Harry Styles - Fine Line

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louis tomlinson !

i've been a direction for years now and i can say none of the boys albums are as good as any of the one direction ones. People only like the boys and support their music because they were in one direction literally. yes harry does have some great songs but not as much as the bad ones same with all the other boys. niall is the only one who's album had more good songs than bad. louis can't sing and his songs are boring except the ones about harry. and liam boring but catchy. the only reason they have fans is because we want one direction back i mean like harry knows everyone loves him no matter what just because he's harry styles and he will were the ugliest stuff and yal still lying telling him he's pretty i mean no he's not he was but now he's just messing around


I loved his first album and I love this one just as much if not more. Golden was such a good song to start it all off with and fine line was the way best close off of an album. It brought me to tears. Adore you is definitely a radio record it’s genius. But, the fact that most of these are not is what makes it 10x better. He wrote this album from his heart and it is so beyond amazing. Harry styles is by far one of the most talented artists of this generation. Thank you Harry.


Best album of the year


This is an instant classic. He never disappoints.


styles does not disappoint.


Real music is back!!!!


best collection of songs i have ever heard in my entire life,, if i could give it an infinite amount of stars i genuinely would. from my personal favorite song “fine line” to the impressive vocals and instrumentals in “sunflower” and “to be so lonely” this album can do no wrong. There is a song on this album for EVERYBODY!!!

and im jennifer

*chef’s kiss*


Harry has an interesting taste in music that’s different than any other artist I’ve ever heard, but ‘Fine Line’ is a magnificent album.


Perfect music for literally anything whether you’re in the clouds or meditating in my opinion.


this is literally my fav album ever, every song is unique and harry is truly his real self and i’m beyond proud of him. i love him so much and this album is one of the many reasons why :)


It’s great! A bit like Justin Timberlake but better!


literally so beautiful and amazing

he is godly

the best album. so so so incredibly proud of him. it’s different from all the boring songs coming out now days😍😍


Harry’s ability to be so good at having musical diversity through different genres all within one album is mind blowing! Love love love this album!

peanut bbutter

love this album and harry, highly recommend❤️❤️


Hands down best album ever!!!


Literally there isn’t a bad song.


I like the kiwi Harry the rockstar

Drop squares is bad

harry edward styles has done it again. his realness and beauty really shine through his tracks. not a single skip on the album. absolute beauty ❤️👑


My ears are blessed


Golden & she are the best songs out this year

Amanda S .

This album is truly one of the best in a long time. Standouts are She, To Be So Lonely, Canyon Moon, Treat People With Kindness, Sunflower Vol 6...the entire album. A treat to listen to top to bottom. It’s raw, open, honest. It feels personal and it hits deep. Harry laid it all out on the table. Sophomore slump who? It is leagues beyond Harry’s self titled, which was already a great album. This pushes boundaries, is experimental, and yet harkens back to music decades ago.


a fantastic sophomore album, harry really takes a risk and explores a new sound which i personally love!!


This album in whatsoever is amazing! That’s the only way to describe this album. The songs are on point, the way that some songs make you wanna dance and pour your heart out. And then next thing you know, you’re sobbing. It’s a great album over all. Keep up the good work!


The Best album!!!🦖so proud of you Harry!🧸


Diverse selection of songs and an iconic album. I love listening to it!

miranda lasso

Harry is absolutely killing the game. Every single song brings something new to the album. Each song is different but they all blend together in this album perfectly. Harry has done it again and left us completely speechless


I wasn’t a big Harry Styles fan, and then BOOM! This album arrived. Well done.




He’s just so good!


This is my favorite album ever!! I love Harry!!! Harry did such a great job on Fine Line! Love love love it

I luv Shawn Mendes

GREAT album I hope there’s many more. I like how this album is how u wanted it not how everyone else did. And I hope that everyone realizes how amazing u actually are. Remember to remain the sweet creature u are, laugh like nialler, dance like boo bear, smile like zen, love like leeyum, and flirt like yourself haz. Loads of love, from all the fan that ever stood by u, when no one else was ever behind u. The one that never went to a concert, we’re aloud to buy your songs, or have your merch. The ones that YOU saved with the happiness that you brought into their lives. People like me, people like us.


One of my favorite albums of 2019! I enjoy every single song on this album. Canyon Moon is probably one of my favorites. It reminds me of summer which is probably why I love it so much. Falling is another stand out track for me. Sunflower Vol, 6. and Fine Line are amazing too!


i'm just not buying into this type of music but Golden, Fine Line, & Lights Up have my heart. goodnight !



Jack’s Mom

Beautiful voice. Catchy beats. All the feels. What more do you want?


Artist like Harry Styles only comes once in a lifetime.


beautiful man & beautiful voice


Literal garbage. First album was good, thought he was going to top it, but I guess that’s why they call them difficult second albums.


the flavor is immaculate


harry continues to amaze me and this album is literal perfection!


Fell in love with it the first time I heard it

Tonya dawne

Can’t stop listening!


so good


I’m so proud of this, it’s my favorite album. The songs are so well written and aren’t like things that are out right now. Harry created some amazing art with this one

GamerJayLos angeles

This album is amazinG 😉 this is one of my favs HARRY STYLES HAS DONE IT AGAING PEOPLE 😎😎😀


A masterpiece.

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