Billy Joel - Turnstiles

℗ 1976 Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Turnstiles Tracklist:


My favorite from Billy. While it contains the classic ‘New York State of Mind” my favorites are the lesser known tracks like “Summer Highland Falls”, ‘James”, “I’ve loved these days” and “Miami 2017.” I play it from beginning to end all the time.

M. Dorji

this album is just AWESOME!!!!!


Definitely one of my all times favorite...


This album is an absolute overlooked gem. Let me first say that I always considered myself fairly decent fan Billy Joel's over the years. I remember my older sister having his 52nd Street album that I would borrow and play in the 1970's as a kid. Years later in the late 1980's I would buy the double album of Billy Joel's Greatest hits thinking it was the comprehensive album of his best work. I have come to learn at my age of 48 years that I was dead wrong about that. This power packed album Turnstiles of which I never realized existed until recently since I got on a re-emerged Billy Joel kick has some of his best work by far and 2 stand out songs that I never had exposure to I am amazed that Miami 2117 nor Summer Highland Falls are songs that I never been exposed to until this year. Both were not on that massive selling double album of greatest hits I mentioned prior in his review. Both were not part of the radio airplay list of the numerous hits Joel has had over the years. Yet both of those songs are stand out masterpieces. If you think you are a Billy Joel fan yet have not heard this album, you have to give this a listen. You may find yourself saying...Turnstiles, where have you been all my life?


This, no doubt, was his greatest album. Joel wrote the music for this album at a challenging point in his career. He had success with Piano Man, disappointment with Streetlife Serenader. He was at a crossroads in his career. He would either move forward or be relegated to a one hit wonder. Turnstiles would set the stage for The Stranger. There is not one weak track on this entire album. The song writing, the producing (done by Joel himself), all of it put together made for a masterpiece.


Terrific remaster flawed by a digital glitch in New York State of Mind at the 4:54-4:55 mark. I notified Itunes over 2 weeks ago but this still hasn't been fixed....


First of all great album! Just fantastic music. I always loved the cover art for the vinyl album release. Every song is represented on it. But you do have to flip it to the back side to see the empty turnstiles area and you realize that's Miami 2017.


Billy Joel is my COMPLETELY FAVORITE singer of all time. I love all his music, from Cold Spring Harbor to River of Dreams. He has an amzing voice, incredible talent, and his songs are just GOOD. Turnstiles is my second favorite album, (beat by Streetlife Serenade), and his voice is just so pure and young and beautiful. Summer, Highland Falls is one of my favorite songs by him, Miami 2017 is a masterpiece, New York State of Mind is a song about my homeland, All You Wanna Do is Dance is catchy, Prelude/Angry Young Man has possibly one of the best piano interludes I've ever seen, James is sweet, Say Goodbye to Hollywood is beautiful, and so is I've Loved These Days. It's one of Bill's best albums and shall always be remembered as such. I love you Billy Joel!!!

Happy Jack 7

Heard this for the first time in 25 years. Wow, some great songs on here. 'New York State of Mind' is sublime.


You can't be a true Long Islander and not like Billy Joel's music. This came out the year I graduated high school and it's one of my all time favorite albums. JK


When people think of Billy Joel they tend to think of The Stranger... and with good reason. As The Stranger is probably my favorite Joel album, Turnstiles isn't far behind. NY State of Mind, & Miami 2017 are two of my favorite songs of all time, while Angry Young Man & Say Goodbye to Hollywood are great too. This is some of his best work, and with a price of $8, do yourself a favor and get it... & If you're a New Yorker.... you should already have it ;)


I like almost all of Billy Joel's albums from the mid-70's through the mid-80's and this definitely fits in that range. I like all the songs on it, though some I don't remember well when I'm not listening to it. Of course, "New York State of Mind" has been on my mind quite a bit lately, since I just moved to New York City a couple of weeks ago (after a decade in India...)


I've listened to most of the songs on this album this is one of his best albums. I appreciate his early career more than his later because it is great. Most people just know Billy Joel from you may be right and it's still rock and roll to me those are awesome songs but they don't sum up his style of music so I highly suggest to get this album.


One of the best pop albums of all time. A classic.

Don't Even Point

This album and The Stranger represent the best of Billy Joel, when his songs were still piano-based, before he became a "pop" singer. These are timeless classics, and the songwriting and performances are top-knotch.


Absolutley the most astonishing work by billy joel. Not a single cut that is bad! Possibly his best!


Don't let 'em fool you. The Stranger was overrated, Turnstiles underrated. This is a true masterpiece. Beauty on an epic scale, rock on the biggest stage, and music that will forever remain in our hearts and souls.


This is one of the great albums of the 70s. My personal favorites are "Say Goodbye To Hollywood", "Prelude/Angry Young Man", & "Miami 2017 (I've Seen The Lights Go out On Broadway)". If you've never heard Billy Joel, this is the way to start. Those who already love him, you'll love him even more.


This is by far the best Billy Joel ever recorded, and although it was not a hit, it shows Joel at his best


Excellent Album. It has great songs, some of his best writing, and it works as an album. Highly recommended.


This record sounds as fresh today as when it was recorded in the mid 70's. No bubble-gum pop here, only insightful, poinent, meaningful lyrics coupled with straight forward pop/rock sound that makes this album a must have!


This album is Joel's best. My favorite is the complex yet simple ballad Summer, Highland Falls and I've Loved These Days. Pop in this CD and and take a drive, you will get lost on purpose!


This is Billy Joel's best, and since he was so prolific, that is saying a lot! Every song on this album is a classic. Some radio stations play "perfect album sides" but this is one where they could play the entire album with every song being amazing. Also, it is before Billy became over-the-top commercial. (He couldn't help it -- his talent propelled him to the stratosphere.) My favorite all-time album EVER!


This is the Piano Man at his best. Buy the whole album. Not one bad song. Better than The Stranger.


i really think this is his best album :) so underappreciated though :(

billy joel is my hero

for those of you that are wondering, billy joel called it miami 2017 (I've seen the lights go out on broadway) because he was picturing an old new yorker who moved down to florida telling his grandkids about how he saw the New York collapse. beatiful album

Joel Fan

Another Joel album with just outstanding music and lyrics. "Say Goodbye to Hollywood" and "Summer, Highland Falls" are my favorites, but every song is a masterpiece. Every song Joel does seems to touch a different emotion for the listener, and it takes a special singer-songwriter to do that.


In my opinion, one of Billy Joel's best albums. I first came accross this album in a cassette format in the '90s. But I heard the entire album and LOVED it. Great song writing, a variety of styles. Beautiful.


Great Album, i just don't get why miami 2017 is called miami 2017.


This is the first Billy Joel album I ever heard back in high school--and it is one of the ones I listen most to now. I think this and Eric Clapton Unplugged are my favorites of all time. These are songs that tell a story, I think I've Loved Those Days was the most quoted song in my high school yearbook. While Piano Man is a close second, this is clearly the very best.

Michael, VA

Every song is wonderful. I highly recommend this album. His piano parts never fail to impress.


I saw Billy Joel in concert in vegas just recently and he started of the whole concert with "Prelude/ Angry Young Man," and it was wonderful. The concert was just him and his band for two and a half hours, and it was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have ever had. There is no doubt that Billy Joel is one of the greatest musicians of all time.


"The Stranger" may have been his break out album but this is his best. Stong lyrics with a Phil Spector feel to a lot of it. "Miami 2017..." is his best song ever. The only clunker is the reggae influenced "All You Want To Do Is Dance". It's not a deal breaker though.


This is a great album, Billy Joel is incredible!!!


This CD is better than any other Billy Joel Album his best writing is shown on this album. Man the songs James and angry young man are great songs and New York State Of Mind is A Timeless Classic. This album is The BEST

David Byrne 77

This album is simply amazing. I wasn't very happy when Billy Joel took this album, as well as Cold Spring Harbor, and Streetlife Serenade because his early years are definately his best (the albums after 52nd Street seem like just a bunch of uneven pop songs strewn together in the hopes that people would buy them because they liked a few of the singles they heard on the radio). Turnstiles is my favorite of all of Billy Joel's albums because all of its songs sound increadible, and the album is very even overall (with the possible exception of James, which is still a nice homage to people in the past, much like Summer, Highland Falls). All of the songs are standouts and belong in the catalog of any fan of Joel; my personal favorites are Say Goodbye to Hollywood, Summer, Highland Falls, New York State of Mind, Prelude/Angry Young Man, and Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go Out On Broadway), the title of which is incorectly listed as Miami 2017 (I've Seen the Lights Go Out On Broadway), although I love the entire album. Also, the iTunes review says that this is a short album with only eight songs, but compares it to Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run (another personal favorite), which is also only eight songs long, so this comment is irrelevent. But I digress, to sum it up, Joel may have had album that were bigger hits, but, with the possible exception of Piano Man, he never had a better album.