Camila Cabello - Romance

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I don’t know why there are soooo many bad reviews. People should spread love not hate. If you don’t have anything nice to say then keep it to yourself. Personally I absolutely adore this album and I’ll keep streaming it till I die


I think it’s the best I could hug her so hard

Gisa L

Camila is an incredible artist and her voice is healing and unique. Right now she’s getting a lot of hate of angry and jealous women because of Shawn Mendes but honestly the bottom line is she’s a solid and talented artist.

slow pig

Haterz you gotta stop my fav was first man and my oh my and first man almost made me cry

Garrus Vakarian12

She is racist. Her past outburst against Asians upsets me. It's one thing if you keep it to yourself and your friends but this kind of behavior by an artist is inexcusable. While I'm not a huge fan of Cabello, I would avoid buying any of her albums, stream or listen to any songs on the radio.


corona VIrus corona corona find the face mask


She’s got good vocals, but it doesn’t come through. She sounds so whiny and pretty much every single song sounds the exact same. And we get it... you’re in love. Don’t say the same thing over and over for 14 whole songs! She just doesn’t bring anything new to pop and is overrated


Basic. Plain. Boring.


My oh my is such a good song! It’s my new jam. Cabello is really pulling it off as a solo artist! She’s doing so well!! Can’t wait to see what good songs she releases


She’s a bad person


I am a big fan if Camila. I don’t know if anyone else realized this, but she seriously ripped off a song called “Llaman a la Puerta” in “My Oh My”. She also ripped off “Karma” by Marina in “Liar”. She stole the entire melody in the verses in both of the songs. Also Camila is cussing??? CAMILA!!! SERIOUSLY AN F💣!!! I get inspiration, like a small part, maybe a post-chorus, but this... is too much. Also, you are going to ruin your career with all the explicit stuff.

R Goat

The emotions and feelings that you get listening to this album are on another level. Just Wow🥰


it’s pretty good🤗




I love this album I don’t understand why there are so many negative comments goodness!🙄


Overall I really enjoyed this album with specific stand out songs in my opinion being Liar, Feel It Twice, and This Love. However while the songs sounded really good, they sound really familiar. Im not sure what it reminds me of but the hook specifically in Feel It Twice sounds really familiar. I still enjoy this album a lot and actually prefer it from Camila’s debut album


Literally I heard a hater sing “better” than Camila Cabello and they sounded like a dying cat, whale, horse having sex with a dying whale who is making more sounds. Haters gonna hate yet they can’t do better.


Don’t know what’s with all the negativity!! I love her voice and every song is so catchy.




love it, this album means a lot to me 🥺 seeing & meeting her september 23!

Cali father

The song First Man was so good it had me crying. As a a father of two daughters it hits so close to my heart. Such a great song she wrote! She performed it first time at 2020 Grammys.


Can u guys stop hating bc her voice!she is very talented you should be grateful she made some music for you guys!


This album is so amazing, so many different sounds and rhythms!


What a gift. Her music is relentless. You can perceive her state of mind with this sophomore album. Her vocals are inspirational!


Beautiful art and creative I’m proud of Camila


Everything about this album is beyond amazing. The songs, lyrics, vocals everything is A+++!!!!!!


LoL amazing😍


My daughter loves all your songs. Good job 👍💕

tvtcr. ybbtn

La mejor.😌💗

poop doctor!

The rude reviews aren’t true Camila don’t trust them


This album touches many topics revolving around love. It’s not only about Shawn, but rather all the components revolving around love! She loves her dad, her mom, herself and her fans! Her vocals have improved since the last album and it is very cohesive. It’s become a trend to hate on Camila due to her being ‘racist’ or ‘annoying’. Camila is actually one of the most humble pop-stars, she actually cares about her fans and advocates for people of color. She is very immense in her own culture and incorporates the latinix community as much as she can in her music.


this album is one of the worst albums I have ever heard. Her first Album was better than this. I don’t understand the good reviews because her vocals are off & the quality is horrific.

rabbit ash

Well let’s be honest peeps .... Camilla and Shawn Mendes... idk bout them... I would say Shawn Mendes deserves better! I do love this song now that it got stuck in my head .. can’t doubt that tho lol 😆. Camilla if you read this I’m saying be good to Shawn Mendes cause he can just leave in a second if he wanted to lol!


First man so good!

Jonas Brother Lover

My oh my! Thai song is amazing! Love it so much!


She is such a good artist!!!! My favorite is first man! Soooo good 😃


She is a racist

Rhys Towne



Even better than the first album. Underrated honestly.

lern jergi yo

i love all her songs omg. BAD KIND OF BUTTERFLIES THO 😍😍🤧


My daughter loves your songs

Official Kevin Rosa

Camila Cabello’s Second Studio Album, ‘Romance’, brings us a new look on her life. A more honest, vulnerable, sweet, and romantic look. This masterpiece of an album, brings to the table different musical genres such as, Pop, R&B, Rock, Classic(Vintage) Rock, Sugar Pop, Ballads, And Latin Pop. Camila explores every single one of these genres in different ways on her new album! Fans and non fans will definitely find this album fun and admirable! Can’t wait for CC3🔥


Live it love it




I love every song on this album especially “My Oh My”




Camila’s voice and songwriting is rare and beautiful. Her strong songs on this album would be Used To This, Easy, First Man, and This Love. Beautiful songs with heartfelt lyrics. Should’ve Said It, My Oh My, and Liar are fun, pop friendly songs that can become major hits. Feel It Twice is actually stand out track for me. It’s amazing song and I’m glad she put it on the album. Overall, the album is very well produced, heartfelt, and sung by an amazing singer. Great job Camila!


Loving the new album. First man is definitely the most emotional song she’s ever written. I don’t know why she gets so much hate. Many of the songs in this album are fun to listen to.

Swiftie Swiftie Swiftie

She needs stop acting like she is innocent


she’s always been an amazing singer and this shows real emotion i know people have cried over this song.