Diplo - Diplo Presents Thomas Wesley, Chapter 1: Snake Oil

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Diplo Presents Thomas Wesley, Chapter 1: Snake Oil Tracklist:

Mary Poppin'

This is not an album for the traditional county fan. However, for Diplo/hip hop fans...you will love this. Songs are catchy as hell. I love that he fused electronic, hip hop, and pop country together all into one sweet package. I love it and it has already become the soundtrack to my summer. If you don't like it, all good. Just know that TWP has been a true country fan from the start, but has the genius to make 3 genres work. Thanks Diplo, haven't been this excited since Lean On.


A lot of the negative reviews are from people that feel "this is not country" so don't let that sway you from buying this album because its excellent!! Closed mindeness is why this country is in the state its in. Be open to new ideas and new takes on a genre that quite frankly needs an overhaul.

Luv Addict

The most shocking thing that could come out of Nashville today would be for someone to put out a true country album.


Not Country, garbage!


To all you judgerssss... dude get a hobby, maybe cross stitch or something. This isn’t country country it’s Diplo’s👈🏼 interpretation of his style of country. Sooo chilll yo judging bootys down and enjoy the fact that he made something completely different then what he normally makes-that’s mad respect👈🏼 For someone in His Genre to go into another Genre and combine it with His interpretation is bold, edgy and fresh✨ FYI he’s not “pop” genre👈🏼👈🏼 that just goes to show that the person who said that Doesn’t actually Know Diplo’s genre 😜 so please judgemental peep go back to your box of judgements that no one cares to hear😘 This album is dope >Period< Been listening to Diplo for years meow and yeah he’s good. Stop music shaming music artists-if you don’t like a particular song that’s YOU👈🏼be chill👈🏼And DONT HATE-this is 2020 not 1845. Get with the times and Appreciate the work that music artists do (again) Even If It’s Not Something You’d Normally Like. Music=It’s an expression of ones self👈🏼



Peanut op

Love the country influences. On repeat!


Go back to your pop genre🙄


Not even close to country. Mainstream trash that only sheep will buy.


These song’s are singable, danceable, and love able. They may not have the full influence of Country Music, but the country singers in it and the blend of Diplo is amazing. Keep gracing us with your tempo of music to be.


And Pancake Robot is Heavy Metal....

Trust and Us


audrey 7 🥳🌻💕♥️

Dance with me isn’t country and most of these songs sound to poppy


Y’all need to make new genres up in iTunes. Make country-rap one of them. Make electronic country one of them. But don’t you dare call this country. Upchurch is best. Better than lil nas x.

Qasem mahmood

Stream rain on me


I like seeing country artists like Thomas Rhett and Morgan Wallen performing on this album. Both their songs are good, and fun to listen to. The Jonas bro’s song is actually not bad either (tho not very country based tbh lol). Still I generally like this project, and I hope Diplo puts out a Chapter 2 with some of the same people like Rhett and Wallen, but also with others like Sam Hunt, Chris Lane, Jake Owen, etc


What is wrong with these people? The world is already totally messed up and you just make it crazier, Get out of my way!

The Best Doki Doki Song Ever!!

I don’t like that it isn’t country but I wont be harsh on it for that. Whatever genre you try to classify the music in its still bad. It’s just bad music. Except for Heartless but the one with only Morgan Wallen in it cause the one with Julia Michaels in it is trash.

Jordy Bart

Please classify this as hip hop. There’s nothing country about this. So dumb. 😂

just some guy on iTunes

If you think the genre is wrong you’re rating iTunes not the music. Lot of work went into this and it’s not your usual pop hip hop. By its nature it’s hybrid and overlaps genres. Get over yourselves. I bet your room is not as organized as your expectations for this album.

no nickname needed to express

Laughable wanna be country gibberish Please - iTunes needs A new genre label for this kind of horrible noise.


Dance With Me is pretty good. But I would call it & the rest of the album sort of techno pop music. A


Reclassify this


Go get the new Kip Moore album. Southpaw is outstanding!

wizard slong

Unitin we have a great great time with you today o

Electric Eric

This album is just another example of the degeneracy that is plaguing pop music in general. a redundant, cookie-cutter, classless attempt to appeal to the masses. As others have said on here countless times, this isn't even country. Please, find some real music and avoid this nonsense.


Usually a fan of his work, but not this... I understand he wants to do his own thing and not everyone wants to keep making the same kind of music, but I can’t vibe to this....

Harvard, Russell

Hybrid this and that and everywhere. I think this is super clever!




I wish iTunes would pay attention to genres. This isn’t country. Another artist playing the system.


King of effortlessly blending genres!!!! Like all things in life, music too, is evolving. Thomas Wesley Pentz is a trailblazer for the evolution of country music and truly is a legend. He will go down in history as one of the best songwriters/producers of all time. I CANT HELP BUT STAN! Love you Wes


While I do like some of the songs, this album does not belong in the country genre at all.


I like heartless Yeeeettttt


are people leaving few stars for the “genre” of this albim or for the “album itself?” 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ way to go dipLo! you took a chance and challenged yourself and i’m down with it. it’s nice to have “new country” music that doesn’t sound the same as every other artist. “ Country music often consists of ballads and dance tunes with generally simple forms, folk lyrics, and harmonies mostly accompanied by string instruments.”

alex bold

Pretty good. Not country but it’s good


It’s not country but it’s good I love heartless


Beautiful, funny, intelligent one of a kind Diplo! Remember when the late Chris Cornell was destroyed for his colab with Timbaland for “Scream”?! Now after Chris is gone everyone have realized that the album is genius. Don’t do the same to Wes/Diplo! Be thankful that you are listening to great music. Respect!

Robbie Stanton

Love Diplo!! His music is great to dance to and is upbeat!!!!!!


Love it!!!

Yo 262784

It’s fine but ain’t country


Snake oil is a product, policy, etc. of little real worth or value that is promoted as the solution to a problem.


Doesn’t matter if every song isn’t a typical country song like good music is good music chill😂.

Johann Benavides

Hold on Everybody, the Album hasen even come out yet. So far the Songs are Good


What about this is Country?


Sounds like club music to me. Not bashing it, just don’t categorize this as country.


Diplo... you and your kind: get your techno crap out of this genre and stay out. Morgan Wallen: you should be embarrassed. Everyone else who contributed to making this abomination of an album: kick rocks. Big ones. LEAVE COUNTRY MUSIC AND NEVER RETURN. Take Sam Hunt and Kelsea Ballerini with you. You can all go make techno rap pop crap together along with Blanco Brown and Lil Nas X. You can all be included on Hardy’s next “hixtape.” I’m sure Colt Ford will be wobbling along behind you, and Dustin Lynch and Luke Bryan will catch up in their lifted Chevies. They can take a back road to get there even faster.

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