Carrie Underwood - Greatest Hits: Decade #1

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Greatest Hits: Decade #1 Tracklist:

Trust and Us



I think that it was pretty good but I only liked 3 songs.(good girl) and a cupule of others


I love this album so much and I support you Carrie Underwood!!!!


Great voice

Country Master

As usual, this album is awesome. And Carrie has lost absolutely nothing since her days on “Idol”.🌹🌹

Reader Extreme

All my favorites in one album!!! I love Something in the Water and Little Toy Guns and all the others! ❤️❤️❤️😊😊❤️ you're the best Carrie


Carrie is one of my favorite country singer. I'm glad she won American Idol.

Joey Hamlin

Did they really have to include the certain fan scream, "I LOVE YOU CARRIE!!!" at the beginning of 'How Great Thou Art'??? I mean who are we singing about God or Carrie? I purchased the song based on the sample and was very nice, the best version on itunes probably, but that for me ruined it. Very inappropriate to be included on a spiritual hymn and would have been a great funeral song otherwise but...


Her #1 singles, countless awards and accolades, KILLER LIVE PERFORMANCES (seriously look them up on YouTube), and genuine personality speak for themselves. Congrats, Carrie. (And your 2nd decade is already filled with so much.) <3


I can't believe it has been 11 years now! I love this album and all you're other 5 albums! You are the greatest and you are a legend! I love you Carrie @carrieunderwood


All of these songs are fantastic with an amazing voice 👌🏼👍🏼

Anonymous User 33

Good job Carrie this album is totally amazing especially songs like Little Toy Guns,So Small,and Somthing in the Water!! I also enjoy watching the music video for Something in the Water!!!😀 Great job Carrie!!!


My favorite Christian artist

Shark Fanatic

I have no words for how amazing Carrie is. She can sing anything and it tops the chart and hits the heart. Oh and none of them are bad either!


There will one day be Carrie Underwood's greatest hits Decade # 1, Decade #2, Decade #3, & Decade #4 She's that Good.


This is incredible! She is the next big thing!😃


I love this song! ❤️ I don't usually Love Carrie underwood but this song brought my attention. This song is not like any other original songs. I really want to get it as my ring tone too because it's so good. This song is a good song to dance to because it has lots of lyrics that you can use for moves. Coming from a girl that loves to dance. I love this song. Shoot those little toy guns! ❤️


Ok, so I know this album came out like 8 months ago but I just had to write a review. Carrie is so amazing. I love her voice! She is such a good role model. I love Something In The Water! It's so good to see a singer sing about their faith. She is truly amazing!

Cherry 27

Worst singer

CarCar (Carly)

I wish words were like little toy guns! No damage done!! Lattanoise is wrong! I went to see her at summer fest yesterday. I hope she comes back next year!

Reader lover 1199

I love the album and she has a awesome voice


I love carrie's enthusiasm and how she is a christian. that shows true character. God has blessed her with his power, and she held that power with great use


I love carrie's enthusiasm and how she is a christian. that shows true character. God has blessed her with his power, and she held that power with great use

Izzy g 03

Omg I love Carrie underwood and this album is one of my favorite.


Love carry and to see her faith and passion come together is like seeing God in action God bless


I love all the songs on here! Can't wait to go to one of her concerts!


Can't believe it's been ten years since you won the Idol!! #1


Why won't it give me all the songs? It just says 'purchased'


This album is a no-brainer for hard core Carrie Underwood fans but it is a great deal for the casual Carrie Underwood fan or the casual country music fan. This album contains every single Carrie has released to country radio as a solo artist plus her duet with Brad Paisley. Why every single? Because they were all hits. In addition, Carrie added two new songs - the already hit Something In The Water and Little Toy Guns which is currently climbing the charts. Both are great songs and show the progression in Carrie's career. Carrie's Girl's Night Out Performance of How Great Thou Art with Vince Gill which went viral on the web is now here to add to your personal collection. Finally, for Carrie's hardcore fans she added three worktapes for a behinds the scenes look of Carrie in the songwriting phase. Anyway you look at it this album is a real deal. If you like the album, here are some selected recommendations from her studio albums: 1st album "Some Hearts" - "The Night Before (Life Goes On)", 2nd album "Carnival Ride" - "I Know You Won't", 3rd album "Play On" - "Someday When I Stop Loving You" and finally 4th album "Blown Away" - "Wine After Whiskey". Enjoy!


I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! If I meet u I would die!! My favs are Little Toy Guns and Something in the water. Your amazing!!! God has a great plan for you!!!!

Princess Fancy

every song is AMAZING but the song Little Toy Guns in beautifully amazing!! Great work Carrie


This is the best album ever!! 😄


Carrie Underwood is such an amazing singer. This is her best album yet. The songs I love most are; Little Toy Guns, Something In The Water, Blown Away, Two Black Cadillacs, and See You Again.


OMG this girl is not afraid to sing about God and Jesus. Her songs are the best! OH AND YOU HATERS IF AIN'T GOT ANYTHING NICE TO SAY DON'T SAY IT. I rest my case. Anyway I'm like your number 1 fan Carrie. My uncle has dreamed of marrying you, until you got married. I love you Carrie stay AWESOME as always and make some new songs please.


How great thou art is SO beautiful.


I am your biggest fan. I love you and your songs. They are just amazing. I wanted it from the "Easter bunny" but I didn't get it. I got a I tunes card to buy on my I pad is instead. But I all ready have most of your songs, so it was a wast of money I guess.

Sarah Kallesta

I love this music. It is simply amazing. So meaningful.

MTNclimber 2014

What a tremendous talented lady. Great, powerful singer. Her work so far, wow can't wait for the next album.


Truly a woman of faith and not afraid to show it. May you continue to do his will. God bless.


LOVE U CARRIE😃 all these songs are amazing especially little toy guns and blown away! Totally recommend this album and what is more awesome than all her hits on ONE ALBUM!?😄😃😀😊☺️😉😂😺😸


One would think if you are going to purchase something from itunes with a video that the video would be HD quality and not meant for just an iphone. Really low grade video. Very pixalated.


She is so talented she is beautiful, awesome singer, fabulous songwriter she can do anything! I love her song Something In The Water!!!!!😘😘it's so amazing u go girl☺️☺️☺️


Carrie is so incredible, and this album is perfection!! She truly doesn't get enough credit, Carrie has one of the best voices of all time!! Thanks Carrie. Love you and support you forever!! :)


Does any one else think she resembles Mariah Carey in this album cover ?? Or is that just me ?


She has such a true country soulful voice, live/acoustic/recorded she sounds so beautiful! I love all her music, beautiful voice and beautiful soul!


I love Carrie and everything she stands for and this album is AWESOME! There's no skipping to the next track, because it's the greatest hits! 😜 'How Great Thou Art' is my favorite track, makes me tear up every single time! 😳😍😘


Love the new album with the new music. I have seen her 3 times and she is a class act. Hands down my favorite singer!

Buga Lu

I don't listen to the country genre, however I have bought this album! Carrie underwood is VERY inspirational!! Her faith to the lord is amazing! Her voice and control is over the top!!!!


Almost all of my favorite Carrie songs on one album.


This is amazing. Im so glad they made an album of all her best songs. This album is totally worth the money👏