Daniel Tosh - True Stories I Made Up

℗ 2005 Comedy Central Records


I can't believe this guy still has a show; get out of college and listen to some good comedians, stop wasting your time with this hack


he said milwaukee so i felt obligated to love it


About 60% of this album is great. The rest is just kind of hateful. I don't mind blue jokes but after a few tines listening to this I just shake my head and say, "he is funny but he really hates women."


He is funnier than any other comedian I came across. I had the opportunity to see this man up close and personal during his "On Ice Tour" and I had front row seats. He was fantastic. he interacted with the fans which was a bonus for me. When you guys get the chance go see his stand live it will be worth it. i would do it again in a heartbeat.


I love this CD. I can listen to it over and over. Following his train of thought will take you on a wild ride of random bits all blended into a hilarious comedy CD. Fast. Witty. Original. Great timing.

dr. phobic

Daniel Tosh is one the funniest comedian of the last 20 years. Right up there with the greats. Why do you schmucks continually compare him to the perennially unfunny Dane Cook? I don't get it?


Love it! Hilarious...don't buy if you are offended easily!


I love Daniel Tosh. Buy this and you WON'T be wasting your money.

Tradin My Way Up

Daniel must be one of the most honest and realistic comedians. He is hilarious and has a very flavorful delivery of his jokes. If you hate abortion, save the money to support it!

Purple Sprinkles

Go Tosh.0!!!!!


This album is great. Tosh's delivery is fantastic and his wit is sharp, but I want to ask one question. Did anyone else notice how much of this material ended up in "Completely Serious"? It seems like 1/3 of this was put into it. Thank God there's enough original material to not make it disappointing. Other than that question, I highly recommend this album.

Totally Not-Davis

Not only does he have an amazing first name but he is perfectly hilarious. He is right about every single joke and delivers them without missing a beat.


If you enjoy Tosh.0 then you'll love this cd. Buy this if you want to laugh!

double digit

he is funny. is really all i can say. Tosh.o is one of my favorite shows on tv. Daniel Tosh is a great comedy actor. It is a buy.



Kathleen Cawker

Almost the whole time I was listening to this i was on the floor laughing he is so talented BUY THIS!


That's really all this is.... His show is hysterical, but this was just offensive as crap to me, and I don't get offended by anything.... I didn't even finish listening... I chuckled maybe 3 times. He even noticed half his audience wasn't laughing, and berated them for it..... He's good at sketch comedy, but that's it....


Greatest comedian that has ever lived.


America the augmented and enlightend garbage are the best


Fast paced ultra uber comedy!

Daniel the Drummer83

This might have a few years on it but it's still hilarious!! Dane Cook has a few schticks that make me chuckle but I'm over that. This isn't Dane...this is Daniel Tosh. Completely different comedian. Don't buy it expecting him to do jokes where he is running around yelling and making odd noises all the time. But this is an awesome comedy album. I listened to it all day at work today and was busting out laughing so many times! Buy it, you'll definitely laugh if you like Daniel Tosh.

El Hoosto

People, please stop with you Dane Cook obsession... Thus is Daniel Tosh and he is much funnier than Lame Cook! 


I've listened to tosh for more than 3 years well before almost Anyone has known him and to this day I still listen to this album. ROFL is not an exageration you will really be on the floor Laughing buy it now!


Funniest thing ever

I dun care I just wanna write a review

I hAte to say it guys but aziz ansari is so much funnier not to say daniel isn't great I'm just saying that aziz is the greatest


2 bst comedians


Really funny. Daniel tosh is one of those comedians you gotta love.


Sometimes funny, but mostly he seeems to like to talk down to the audience and make fun of them. That wouldn't be a problem, if most of the jokes where really funny, but listening to this will probably just make you feel uncomfortable. (What's the point of that?) I think Dane Cook is much more funny.

Game cuber

Daniel tosh is freakin awsome. Everybody better buy this. It's sooooooö awsomely hilariously funny. BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD


One of the funniest comedians I have ever heard. I laughed through the whole cd a very good buy. Cant wait for the next album.


I love Daniel Tosh. I'm addicted to Tosh.0 on comedy central. This is seriously the best stand up comedy performance i've ever heard. If you're looking to buy something funny, this is it.


I have this and most of his other shows he has done including his Tosh.0 shows and recently went to his show at ASU and I must say he is one of the best out there today. At his show I was laughing the entire time when it was finally over about 2 hours later I could barely get out of me seat my stomac hurt so bad. If you are a Dane cook fan don't even bother because let's face it you are probably too dumb to understand good quality comedy as is on this album.


He is amazingly funny


This is a fantastic album. I pretty much buy every new standup record that comes out (well, as soon as a used copy shows up in my local record store), and this is better than most I've bought in the last few months. Daniel Tosh is awesome!


First off, this guy is hilarious. Very sharp, very witty. Second off... can we please stop comparing EVERY comedian on itunes with Dane Cook? We get it Mtv Generation... you like Dane Cook. He's ok, he tickles my funny bone on occasion. But he's NOT the only comedian out there, and he's FAR from the best. Go listen to some Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor, George Carlin, and Bill Hicks. Those guys are (were) FAR funnier. Daniel Tosh IS NOT just another D.C. His jokes are smarter, and hopefully he'll get more exposure soon.


See this guy live... It's even better.


I love Daniel Tosh and this CD is great, but the comparison of Tosh to Dane Cook made my stomach turn. Daniel Tosh is nothing like Dane Cook, I mean at least Daniel Tosh is funny.


It's good to know there's still real comedians out there.


One of the funniest comedians I've ever heard, if you like Louis C.K. or Dane Cook, I highly, highly reccomend him. I was literally on the floor laughing after I listened to it.


daniel tosh is one of the best comedians out there, and i laugh pretty much every second that i listen to him

Kacey Kay

So I just bought this after seeing his Comedy Central Presents: and OH MY GOD... this is the funniest person I've ever seen... Smart, witty and satirically (I hope) offensive... the greatest comedian alive!


daniel tosh is so funny this is one of the best albums ever it is so great! Anyone looking at this album buy do not think about it just buy it! believe me you wil not regret it!


I saw daniel tosh when he came to boulder and it was perhaps the funniest thing i have ever heard. He is my favorite comedian. This is a worth while album and it is worth every cent.


This comedian is amazing, however, I was almost turned off from the entire album because he's compared to Dane Cook in the write up. To me that's like comparing a canidate to Peewee Herman, it's not complimentary, it's a turn off.


This is one of the best CDs but what about Completely Serious? It's like 10x better.


Probably the best comedian i have ever heard. TRULY funny. He really tells it like it is and dosn't care who is litening. BUY BUY BUY!

Jason a Martinez

Very funny, everything flows together, very thought out yet it feels random. very smart

Carpe the diem

Very Dane Cookish but def holds his own. I saw his comedy central show and i was hooked!


He looks innocuous on the cover, but his material cuts like a razor. He's not as cocky as Dane Cook, but he's got the snide witty attitude that transcends his comedy. Original and reckless, Tosh tells wild stories and truths to life that punch your funnybone until you wet yourself. Fictitious Disorder sums up who he is, and it blows you away. He swurves back and forth on edgy topics--gays, ethnic groups, Bush, makeovers, drugs, etc. and molds it all his own with plenty of giggles to go in between. Im still an impulsive listener and barely gettin tired of this CD. On the other side of the fence, Dane Cook was the original gut buster....but his stuff is gettin stale. If you wanna laugh hard, stick with Tosh.

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