John Petrucci - Suspended Animation

℗ 2005 RenSam Songs

Suspended Animation Tracklist:


I have waited YEARS for this album to be available on i-tunes! It's a complex, brutal, tender, & chaotic musical journey that is one definitely worth taking for any Petrucci fan and really any fan of excellent instrumental music.

John Cena (JK.)

Even though Dream Theater isn’t one of my favorite bands as of now, John Petrucci is still one of my favorite guitarists. This album finally being on iTunes and Spotify is a dream come true! Every song is incredible in all aspects, from drumming to the bass performance and of course, the guitar work. Fans of solo guitar music will probably find that this is one of the best guitar solo records of all time. Every song has multiple memorable riffs and melodies, and can all be described as epic in their own ways, a quality lacking in even other very good guitar solo records. The songs flow as if it wasn’t just a guitar based record, but an all around great record that happens to feature special guitar work each song, which makes this record stand out against a sea of other great records. In conclusion: if you like Dream Theater, this is basically them with extra emphasis on the guitar. Buy it now!!!

siddhanth allay

Thanks a lot John.

Captain Ritter

I’ve been looking forward to seeing this album available in digital format. Petrucci’s ability to take the listener on a musical journey is unequaled. I always wonder what he’s going to do next. Love this album!


This is by far one of JP’s finest works. Love John’s melodic style and arrangements. Glasgow Kiss is a fun and playful track. The opening track Jaws of Life is brutal. He is one of Metal’s greatest axe men.

Tokugawa Ty

I’ve been waiting years for this to appear on the store.