Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

℗ 2020 Dua Lipa Limited under exclusive license to Warner Records UK, a division of Warner Music UK Limited, with the exception of track 1 & 2 2019 Dua Lipa Limited under exclusive license to Warner Records UK, a division of Warner Music UK Limited

Future Nostalgia Tracklist:


Dua Lipa is on fire with this album!!! I love every single track on it.


Favorite song, Boys will be Boys.


Love it love it love it


No bad tracks.

Danielle Noel Anderson

I expected more




Amazing pop album



Nice 🔥🔥🔥💘

It’s okay honestly but the singles overhyped the rest of it

ariana grande fan 11

Never was a super fan of dua but I liked her music, but this just shows how much she has evolved as an artist!!!! 🥺❤️🥰😍


best pop album of 2020

B Jennings

There’s nothing fresh or original here at all. Lipa OBVIOUSLY listened to a lot of Madonna music and looked at a lot of Madonna photos while making this “album” because it’s quite clearly a knock off of Madonna’s Confessions On A Dance Floor.


It’s bad...


dua’s new era has been amazing. not a single bad song on here in my opinion!


Thank you so much!!!


This is really bad. Her first album was good but this is just not it.


album of the year.


One of the best albums released in the past few years. People who dislike this album must not like dance/pop music. If you like dance music you will like this album because it’s the best at what it set out to do.


I don’t rlly like this music but she makes up for it in looks


I really wanted to love this..... but I just.... no.


From top to bottom, every song exudes the spirit that the world needs nowadays.


What a great album! Can’t get enough of Future Nostalgia 🥺💕👏🏼


Dua Lipa really cements herself as a pop visionary with this album! Great listen


This album was enjoyable & fun but safe & unfulfilling at the same time. Cool is the best song & Good In Bed is her worst song ever. A good album but not a great one!


This album is fantastic. I absolutely love it. I want expecting it to be released this early, but I’m glad it was! It’s a great album. I don’t know why it’s getting so much hate


all songs sound the same. it’s not terrible but definitely overhyped.


Levitating is the best song on the album but all the songs are good.💕💕💕

Musical Hog 1

Dipping her toes into disco pop, Dua Lipa has created a timeless masterpiece that makes you want to dance.


i’m not going to leave a bad review because i haven’t listened to it yet , but can u guys not go on CALM and leave bad reviews? we’re all on the same side & we also want dua lipa to succeed. please be kind🤍😌.

G Black Ops

I never listened to Dua, but I knew who she was. This album definitely got my eye on her for the future, almost every song is a bop


Wow this really delivered and she really has show how much she’s matured since her previous album. I believe she will dominate for a long time


dua saved pop music


This album is so much fun and just makes me wanna dance and forget about all my worries. Great job, Dua!

Life in plastic I'm fantastic

I knew this album would be 🔥🔥🔥🔥!


Yea she did that!

Im ur dad (obviously)

she is hot that is the only reason i give this two stars


Pop perfection. The whole album makes you want to dance.


This is EXACTLY what I needed in the middle of all this chaos goings on right now! Been dancing around the house to this album - so much fun! Not a single skip. Was pretty indifferent about Dua Lipa before this album, but now I'm definitely a fan. LOVE IT!


a few songs slap, but the rest just sounds like your typical mainstream garbage. miss her old sound


Okay everyone needs to keep their negative opinion to themselves. Shut up already lol Yes it’s different for her last album, but I still love it. There’s more dance songs than slow songs which is nice for a change. Dua hesitated to release her album due to the pandemic. Hearing the album is exactly what the would needs right now to get up and dance. Be happy, spread warmth and kindness y’all.

harmonizer noelle

perry ode

Mai Dahari

i expected a better album. almost every song sounds the same. trash. don’t waste your time on listening to this.


the best


the fact that people have given this 1 star is an insult to a minimum pop record


Nothing special..nothing that stands out. It’s just eh


Sounds so generic


This has got to be one of the best albums this year. Hopefully, this makes it to the grammy’s.


The songs were so amazing. I don’t hate anything on this album.

Ryan Austin West

Amazing album!!! From the first time I listened to each song, I was OBSESSED!!!

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