Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes & Elevation Worship - The Blessing (Live)

Sparrow Records; ℗ 2020 KAJE, LLC, under exclusive license to Capitol CMG, Inc. / Elevation Worship Records

The Blessing (Live) - Single Tracklist:


This song is so powerful 😭🔥


Such a beautiful and powerful song! ❤️🙌🏼


I’ve have been thinking and come to realize that Christianity is hated to much on. People think that we as Christians just “pick and choose” what we want to do from our Bible. Sure there are some people who do so and end up giving us a bad rep. I believe that this song is a gift from the Lord to us during this emotional time. People are panicking and the world is becoming darker every day. But this is a little reminder that God will never leave us and He’s with you no matter what you believe and He’s standing there right in front of us with His arms stretched wide open. If only we just walk into them and call him father.


Totally inspired from Our Creator.

Ariana does it again!!!!

I love this so much!


So anointed! Can’t stop listening to it.


Was at the Elevation Ballantyne campus the Saturday evening that Kari, Cody and Elevation Worship first sang this beautiful song. It was amazing how it touched everyone instantly in that moment.


God’s perfect timing for this!

franks lady

We’ve had this on repeat for days and my children will sing along with the words. It’s such a powerful anointed song for such a time as this.


What a timely & Holy song. I get such revelation every time I hear it. Love songs based straight out of scripture.


Isn’t God so good😁


First time I heard it I was overwhelmed by the presence of Jesus! Such an awesome song that shows in both lyric & melody that He is for us!


Kari and Cody have such an anointing, and I love hearing all their music but this... this is something else! God knew just how much His children needed this reassurance. These are difficult times for many of us but God’s favor is for us! Thank you, Kari and Cody, and Elevation and Pastor Steven for listening to the Holy Spirit on this. He is with us!


I chose Numbers 6:24-26 verse as a declaration to my 5 year old. Since birth i have prayed this prayer over her and now she knows it by heart. This song has part of this blessing and I love it. It made me cry the first time I heard it because it has all God's promises declared over those choose to love him, to follow him and submit to Him. Praise God for those that wrote it and composed the music to bring it LIVE to the whole world.


perfect timing to me reminded to keep strong faith during these hard times


This song was written for such a time as this! "Yahweh bless you, and keep you. Yahweh make his face to shine on you, and be gracious to you. Yahweh lift up his face toward you, and give you peace. So they shall put my name on the children of Israel; and I will bless them"(Numbers 6:23-27). On behalf of the body of Christ: We place the name of Yahweh on you in this season in the name of Jesus. May His peace, His presence and His assurance surround you!


Recycled lyrics and instrumentals. Half the morons that buy this are bigots who claim to be “Christian” yet only cherry pick what they want and what they don’t want to follow in the “bible”. 🤣🤣🤣 I can see where the song might appeal to those who are mentally weak though. 👿




This song is amazing and one of my favorite song


On repeat since I first heard it!

S.C. Teacher

They wrote this on a Thursday and sang it at church on Sunday. What a perfect song for this time.

Angel O onadeko



What an anthem as we walk through this season.


Great worship song!!!!!


A Christian song at #1 on iTunes is never heard of before. So this is a rare event! God is bringing revival through this broken land that is not our home.



He who saves

So thankful to witness the talent of brothers and sisters in Christ. I love seeing this faithfulness to the Lord. His Word is truth. Thank you for making this declaration!


such a timely and powerful declaration!


First time i heard it i couldnt stop weeping. This is so anointed


A song to bring peace to a whole nation, to the world! God’s blessing over us all! Amazing!!


Meh, was expecting more


Talk about pouring out a blessing!!!! What a declaration! Love it!

katie marie 88

This song is so special and touches your heart! Incredible timing. HE IS FOR YOU!


Truly amazing to hear God’s voice through this song and through these willing vessels!!! Praise be to God for the Blessing


Been listening to this since it was first performed at elevation church just a few weeks ago and What A Blessing it is!!!!


In times like these, I need this reminder that He has me and my family in His hand. What a beautiful declaration for our lives.


I cannot put into words how much I love this song! The world needs this more than ever right now ❤️


On repeat. Truly a song birthed by the Holy Spirit! LOVE IT.

ts8 is coming

Taylor Swift Legend


What a perfect time for this song to be written! Such an anointing! Tears fall when it proclaims blessing over my family, my children, their children, and their children.


Always such quality beautiful worship songs from Kari and Cody and now they’ve partnered with elevation worship this song is so beautiful!


This is the most powerful song I have ever heard!! So thankful to our Pastor and talented voices behind it!!


The best song I’ve ever heard. The most anointed, spirit filled song I’ve ever heard. I can’t get over it.


I have had this song on repeat since they shared it with the world. Perfect timing for us to be reminded of His promises.


I love this song! It brings me to tears but most importantly, it brings me to my knees! I’ve always prayed for my family and my children but to extend that prayer to their children and then their children as well, is so beautiful! This song is needed now more then ever. With the uncertainty that everyone is facing around the world, we need a song that is going to bring us straight to the presence of God! This song does that for me and so many others. God is so good and He knew that we’d need this song to remain focused on Him! 🙌🏼🙏🏼🙌🏼

Very upset guy!

This song has been a huge blessing to my family and I!!! God bless you all during these difficult times!!


This song just left me speechless! Felt the Holy Spirit in every bone in my body! God bless you Cody and Kari for this beautiful song! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


So thankful for an amazing Father who laid this on their hearts to write- it seriously is such a gift during these times

Richard Marcinko

This is the song we all need right now. Thank you for making such power, beautiful and uplifting music Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes and Elevation Worship.