Calvin Harris & Disciples - How Deep Is Your Love

℗ 2015 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

How Deep Is Your Love - Single Tracklist:


I love this single of Calvin Harris. An extraordinary and outstanding song. I actually bought this single a couple of years ago, and I just didn't give it a review. But, as of today, I still enjoy listening to this single of Calvin Harris.




You kids can go listen to your trashy pop all you want, but I'll be here listening to The Bee Gees's "How Deep is Your Love" instead, which, FYI, is FAR more catchy, meaningful, and empowering than this garbage. I swear, people are getting ridiculously sucked into mediocre music that it makes me fear the future of the music industry. 👋


Good tune, but iTunes needs a section for deep house and one for tech house or dance. This is just not really in the category of "dance".


This sound is a great one. But it's rlly not Calvin but like someone said as I was reading the reviews he is trying something different, it's still good tho. On another note Taco Duke y would anyone want to listen to something called "Friends on Mushrooms" by Infected Mushrooms if that's even the title. Also this song is good and if u don't like it then just keep it to urself nobody wants to read or c ur bad comment about this song. One more thing rlly Slow Acid that just sounds like it has a bunch of slow songs... It's so 5⭐️s luv the song From,мє

Queen Satan

Not good, it's just not

Jack fish 1

I like it and this one is way better than the one he just dropped with Rihanna. 4.5 because I feel like Calvin Harris could push him self even more with what he did in his last two albums


WAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE!!! Supercool song! She sings so intense and "cool!


The beat was really energetic, it got me partying hard! 😋

Hip Nerd

Great song, it was also released on my birthday!


I really like this song am and I just wanna listen to it everyday😎🙌

Eden Loveee



it's really fun and catchy, I love it!!


Off the cuff amazing!!! My favorite song right now. I listened to house music for 10 years before it on the radio in the US. Calvin has that keen inner ear ability, that's for sure! Disappointed because I made a video as the team mom for my sons football team and I used this song amongst 3 others from iTunes and it took me 2 days to upload and it was muted by YouTube for Sony copyrights for How deep is your love only! It's a 13-year-old boys football team. I'm so bummed to have to spend more time and truely had my heart set on that song! I absolutely love it! Ugh if anyone has a suggestion on how to do this its my first video I ever made, I'd invite the feedback. And again love this song!!! Thank you Calvin!


My fav!!! Voice is amazing! Amazing beat!


This song is oddly soothing to me? I love it


By the first time you hear it your hooked. Keep them coming Calvin!


My body can't help but dance to this


I don't know why it's not Calvin's style that I love.#RIP CALEB. Your still bae Calvin!

Matin Barzani



I'm deep in love with this song ❤️❤️❤️❤️


I have found my new fall jam!!


I have been waiting for a song like this from Calvin Harris. He never disappoints!!!! I'm so happy I bought the original and all the remixes


I didn't like the song when I first heard it I felt like it was a major let down because I am a huge Calvin fan but as I kept listening to it I started to like it more and more especially the chorus! Amazing, Feel good song.


Really dope and cool music video


I'm literally addicted to this song. I wouldn't be surprised if this song was the hit of the summer.


I really don't wanna get tired of this song . Replay


amazing song :)

Eddo's IPOD

Good song but title has been used before . Nothing new under the sun I guess


Cannot stop listening to this song!!! ❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍


I love the beat and her voice is perfect


It's okay


Love this song it's so awesome!! Great for summer!


The voice and lyrics completely control me. It's that feeling you get when a power greater than you speaks to you.

Goodboy Racing

Way better than his normal junk


This song is currently my favorite its just so me! Btw love the music video!


This guy is a hit factory. Awesome track.

[email protected]!!

Love it so much!!

I ❤️ peanuts

It is awesome


Obsessed with this song!

Eder Mazariegos

Everything about this song is exactly how Calvin Harris should sound all the time… This is pure music.


Because, I'd expect nothing less from Calvin! He's Amazing!!!


This beat is nice! Love it Calvin!


It is different that I expect from Calvin but an amazing track anyways. There is something about it that makes me want to hear it over and over again


I love this song. I listen to this when I dance after my workout. I can't enough.


Come on now without the lyrics and especially her voice what's the beat?


More collabs between disciples & calvin harris please!!!!!! This is amazing!

Taco Duke

Guys stop flipping out over this song it's not even really good!! Even the mainstream tracks from Motion and 18 Months were better than this junk song, and I hate mainstream!! Listen to C.U.B.A. and Slow Acid for some good songs, and for a real album get Ready for the Weekend. Or, if you want some really really really good stuff not by Calvin Harris, get "Friends on Mushrooms" by Infected Mushroom... THAT'S a good album!!!

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