Carrie Underwood - Cry Pretty

A Capitol Records Nashville Release; ℗ 2018 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Cry Pretty - Single Tracklist:


There’s cry pretty posters all over A restaurant called Cracker Barrel in the United States 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


Such a beautiful song & so relatable!


Carries you are an amazing singer . Your voice is awesome. Untouchable. Can’t wait for the new album

Crazy A 442

Queen Carrie outdoes herself again. She just keeps getting better. The greatest ever, full stop.


This song is so amazing and relatable. I love her vocals in this song, especially towards the end, along with the rest of the amazing. Her one lyric, “You can’t turn of the flood when the dam breaks”, shows that sometimes you just have to let it all out and it will make you feel better because no one is perfect and you shouldn’t hold in your feelings, which is an amazing message that is so true. I also love the guitar parts in this song and the drum in the end. This song is just so amazing and heartfelt it really makes me want to cry ugly forever, because it tells me that I can and shouldn’t feel bad for it. A truly perfectly put together and thought up song that I believe deserves way more attention than is has currently, and probably will always deserve more attention than it receives no matter what. I cannot stop playing this song. This is the song that I love to cry ugly to.


This is such a beautiful song. And I think this is my favorite song, also Carrie Underwood is my favorite singer. I love country. Country is beautiful and wonderful. This song is a big hit. This song is something better than amazing. It’s a word beyond. Carrie Underwood will always be my favorite singer. She’s extra ordinary. I’d vote that you, Carrie, are the best girl country artist. Or even better, the best country artist. This song will always be admired and unforgettable, like Carrie Underwood. If I ever met Carrie Underwood or seen her at a concert, I’d be blown away. I think that if she stays a country artist for a long time then she wouldn’t be only hitting the states, she’d be hitting the universe with her music. Music is a beautiful thing. With an instrument or with a voice, which is still considered an instrument, has something special. A instrument brings beauty and talent. I should know, I play violin, which makes a beating sound, especially in a full orchestra. And a voice is a gift of talent. All voices are unique. A singer has a talent, within them, a unique one. A voice is an extra ordinary talent for a singer or a beginning singer. Songwriting is even better. That’s twice the talent in a singer. If you can write your own songs that you can conquer anything. Carrie Underwood has this talent within her. So thank you Carrie Underwood for being a singer/songwriter and for bringing your voice and your music to the world. Thank you. P.S.: please don’t think I’m a crazy fan, I’m not. :)

glenny po

She is so much much much better than anybody out there by Glenn 😍


Didn’t do anything for me. Good idea behind the song...but it sounds too much like every other one of her songs. I wasn’t wowed and that’s saying a lot since I LOVE her. Disappointed ☹️ Hoping her album has other more unique Carrie songs like her last album did.


Carrie has never did a song horrible! She has seriously rocked the mic every song possible and never misses a note or off tune. Carrie is the best !!! Been a fan since AI and will always be her fan! This song is fantastic !


Love this song so much, can’t wait for the full album!!!


Amazing Song!


Amazing song


This is such an amazing song! I listen to it all the time! She’s such an awesome person and singer! Super talented


Carrie just perfectly expressed how every woman feels when she’s down in the most beautiful way. By far her BEST song.


best country song today!


Sounds like a Carrie song. Same old singing, same old beats. Nothing new here folks!

Chafer me

Beautiful song Carrie I love it


This song truly breaks my heart for her! One of my favorites of hers


The best song she has ever done! Vocals are sick!

Toni Rocks Country

Classic Carrie! “Perfection “


That is Carrie's Best Song since Something in the Water, and Jesus Take The Wheel hit the airwaves!

Country Master

An awesome new song! Thank you, Carrie🌹🌹


The song meaning is not terrible, but the sound of country music has been deleted from her music. If she prefers this type of sound, she should officially switch her genre to pop. She is a good singer, but in terms of good country music, she has lost her way.


Carrie at her best!


Soooo good


Carrie you have made this song touch so many people. We feel the emotions. Love love ... Powerful......xoxo

Plumber master

I love this song


Carrie Underwood ❤️, you have got one of the most incredible inspiring voice. Carrie, you are so gorgeous ❗️So many people love ❤️ you & was just very concerned about your accident. It was definitely a serious fall 💔😢. Badly injuring your wrist and many hours of surgery to your face. I love ❤️ your beautiful song CRY PRETTY AWESOME 👏🏼 ❗️You have so many wonderful and loving ❤️ fans. That was so worried of the seriousness of your accident. We love ❤️ you always your just a amazing wonderful person , Mrs. Carrie Underwood ❤️🙌🏼🙏🏼🤝❗️ Best Regards,🦋 Love ❤️, From A Friend And Fan❤️👏🏼😘❗️Pamela McAllister

Babs Markland

Amazing song


awesome song


It’s an amazing song! Carrie does it again, so simple and yet powerful.


She sounds amazing strong!! She states aooo many facts it’s sooo gorgeous I’m glad I purchased it!!😍 gorgeous!!


Absolutely love this song! Carrie sang.!just.. sang.! girl!!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼💛❤️


Have always been a Carrie fan from the beginning but this song is at another level. There is some pain behind this track. Carrie is showing us a side we haven’t seen before. We love you Carrie !!!


Carrie is a great singer! Go to number 1

[email protected]

Carrie is back with a hit. Chart topper for sure!!! One of her most vocally challenging songs ever. Cry Pretty really covers all of her vocal range. I was wondering how Carrie dared to record such a “complicated” song, since she’ll be performing it every night on tour. This is no easy task but only Carrie Underwood can pull this off. Her first live performance during the ACM awards was simply a killer, stellar, flawless!

Pop Punk hunk

Good lyrics bad song


Carrie never disappoints!

Seattle lover3,947

I don’t even like country but it’s good


An amazing song preformed by an amazing person. Saw her preform it at the ACM's. SUCH AN AMAZING COMEBACK. I love Carrie soooooo much.

Kate motley

She's back and I'm in love❤️

PR Guy

It's been a long time since a song gave me goose bumps. This would be another over-worked and over-produced jukebox song if it weren't for the heartfelt delivery of Ms. Underwood. Even if you didn't know the back story, you would be able to tell from the first note that this song comes deep from within and has very personal meaning to the artist. This song is on a par with Whitney Houston's 'I'll Always Love You,' and is sure to be performed on every talent show on the air. Even so, as with 'Always,' this emotional paean will have only one legitimate owner. Well done, Ms Underwood, well done!


Her vocal on the song just soars effortlessly and her ACM performance solidified she’s stronger and better than ever! I love you Carrie ❤️


The raw bitter truth about this song is outstanding - no glorifying and beautifying pain. This song is the real deal and incredibly relatable. Outstanding song with incredible vocals. She is back.


This is sheer perfection! Obsessed with it and the level of emotion you carry in it. Thank you for choosing to share your gift with us!


What is this




That's how you give a vocal performance! So strong and beautiful!

Alexis Roselia

Loved this song!


This song shows her true vocal perfectly. She’s really done such an amazing job..