JoJo - good to know

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good to know Tracklist:


mariah dahling

I love jojo so much this album has no skips!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️


I absolutely love this album. You can tell a lot of heart and work went into this album. Well done!!

T ovo



This album is absolutely phenomenal!!! I am a new JoJo fan and I am extremely impressed


This is the most cohesive body of work JoJo has released to date. From the lyrics, the melodies, the vocal production... JoJo proves that quality over quantity is where it’s at. This album is a vibe that everyone needs to get on. If you can, get the physical album for 2 extra tracks that add even more to the story of Jo coming into her own as a woman.




YEES!! Now this is R&B! Takes me back... It’s been a long while since I had an album on repeat. You can hear her heart and soul in this album 🔥🔥.


She’s grown so much, she’s stepping out of her shell of a teen idol to a mature woman! She’s such a talented singer and her label screwed her over! Jojo is bae goals & i love this album!


Soulful and grown! I will forever STAN JoJo!

Love for 1989.

I wish you could reply to comments that hate on her album. This album is dope. She shouldn’t have to conform to the “popular” music. This is her sound, her own music and nobody can take that away from her anymore. She’s an R&B singer and she’s amazing. Quit hating 🤦🏼‍♀️

Roonie toons

So proud of you girl ! Fellow MA peeps out here supporting you forever! This has so much variety & as a woman who is coming into her 30’s this album makes me feel so strong, passionate, and sexy! Thank you !

listen to R&b

Yassss jojo


This is a great album! The songs are catchy and deep. This is the first time I’ve listened to JoJo grown up, but I’m diggin it.


So happy about the release of this album. Man is one of my favorite tracks, simply because it is catchy and fun! I kept it on repeat before the album release. Think About You is also really catchy, and she still gave us vocals. But if you want to talk about vocals, Small Things is a lovely track. Bottom Line: JoJo has made her comeback and released some great songs for fans who were waiting! Period


JoJo did amazing on this album but I wanted more tracks . You can play the album all the way through 😊😊


The first time I listened I wasn’t sold, but the more times I listen the more I’m addicted to the beats and personal touches that she has coursing through each track.


This album is so good


I can tell JoJo had more power with what she wanted this album to sound like. She’s always been a soulful/rnb singer! She deserves to be on top and this album proves it 🖤👏🏾🔥


You wait all this time for an album and it’s not good at all. Great singer but this isn’t creative enough and isn’t really giving her voice the credit it deserves. Sorry not sorry this album is trash


I’ve had this album on repeat! I love every single song! ❤️❤️❤️




My top 20 all time album listens.


She did her thing


Jojo what the F*#% man you can sing your ass off why do you keep doing this type of music that it’s literally getting you no where. You need to step out of your box evolve. Ugh people wish to have a voice like you and different type of music.


She's back!


Didn’t like this album


JoJo it’s your time 💯🙏🏽🎶🎵🔥

Trust and Us



No growth, she goes from hip RandB jams to bedroom lyrics with no value.


This is underwhelming to me. Maybe it just not my type of music but, This girl can sing! She can literally sing anything but seems to be stuck in this stale box. Just my opinion.

Frank Fanucchi

All the feels ❤️


I can listen to this over and over again. This is the first album in a long time where I haven’t had to skip a track, it’s very hard to even pick a favorite song. JoJo and her team did a fire ass job when creating this album.


She still has one of the best voices in the world right now. Don’t sleep on this album bc she’s great!!!


Love it.


Buy it




Album is fire from start to finish. She never quits, so be prepared for more 🔥🔥🔥


The growth in sound and production on this album is outstanding! Great storytelling from beginning to end ❤️


Incredible, soulful. Much needed during this quarantine.


her vocals are amazing, the lyricism is so heartfelt, and the overall production is to die for this album has been on repeat since its release. you did an amazing job jojo


I am so glad she is finally making music that she wants and getting the credit she deserves. Been a fan since the beginning. Freedom looks good on you 💪🏻


One of the only albums I’ve heard in awhile that had a consistent story with multiple chapters throughout it. 9 songs that are truly unskippable.


This album is a no skip album and it has some of her best work. 10/10.

missy michey

The lyrics are awesome. And the fact that there’s different types of songs, depending on your mood 😜 killing itttt


I really like it. It’s on repeat! Every song is a winner!

Marquise Dominique

After all JoJo has been through this album feels triumphant. This album is a masterpiece and you really get the sense that every second of this album comes from all that she is. This is the album she was destined to make and we’re all blessed to get to hear it.


I’ve had this album on repeat since the release date! Support actually good R&B music!!!


Her voice will always be amazing !! I like her album and will always support her but I do request some pop dance Material give us something to dance all night too. Experiment a little more give us something unexpected. You be giving us deep thoughts & baby making music lol and I still love it always god bless ❤️


Classic rnb at its finest


That’s it that’s the review!