Bethel Music - Revival's In The Air (Live)

℗ 2020 Bethel Music

Revival's In The Air (Live) Tracklist:


I am enjoying this so much that I am listening to it every day


Bringing strong Presence of the Lord! We love you bethel!!!!


Such a great album! This album contains many of the best worship songs for this year. This is probably going to be the best worship album for 2020. Revivals in the air is a highlight. But so many of these songs are just the best.


Unfortunately, the album is not as cohesive and the songwriting is not as good as on the past two albums. Victory was such a good album. Also not sure why Asbury singles are not one. Jenn Johnson’s “Sing His Praise again” is probably the best song. The title track and God of Revival are also strong. But the rest seems disconnected and tedious.

LI Revival

Revival is in the air!

Jay Ravi

“God of Revival” that song has been my anthem for a while! It is amazing! It is in my “Special Song” playlist because it is on the shortlist of songs that really touch my heart!


Gone are the days of Bethel 2011-2014. Thank you for more songs to sing and for reaching a new audience to worship God, but take a break, team.


Love it, so powerful


This album ushers in the spirit of God and people's lives will be changed by it! Thanks Bethel, for always releasing content that draws us closer to Jesus.


I have pre ordered but MISSING!!!!!!!!! “Goodness of God” with Dante. I have the version with Jen and is great but Dante adds a different .......don’t know what to call it ....perspective...just have to listen for yourself. Draws me in a different way. Please consider adding before release!!!


The fact that I read a review that said a few missing names means this isn’t a great album makes me kinda sad, because it shouldn’t be about who’s singing but Who they’re singing for. And also, this album is already my fav Bethel album and you can’t change my mind


No Amanda, No Steffany, No Jeremy, then it’s not a solid worship album. The Golden Days of Bethel Music is Over. Hopefully the new generation can usher in the Spirit wiser, stronger, and more fluid in culture. Winning Song: Champion, Least: Johnson’s.


Can’t wait for the full album!

cmt ♥️♥️♥️

i’m grateful for bethel. that’s all. i’m ready for the whole album; may 29th, get here fast!!!!!


All I can say is thank God for this movement. My life is forever marked by their yes and their worship. God is moving on the earth. And this truly is the sound of revival.