Kenny Chesney - Here and Now

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Here and Now Tracklist:

gibson krista

Excellent tunes from Kenny once again! We just returned from St. John and he is a hero there. I have been a fan since Kenny’s first album and have been to a few concerts. The last one we went to was here in Houston at the Dynamo stadium. He is a legend and I am one of his biggest fans!!!

DJ Miller

Here and Now is annoying


Such an egotistical chump. Bad music.


The writing is good, vocals good, but the goose bump, hairs standing on the back of your neck, and cranking it louder, not there like the old material. It doesn’t feel like he feels it. Going through the motions? Not his experiences, he doesn’t know what it feels like? Something is off.


My music isn’t working anymore


He is true


Kenny is just awesome. I love all his music and this album is no different. I don’t know what it is but he just seems to be able to put together the perfect combination of songs that just seem to go with each other. Purchase this album you won’t be sorry.


You don’t get too my favorite song 2020 Kenny back boy 😁💪🏻 this sounds awesome on my Harley Davidson


Another amazing album by Kenny Chesney!! Take me away, sail away summer hits. From the backyard feet in the grass to the beach with toes in the sand, camping with friends. 🍻Going to miss seeing him live this summer. “Better get to living ‘cause it’s all we got” ~thank you Kenny 💋


This is the first album in a long time that makes me think of him when he first started. I don’t think any album was bad but it was more of a Jamaican type of music the last few albums and not so much country. This feels more of his roots! Love it!


Great album👍


Kenny never disappoints!!!


Not even about his music but he lacks integrity and that is deserving of 0 stars. Several consumers mentioned they received his CDs instead of other artists they purchased from, which makes it evident he was buying sales to debut #1 and sabotaging other more deserving and hardworking artists out of their money and true ranking.


This process should be really easy. All of this "pop" music that everyone is playing needs to be moved to "Pop/Top 40" radio, simple enough!! Then the so called country radio stations can start playing real country music again. Please give us back our country music.. PLEASE!!


Kenny sings from a place, you just want to be his friend. Always a connection when he sings, and he sells out stadium after stadium after stadium. Fans can’t all be wrong.


If you can break drakes streak you can do anything. Good to see country on top. Love the album. Keep up the good work.

Great app for music lovers `

This is by far the best Kenny’s album yet. It’s a different album for him. Definitely another side from him that we haven’t seen in quite a while. There’s two songs that have come my top 10 all time favorite Kenny songs. “Knowing You” and “You Don’t Get To”. These songs really can hit you. Great job Kenny


Some of his best music


What can I say? The man does it again. Can’t say I’m surprised. For all of you people who say “Kenny isn’t country” or “He’s a wannabe Jimmy Buffet” Errrr! Wrong. Kenny has adds such unique style and flavor to what traditional country music is labeled as. No one else takes me into a daydream about being on a beach, surfing it up, and drinking strawberry daiquiri’s & corona extra while watching the sunset. It’s feel good, loving life, & chillaxification music. #NoShoesNation baby!!🏴‍☠️

Jill m s

Love, love , love Kenny and alllll of his albums! He truly tells great stories and knows how to truly appreciate his fans


This album exceeded my expectations. Kenny Chesney's last 2 or so album have honestly been just alright in my opinion. However this album was the true return of the beached cowboy we all love. I was not impressed when kenny released the song tip of my tongue but I gave the rest of the album a listen and really enjoyed it. My favorite songs are probably everyone she knows, knowing you, something to fix, and guys named captain. Also here and now is a really fun catchy song. Even if you’re not impressed with Kenny’s recent albums I would give this one a listen I think you will be pleasantly surprised as I was. I’ve listened through several times and seriously think this is an album of the year contender. This album is real country and is well deserving of a 5 star rating.


kehlani is such a great lyricist and vocal queen, this album is EVERYTHING it’s great AWESOME AMAZING. i think god for her, she is everything and forever will be appreciated by me. SHE ATE, you hear me?


Some of the reviews are pretty bad only giving one star. Those people are cynical and need to adjust to here and now. It’s 2020 and country music is always evolving. Great album. Best $11 I’ve spent since this pandemic started.


Really connected with this on a different level


Maybe it’s the songwriting.


Country music is the best music


This album is perfect from top to bottom. If you listen through multiple times without wanting to skip a song... you know it’s good. Thanks for the wonderful music and for putting it all out there Kenny and Crew!


Love this album start to finish. Perfect soundtrack for just hanging on the porch. Love love love!

tanner rojek

It’s nice


Kenny, your music is to summer vacation what Bing is to Christmas! This is a great addition to the summer playlist!

MT Girl 60

Kenny Chesney is without a doubt one of the finest country singers that I have ever heard. He has once again knocked it outside if the park with his new album.

J Alumbaugh

By far a true winner.

Chef Dallas

Matt Carriker told me to come here. I thought a Kenny Chesney was some type of caramel-chestnut candy. It’s not. But hey! The guys songs are pretty good. He’s no Biz Markie but who is.


Love the new album!


Gotta listen and download this one!


Some favorites of mine from this album are “Guys Named Captain” and “Beautiful World.”

Evan Trout

Go off king

Trust and Us



KC, you have outdone yourself! This album is incredible! Each song has its own story and it’s own heart! No Shoes Nation is so proud of you!


Awesome album!! We Do is my favorite because it completely captures No Shoes Nation!


Idk you but I’m glad you took the number 1 from drake 😍😍😍🥰🥰




I don’t think there’s a single song i don’t like on this album. Definitely some great songs to listen to while you’re sitting at home in quarantine.


Kenny’s back


Absolute knocked it out of park! From We do, to Guys names Captain( which is my personal favorite). I listen to the album driving to and from work and gets my day started with a smile and singing, and allows me to relax after leaving the hospital. Thank you Kenny for another amazing job and giving your fans what we want!


Great album for crushing the COVID blues


This is one of the best albums I have bought of his. Love how there are stories with them and just how he talks about real life stuff. One of my favorite artists ever.


Don’t listen


Didn’t sound good at all. Everything sounds rushed