Brooks & Dunn - The Greatest Hits Collection

℗ 1997 Arista Records, Inc.

The Greatest Hits Collection Tracklist:

Country Bumpkin gal

My husband and I have been a huge fan of you both since 1990. Coming up on 30 yrs and still listen & love your pure country music. Shame it so difficult to find radio stations Willing to play songs by older artists ( no disrespect intended) I’m 73 husband Ernie was 78 when Good Lord took him. Artists like yourselves and George Strait, George Jones, Walton Jennings and Conway Twitty to name a few were true to Country. Just not the same now. So wishing you both the very best. Hope to hear more. Thanks for all your great songs . God Bless you both & your family. 😊🙏🇺🇸


Every song on this album is amazing❤️


Amazing. Definitely worth the money. Hate that they're no longer together, would love to have seen them with Reba in Vegas.

Tim mcgraw fan15

Best collection of 90s country ever just as good as Tim McGraw or Garth brooks' greatest hits two thumbs up kix & ronnie

Freaky biz


Kenzierose @}~~

Thank to brookes and dunn at every wedding out country family has a song to dance to-I LOVE BOOT SCOOTIN BOOGIE

Zarra Lee Reagan

Olive Brooks and Dunn they have always been good looking ever since I was young know I'm grown they r still good looking and can still sing everybody says I can sing but the only time i sing is when I've had a few drinks in Me zarralee


Not really my style, considering I'm a teenage girl. But i was named after 'My Maria', so you gotta love it ;)


It's sooooo sad no more tours !!!! But their unbelievable country = Brooks & dunn



Texas Cowboy(Indestructable)

this is a great cd. no one does it like brooks and dunn. they have a very unique style that no one could ever do again this alum is amazing!!! BUY it!!!!


I've worn out this CD twice now. Love driving down the road and reminiscing on all the memories these songs bring back. Definitely one of the best of my collection of CD's


i have always loved brookes and dunn(; my god dad works for them, so i go to alot of there concerts and i got to meet them! they are really nice people and have a really pretty barn! lol


truly amazing CD, prob. my absolute favorite. they are amazing. definatly buy it / their songs


One of there best CD'S. Lots of good songs.


Some of their best work on this album.