Doja Cat - Hot Pink

℗ 2019 Kemosabe Records/RCA Records

Hot Pink Tracklist:


I will say so your music so good and you got that voice that I really enjoy :3 😊 I support you Infinite on ur career (Sorry if that was cheesy 😅)


I love this album because all the songs are so upbeat. I love say so the best she really bring s out the color in the songs. Keep making music doja cat!!!!! Oh and k!ch!ga bro dats just being sexist

James Del Rey

I love this album. Streets is my favorite album!


I love like you by Doja cat


Wow. Just wow 🔥🔥

Cutie Pie Girl 2009

This may be a great album but some songs can be very inappropriate, "Juicy" is one of them. Juicy is just about bodies and it makes no sense... "Say So" is a great disco 70s vibes but the lyrics can freak me out like "*ss n t**s", it’s disgusting. I really love how the songs are produced but I really don't like how Amala / Doja Cat raps in her songs, like "Play with my p***y"... it's really inappropriate to me, I don't understand why she wrote that part. The picture also is inappropriate... she's also naked and I was playing "Say So" in the and all of a sudden, the people in my bus seen it, they really didn't like it, then I had to talk with my counseling teacher about it. "Talk Dirty" sounds good but the lyrics though, it's just crazy. She just talks in an inappropriate way and I don't like it. She is only 24, that is really young, also Rico Nasty, she is LITERALLY 22. Last, Amala's "Cyber S..x" sounds like a very negative title for a song. I wish she would sing songs that are more positive than negative, my father tells me to listen to appropriate music. I was talking with him, I told him that I deleted the full album. I'm too young to listen to this album, and I understand now. Thank you for reading this and have a great day 💖

george is dead

She is everything


Dr Luke is a rapist!


a homophobe who works with rapists

Jade Yerby

This is basically a porn album, good beats I guess. But get really uncomfortable listening to it


doja princess of rap

si da guy

Doja cat is really good👍👍🔥🔥


Thanks to tik tok for the recommendation


she is amazing as an artist and a person love the album🙈💞


new hot gurrrr .. 👅🤍! keep dis up yuu Fyeee 🔥!..


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Hot pink album is beautiful there's many songs from Doja Cat I insist everyone to get he album


What a refreshing album. We NEEDED this!💖


amazing songs! but i can’t buy them bc they all cuss😂


I love her 😍


The music mixed with visual. Top knotch already!!


Finally! A breath of fresh air! The rhythm, the beat, the bars, the flow! I truly believe Doja will go far in this industry! Love Nicki Minaj with every ounce in me but I believe Doja is what Nic strived for when she said she’s a rapper/singer. Not comparing at all. Just happy to hear someone with similar sound to both Nicki and Rihanna. 🔥

Lucas Curtin

This whole vibe and feeling and range GOES HARD❤️❤️❤️❤️




This is awesome

ChRiStOpEr PiReS

Was actually surprised was expecting a trash album from a tiktok trend artist but it was actually good


The chorus to rap transitions are flawless! My personal favorite it Like that. Her music does have a lot of ‘mature’ topics but this is the first time I’ve enjoyed a WHOLE album from someone. Keep making music girl!


Never leave reviews, but Doja Cat’s album deserves a LOT more respect and accolades than I have seen being given thus far. Chock FULL of MF bangers and I don’t fully understand why she hasn’t yet blown up more...


Better than Retardi


She has great range. Good material. Very Versatile.....and she's my babymother. Im so Prada u babygirl. U doin well. Come home after the tour.


I’ve heard some of her songs here and there and didn’t pay attention much, though I must admit they did sound unique and different. Sometimes we don’t wanna acknowledge that something’s got our attention. I think Doja Cat’s explicit lyrics of sex might be a turn off on certain songs... like it’s too much girl. Lol. But overall her voice is unique and has an addictive sound to it. If she doesn’t rap I think she still has a whole different career ahead of her. I gotta feeling we’ll hear her more on the radio and might be start charting more on the charts. Keep your fingers crossed, she might be superstar if she gets with the right people and make the right kind of music. I’ll be watching.


I’m not usually into this type of music but for some reason I really like this album




Doja you are a queen and I love you


Say So is incredible and naturally the star of the record. Luke has the magic touch and his songs deserve to be heard, so I’m stoked it’s finally happening with this one.


Just came for “Rules”.. that alone is worth the Five stars ✨ trust and believe

Hentai Lover 1996

the queen of rap 😌


Doja cat is the most promising artist for this new decade. Her artistry is insane. She can literally make a song about anything and it’ll be amazing. 10/10 album


Every song is different and I can just vibe too!!


Doja Cat creates a masterpiece! I love this album! 💕


Another “artist” to ruin the original culture of pop. Music is dying due to these types of people


this sounds like any other wannabe pop singer. and the fact that you’re working with dr. luke makes it even worse.




Didn’t listen to a single song. Sickening to see this promoted under tweets mourning the death of Kobe Bryant. Wish you nothing but failure in your future endeavors. Thank your fans.


Dumb. Pointless. Poorly conceived and badly produced. No more hookers with pimp producers, please...or whatever this is.

by brianne moon

💩 poop


Love everything!💛✨


Now this type of music isn’t my style AT ALL. Sexual songs personally make me uncomfortable therefore I don’t listen to rap at all however this album makes me wish I loved sexual songs. It is undeniably good. If you’re a naughty person her lyrics are right up your ally. Besides the lyrics the songs are good in the sense of production, her adlibs are mesmerizing and when miss doja switches from singing to rapping it is done flawlessly . She’s really talented. I wish she made more clean songs but hey we all cant get what we want. EDIT: I hope the people calling her music “thot” music are keeping the same energy with the men who constantly rap about their penis and how many women they’ve had sex with. You all can’t sit here and listen to men rap about sex but have an issue when a woman does it. It’s HYPOCRITICAL.


Love it! So fresh and fun! Dope beats!!


she never disappoints, i love her