Jess Glynne - I Cry When I Laugh

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I Cry When I Laugh Tracklist:


That’s pretty



kris < 3

All the songs are amazing and great aff


Hold My hand is underrated


Wow she is so pretty and she sings good! She is my favorite singer in pop. Thanks for reading folks!!! 😝😝😝


Love every song !

Santa unicorn

This is awesome I am in love with love with no rights no wrongs idk why it just gives me like a old song vibe idk I just love it

Quads guy

Jess is the epitome of what's wrong with pop music mainly the song "Hold my Hand" the lyrics are shallow at best and very needy. Just like most pop women singers it's really pathetic how needy these lyrics are song after song and all she does is scream she is not even singing and the back ground vocals are as annoying as any song gets don't waste your money on this garbage unless you like just throwing money away. Then just give it to me instead. Jess is not a singer she is just a whiny scream performer whose lyrics are weak and shallow and self centered. Pure garbage.


Omg Jess I know this is a older album but I'm still listening to "Rather Be"! It's one of my favorite songs!




Wow! She is amazing! I'm so late jumping on her band wagon! But I can't go a day without listening to her amazing voice! Jess you are truly talented! I need more of you in my life!


Ahhh, Jess Glynne is a pledge of allegiance to music. What I mean isn't that her songs have what a lot of others don't have nowadays, and that is "meaningful lyrics". Her songs are inspiring and uplifting. This is what should be instead of all the sex and drugs in today's music. Jess your my new favorite music artist!


YASS!!! I love this album so much. Jess has an amazing voice! No rights no wrongs, rather be, my love, and don't be so hard on yourself are all kinda of awesome and so are the rest of the songs. My new favorite album! 😍😍🎶✌️️


I hope she becomes more popular. Loved her vocals in "Rather Be"; I can't believe it took me a year to discover this album!


She sounds so good




I really enjoy her voice!


Her vocals are uplifting and that sexy rasp is addicting! This album is a jem.


I'm not one to write reviews for albums, but For this album is was worth it! A lot of the songs are amazing, from the upbeat ones to the slower ballads. Hold My Hand, Take me home, and Ain't Got Far to Go are my personal favourite three


Love Jess Glynne. She has an incredible voice and this music makes me want to dance around my house or in my car every time!

Kayla The Kat

Never heard of her before, heard one song and bought the album


It's amazing I love Why me and everything else!! Great job Jess!!👍🏻✨




This album is literally the first I've ever purchased. I have never liked all of the songs in countless amounts of other albums, so I just pick and choose the songs I like. I didn't have to pick and choose for this album because it is amazing. Her voice is perfect and lifts my mood. I jam her songs as high as my speakers will go when driving to and from work!! I encourage everyone to buy the full album, it really is worth it!!!! :)


Really talented artist and great album I am glad she did Rather Be or I would not have heard of her.

l.l. cool bird

I absolutely love this album! "Take Me Home" and "Don't Be So Hard on Yourself" are definitely two of my (many) favorites. Jess Glynne is such an amazing young artist... I've already seen her in concert once, and plan to go see another!! Can't go wrong buying her songs.


This album is pure gold it's like Jess speaks to my soul


I am in love with Jess Glynne's voice and I constantly listen to her music. Every single song on this album is amazing. She has such amazing talent and will go so far. I hope she keeps it up!!!! <3


Jess is so amazing,so amazing voice,, i can't wait to see you in Argentina!!


Literally one of my favourite albums and artists right now, literally fell in love with all the songs. Keep making great music❤️


I've never been this excited for an album to come out for a while

William the Warlock

Even though this review will be in the deepest pits of of the review page. I just want to say this album is epic!


She has a unique touch to her music. She has a positive up-beat 80's feel to her music. Ive listened to this album non-stop. Her music is my happy place. ☺️




Very talented young lady! She's got a unique voice. Hope she will make more music in the future. She is awesome! Love the album!


😍😍😍😍it's too good


Great album! Love it!

I'm-the-real-Selena Gomez

It all sounds the same. Jess has an amazing voice but this album is j plain annoying

InquisitorIOS 8.3

I don't understand, she has a very soulful voice why the hell is she singing with pop beats under her voice. Rather Be is once again the only song I like by her. I really tried to like the others but the music was going a different direction and her voice is shaking on some of the songs?


Love thay song


Seriously obsessed with this album


At first I thought this album was only going to be good because of her two hits, but this album is amazing. I love it so much. Such a feel good sound track, always cheers me up and let's me celebrate myself :)


It's not a bad a song, it's catchy but confusing and not my style•


Her voice is incredible. It is rare to find an album that you LOVE every song on it. I cannot get enough of every single song…..especially "Saddest Vanilla." BUY THIS ALBUM! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. THE END.


It's nice to see such a great artist and album come to the US. Great work Jess.


I absolutely LOVE this girl! Her voice is so strong and powerful, I can't help it. When I first heard her voice, I instantly fell in love and I knew I HAD to get her full album!

Dennielle Mae

Hope people will notice on her great vocal. Nice album too! 😀


that is what i have to say cause her songs have been stuck in my brain for days lol



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