Eric Nam - The Other Side - EP

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The Other Side - EP Tracklist:


Eric never disappoints. A great mini album!


stream paradise ❤️✨ALL HIS SONGS ARE BOPS, imagine not stanning Eric Nam


Ironic, because I’m an English speaker, but I prefer Eric singing in Korean, so I prefer this to his last album, his first all-English release. In fact, I like the Korean version of “Love Die Young” much more than the original, and there’s a certain vibe that feels more aligned with the “Honestly” EP, which is still the most “Eric” album in my mind.




You did soo good Eric as always, your voice is amazing in every single song 💙💙


Eric Nam is yet again bringing peace to this restless mind and wandering soul of mine with his expressive voice and uplifting beats. His music makes me tune into my emotions and feel what his voice is conveying deep down in our souls. Thank you Eric, for bringing such peace to my spirit with your music.


Loving Eric’s new album! It’s so perfect! Been listening to them nonstop 😂


SOLID ALBUM! It’s hard to follow up to Before We Begin, which is still my favorite album of his, BUT MR. NAM SLAYED US ALL! Thank you for gifting this beautiful ensemble during this difficult time! Nam Nation loves you immensely! 💕


Not that I expected anything less, but this EP is perfect! Keep up the great work, Eric!


Eric never fails to amaze me with his music. This album is absolutely perfect


If you've never heard Eric Nam before you are missing out BIG Time - I can't even draw a comparison with any other artist out there. (don't believe it just listen for yourself) :)


Eric dropped #TheOtherSide at 5am est and you can bet that as I was watching the MV, I was streaming this on all platforms and looked for this album to purchase. It’s FIRE with ALL BOPS! How do we delete the next button because she isn’t needed here. #ParadiseWithEricNam #EricNam #TheOtherSide #에릭남 #NamNation

Awesomly Green

I didn’t think anything could beat the Hoenstly album but I really think this is my new favorite album from Eric! ❤️❤️

Abby Amazing

Eric’s music is always amazing.. but this album.. so incredible!! Each song is perfect for the summertime. He is such a great artist! Please check out the MV for Paradise!! The coolest retro vibe! I’m so happy he was able to make this music and give us a new album so quickly after his first English album. Please also check out his podcasts to get more Eric content!!


All the songs are just amazing and refreshing! I’ll have it on repeat 24/7 cuz is just that good <3 Exactly the kind of vibes I needed for the summer


You did an amazing job! I really enjoyed this album! Keep going from here!


Amazing, as always, Eric! This artist’s music always gives me a uniquely light and energetic feeling and brings me back down to a gentle calm depending on the song. ✨


Eric never disappoints! Loving the new batch of songs and eagerly awaiting even more :) . Keep releasing music buddy! Love it all


All the songs in this album give me nostalgia!!! Takes me back to childhood like early 2000s. Eric this is my fave album!!! You outdid yourself!!!!


Eric never disappoint love every track 😍