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DYE - EP Tracklist:


Trust my love is sooooooooo 🔥 !!!!!!!! Top 1 please


I absolute love this album! I can play it all the way through over and over again without any skips. My favorite song on this album has to be Aura. I already bought the cd, but I had to buy this version for my phone so I can play it everywhere!

Isabella 🎾

such a beautiful discography ❤️


The Kings have snapped with this masterpiece. Seriously, there is not one skip.


이 앨범에는 나쁜 노래가 없다. 매일같이 반복하는 모든 것. 오빠는 우리를 자랑스럽게 해주었다. 🥰🥰🥰


This album is amazing!!!!!!!!!


I love kpop and also my bias is bambam and just to say i do not know witch is jackson wang cus i know him if he sings in english


This is amazing!! It’s rare for me to love every song on an album, Kpop or otherwise, but GOT7 really nailed it with this one. Every song is one that I can bop to, it somehow fits all my favorite genres together, and the boys’ vocals are top notch. I’ve been following their music for a few years now and I think their albums keep getting better. They’re a talented group and you can tell they work hard on improving their music. I’m definitely going to be listening to this EP on repeat, haha.


I love these boys and the album is great


This WHOLE album, even the extra songs on the physical album are AMAZING. This comeback my boys were so happy, it was great to see! Congrats on yet ANOTHER wonderful album GOT7!!! Ahgase/Shoebills(🤣) forever!!🥰🥰💚💚💚

sara got7



I love how every comeback they give such unique vibe and cool songs. I love songs that are specially made by GOT7 members themselves!! I love this Album!!


I been a fan for a long time and they all was come with great music that you can tell that they put their all into every album they do so once again another amazing album

Runaway oven

all I gotta say is that I’m a fat stan and that’s on perioDt


Another amazing album!


yes so good


There’s not skips in this genius, magical, sensual piece of work. I’m so dam proud of them. Aghase are proud of Got7 and will be standing by their side no matter what. I want you my whole life. 💚👏🏻✨

Lace Bishop

Never disappoints. 🥰😭💕


Another great mini-album. These guys never disappoint.


There’s something for everyone on this album. The members have proven themselves to be smart and capable songwriters and their sound has matured along with them. Aura and Poison are standout tracks for me but like another review stated, there are no skips here.


seriously, i have listened to many albums and this is one in few albums where i don’t skip ONE song. it’s so tremendously good. please listen!!!!!


OK. Once again. Loving each album even more than the previous one.


Every song on this album is excellent and really showcases Got7’s talents. I enjoy it a lot.


Every single song is a bop! Had to spend coin on ‘em. Hope they reach higher than the moon 🥺🥰


Love it! LOVE everything about it!!! 💚💚💚

Hailed 44

People need to stop sleeping on them. They aré amazing in every way. This comeback needs to get more attention. They deserve it. 👏🏻🔥💚


Highly Recommended 🐥🤘 #GOT7forthewin #GOT7 @GOT7OFFICIAL


I am in love with this album. Please continue to support them <3


Absolutely my favorite álbum. Constantly streaming on every music platform I have. I 100% recommend you giving this album a listen. All songs are straight fire I cant even choose a favorite. Stan Got7!


All the songs are amazing!!!


The whole album is amazing. Make sure to check Crazy and Poison. You’re gonna surprised by how the flow goes. Awesome


I absolutely love this album! I like all of GOT7’s music tbh because they don’t stick to one sound, they really test their limits and try new things. This album is no different, it’s very sexy and hypnotic. They never cease to amaze me.


I love not by the moon but my favorite is Love you better the vocals are everything for me this tops “You Calling My Name” it’s amazing


Seriously... this whole album is a no-skip album. The boys are so talented at everything they do and I’m so proud of them for the work of art that is DYE!

Lawl sheesh

The NOT BY THE MOON is a bop and also does anyone how to access the photobook?


I’m so proud of the boys 💚 this whole album slaps 🗣🔥


The way Got7 used Romeo and Juliet as basis of this album is so amazing. This is opinion of a literature lover. Each track represents an act/scene Got7 guides you through the play by telling story with their songs. The songs fit the dark/tragic mood of play. Aura perfect opener describing meeting, Crazy the starting obsession, Not by moon taking its title from Juliet words expressing want of an unchanging eternal love. Love you better treat lover well. Trust my love expressing want trust/be trusted in love. Poison even if possibly the love is ill fated Got7 is willing to risk it to be with their lover. Just as Romeo and Juliet did.


Love this mini album, love this new sound from Got7


Best comeback ever (((: 10/10

Itzy :)

GOT7!! I’m not sure how many times I’ve replayed this album, but I know for a fact I’m going to continue listening to this masterpiece over and over again! I absolutely love every song and them! It’s one of those albums you can’t get about of. 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

Marksonjin ❤️❤️❤️❤️

trust my love is my favorite song has like a Latin beat and poison my second fav followed by love you better

got7 number 1 fan

Omg I love it love it love my love and not by the moon and poison are my favorites💚💚 love these boys with all my heart and I hope they do amazing things with all their upcoming music🥰💚🥰💚🥰


This album is just soo good


They never disappoint most versatile kpop group that i ever saw, the way they are putting out bops in every different concept is just awesome


No skip album


Love all the tracks! Dope album!


☾ listen for yourself!!


Amazing new music!