Cascada - Everytime We Touch

β„— 2006 Robbins Entertainment LLC

Everytime We Touch Tracklist:

Critic 1402❀

this brings back so many memories oml


Love this song!

Little Selphin

I had to delete all my music off my phone to free up space and now I can't get any of the albums I paid good money for back onto my phone.


Everytime We Touch is my favorite song ever!

Ms. CQuinnz

I love this group. Although Cascada reminds me of LaRoux since no one really knew they were a group. Well at least I thought this was the name of the front woman who sings in Cascada. Although the songs have a similar baseline, one thing I will say for sure, you can't say this group (girl) has taken from anyone elses influence. Non-stop bopping your head back-and-forth, or forwards and backwards depending on your type of headbang. This album does have songs that are on the slower evening play/morning song, but the album is definitly a move on and "it'll be okay" feel. <3


I still love this song~ So kawaii i meant Truly madly deeply



ella нey 🐷🐷

I love how a lot of the songs have the same melody because this tune is amazing! I love you Cascada!!


I heard the song "every time we touch" on pandora, and I really liked it, so I wanted to download it. Then I saw people saying that the beats in most of the songs are the same- and it's SO true. If you really like the beat, then this album is for you!

The Critic of Music

I like this album, but I don't LOVE the album. I kinda understand that they didn't have enough money back then, so the beats would sound very similar. (I'm not sure if it's trance or just regular dance) but I felt like they used the wrong songs for making a music video. Everytime we touch and miracle weren't awful or even bad songs, but their were more catchy melodies on Ready For Love or Can't Stop The Rain, or even bad boy, and Natalie Horler's voice seems muffled compared to the rest of the tracks. A good thing about this trio is Natalie's vocal delivery. She's one of those rare artists who's confident at the songs she's given to her. Overall, it's a good album. But it could have had better songs to go huge.

Jason Tudor

Great album. Done. I'm out.


This album is amazing. So is Cascada. Most of the tracks are amazing in their own, unique way, and yes I said unique. This is my opinion about Cascada. People are so hard on them. It's annoying. Anyways, here is my reviews for my favorite songs on the album. Everytime We Touch-🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟amazing song. Lyrics are romantic, and the beat is so good. The instrumentation is so perfect. Really gets you dancing. This song is the top 89 dance song to this day for a reason Truly Madly Deeply-🌟🌟🌟🌟people say they've taken the emotion out of the song, but I think they just did the opposite. Very romantic, from the beautiful lyrics to the relaxing, soothing instrumentals. It's still a dance song, but a dance-ballad Ready For Love-🌟🌟🌟🌟 this one has a great dance beat and great lyrics. Describes falling in love in a catchy dance anthem. Bad Boy-🌟🌟🌟🌟what gets me about this one is how infectious it is. It is Cascada's first song. Everytime we Touch-Yanou's Candlelight mix-🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 if you think Cascada takes all the emotion out of the songs, listen to this.


I miss 2006 songs best song ever 😭😭

Clash of the queenalien

She's so close to Demi Lovato!😱


Wow, I found her music from a friend but it is really good πŸ‘Œ

Epic Funk

I think you guys should quit complaining about the same crap a and how it should change. If you are one of those people, you could bring the artist behind the music down. Plus she could have had to have the album done by a certain date. And if you think my review is bad, go ahead and make your own 14 song album with different beats and lyrics. And then tell us how long it took and how much you were COMPLAINING!!!!!! By the way, HASN'T YO MAMA TOLD YOU IF YOU DON'T GOT SOMETHING NICE TO SAY DON'T SAY IT AT ALL?!?!?!?!?!?! YOU LITTLE PEICES OF CRAP!!!!!!

🎡ITunes player🎡

but isn't that kinda how the years of music went before?.... well i think if the beats are the same you should blame the DJ for not thinking of anything else, i think if they bring Cascada back up there gonna have to use different beats... but i think it's the same beat cause it's so nobody will steal them?... maybe look up the reason why they use the same beats, still she's really pretty and being raised in Germany kinda.. makes you wonder... like on the mean girls movie how Lindsay's character was raised in Africa... ''Another you'', isn't even using the same beat so i think the DJ is trying.... i like the beat... anyway, i don't have an issue with it, why does it matter if it's the same?


The first time I heard all this songs I loved them you rock


Reminds me of JackandJack lol


My favorite album ever

double digit

This cd is great. Very danceable. Great

War stars

You are so cool omg !!!!!!!

Spottedleaf + fireheart = love

I love the song bad boy and Every time we touch it makes me want to sing along


I love CASCADA ( don't know if spelled right ) she is the most talented singer I have ever heard and I am an amazing singer and I am an 11 year old girl and I sing like an adult! But CASCADA is better then me and I love every time we touch if that's was it's called cuz idk but you go girl!!!!!❀❀❀❀❀


Anyone else recognize this?

Cocoa crazy 21

good songs but same exact beat

Asher Miller

It's 2013 and I still love this Album.


I love bad boy I have to get it!!!!!!!! :)

Cami carma

This song was my key to her songs she's amazing. I heard this on you tube and fell in love with it. It's my theam song for my new show aqua tails on u tube. It's airing summer 2013 Anyway get this song!


They're the best!


Love all her songs great beat great voice. Just an amazing album over all


I love the song bad boy :3

???? Girl

I love mirical but it won't play and I can't delete it !


Soon I will bay all the songs.


I loved this song ever since I listened to it. Plus, it's a great son Amy song! So calm down people. Who cares that it is the same beat!? The beat is awsome!

Pink 4

The song won't play it keeps on crashing! 😑😀😩


Oh god her songs are..... AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I love it! I love "bad boy, and everytime we touch(slow)" I just love her songs! And plz keep up the good work!!!!!

[email protected]$

Nice album, really nice voice

Harry Segal

These songs are just, wow.


Catchy and generally cool. You can call them generic but if it is still good, who cares?


Best songs ever


i love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cascada ROCKS!


These sings are great as final fantasy music bids.


Songs are really upbeat and perky. Love the lyrics to Ready for Love. Please make more songs.

Just dance master

I love the song bad boy!!!!

Ghost girl 12345678910

i get where u say they are the same beats ,so it does not matter what the beat sounds like. it is ok because, even if the beat is the same it's still a good song and i agree with jesse jimenez u can't just judge people for using the same beats , now you guys just need to see how good her songs can be no matter what the beat her songs are great so who cares if she has the same beats you just need to understand.


I love this album because there is feeling in it other singers just sing something that docent mean much to them at all

Musicismylife ;)

Now I might not love all the songs but the ones that I do like (like every time we touch, kids in America, among others) I really like! They are so fun! Now I know who sings those songs :P I don't want to sound all negative now but I only like this album of hers :) but yeah great music people u really should listen to this album!


I have every Cascada album and I always seem to run back to this one! The sound is very uptempo, light, and energetic along with some very beautiful ballads. Yea, every song has the same sound but they all have differences that are pretty obvious. And all their melodies are so catchy and pretty. If you loved everytime we touch, you'll love the whole album :) buy it, you won't regret it.

great=call of duty

Enough said in tittle

Music Album of Cascada:

Praise You (feat. Cascada) [Radio Edit] - Single
Praise You feat. Cascada [Radio Edit] - Single (2016)