care for the title tracks and besides the best part though was when Kookie and Seokjin got into the fight in the bg😅


This album is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🤘👏👏👏👏✌️


That’s it. That’s the review.


A cohesive diverse analytical piece of work. Every song is Grammy worthy.

keila veliz chavez



Album is sooo good! Each song has it’s own color and message.


What other words need to be said

Valeria Rincon-Gallardo

Best album yet I’m so excited for any new project to come not only from Agust D but also from BTS!! 💜


That’s it


I LOVE how yoongi uses Agust D to make and produce the music that HE wants and is able to have so much creative freedom. He really pours his everything into every song he makes and the raw honesty he conveys is incredible. BIG BRAIN MAN. I LOVE U YOONGI💜

yoongi's daechwita

this was a long awaited comeback for mr. min yoongi and i’m very proud of the songs and meaning. i could tell that each song was made with extreme thought. agust d is extremely clever

SwaggerSouls' boi

ALL OF THESE SONGS ARE BANGERS!!!!!! but that is what is expected of the KING of K-Rap... can't wait until your next album young... I will be patiently waiting until your next comeback


Literally no skips!!


I love this album! The songs are all so different in their feel! There’s something for almost anyone!

Yolo mags

I like most songs but please create a clean version for those of us who don't care about the un necessary explicit language


One of the best, what a king


This mixtape is fantastic, from its good musical production to its good lyric.


jim jones’s chile


It’s amazing. Not that I would expect anything less from yoongi




I am not disappointed in this mix tape at ALL, Yoongi went OFF and it shows that he put a lot of thought and effort in his work. Luv you yoongi-댕취타!!💫


This album has a huge meaning for me. And Agust D has said what some people are afraid to say. I really admire his work besides of being an Army, I look up for him as a human being dealing with a lot. THANKS YOONGI FOR THIS AMAZING MASTERPIECE OF ALBUM!


Broooo this is the only thing I’ve listened to since it came out (it’s been like 2weeks)


I love ittt


Love it♥️♥️♥️♥️


continuing to create outstanding music and thats all i need to say.


Honestly this mixtape is a masterpiece! Agust D has done it again!! Love it!


I love it. Min Yoongi never ever disappointed me💜

nathan 🤍

he absolutely KILLED THIS 🥵. this was fine ashhhhh. i can’t wait to see what he does in his next mixtape if he releases one !


stan yoongi


Agust D 💅🏼😌


This album is 🔥💥🔥💥🔥 definitely worth the wait. Thank you for your music/art Yoongi 💜


Even if he wasn’t in BTS, I’d still really love these songs! These songs really are just- IM AT A LOSS FOR WORDS- Yoongi needs a whole separate ARMY for this greatness


Absolutely amazing


girl bc i think i’m a new army this is a banger

Jannet F.

First of all .. this album is AMAZING. He did so good incorporating so many different types of styles and multiple artist into one album. Also to all those haters that decide to hate on this album just because y’all want some guy to go bald .. keep dreaming, if your artist has to do some challenge for his album to reach the top is honesty THE SADDEST thing to see because that mean y’all aren’t even listening to because it is good. Also you all can say something when he becomes as successful as a Korean artist that is STRIVING is all the corners of the world. 👏


need i say more? anyways stream daechwita 💅🏼💅🏼

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