Lady Gaga - Chromatica

℗ 2020 Interscope Records

Chromatica Tracklist:


I agree with the other reviewer allot of albums being pushed to late fall/winter . people are sitting home wanting to download music . stupid move by GaGa/ Sam Smith . may not download afterall the thrill will be over by then

Billy Bob Joe the 42

This is gonna be the best album she ever put out! After ‘Stupid Love’ I cant wait to see what comes next! Awesome job GaGa! Would’ve been better if she didn’t postpone it 9 MONTHS! I think that’s a little over the top but I’m still going super excited


It’s really not that good or different, overhyped for sure.


Chromatica erotica. What the world needs now is new pop music. Come on Gaga


Every album worse than the first


I was so excited, I was like can’t wait for April to come.. now wait till December?? Really!! The excitement will be ove by then.. it will be like ok, just another sad


Super hit






I love stupid love but I want more!! When is the other music going to be released just at least one more track before April 10th I can’t wait!! Seems like she is now back to her old mother monster ways!! Paws up family of monsters!!!


Love lady gaga huge shallow fan but cmon yu can do better I’m exited for chromatica tho

Kiwi Cake 1600

that’s a fact


We do not know when "Chromatica" will be out.


Are we only releasing one single until the album? That’s not how you promote an album. The single Stupid Love is catchy, until you listen to it a few times and then you wonder. Where is the substance? This sounds like every single generic pop song out there on the radio now. What happened to the innovation of Bad Romance? That sounded fresh, new, like nothing that has come out. Shame Gaga shame...


Yaaas! Stupid Love is an outstanding song, I can't wait for the rest of the album. I know she delayed it for another date but I'm still so excited about it!


I understand why she’s pushing the album back, but I feel like this is a time when people need music and art the most. It was the only thing I was looking forward to as I’m in self isolation.


Its coming june folks not april

Mitchell David Drivas

This just in: an announcement from Lady Gaga as of yesterday, due to the coronavirus outbreak, she’s decided to delay the release of Chromatica until later this year. So please do not pre-order this album, because it’ll probably mess you up. And, there was an official announcement that was posted on Lady Gaga’s Facebook page regarding her decision to delay her album, so for those who didn’t get ahold of it, it’s up on her Facebook. She does apologize but promises her new release date will be announced soon.

george is dead

Love this woman!!!!




When Gaga used to be popular about 10trs who she was fun and cool. Now she has completely morphed into this DavidBowie/Madonna wannabe, but without any sex appeal. A Star is Born was a fluke. It was a musical featuring a musical artist. But as usual, that movie had already been done several times. Yes, Gaga SHARES an Oscar for that song and that’s cute for her. Here we have Gaga still trying to dance. Give it up, girl. You can’t! Ava Max is churning out bop’s and bangers left and right. Check her out if you want good current pop.

Johnson Ayumi



GaGa knows good music and makes good music! Please bless us with ARTPOP and The Fame Monster’s baby!


The Fame Monster and Born This Way’s lil sister is cominggggg 🖤🖤🖤 aaaaaaa




I love Gaga! Fell in love with her when Born This Way came out, by that time I knew who she was, but that’s the album that made me a true fan. I have been following her ever since and this albums feels like 2011 all over again, Stupid Love brings such joy to my life and all I want to do is dance! The nostalgia is real and this album is gonna make fall in love with her all over again. Can’t wait for the release of the full album and pre-ordered it!


please send more hot pop that changes the world




Stupid Love is good but no one can ever beat the Fame Monster or Born This Way. Those were some of the best albums of the 2010s!


idk why people already put 1 Stars BUT THIS IS GONNA BE A GREAT ALBUM






Gaga is back again to save pop music and spread kindness. We love to see it. 10/10 buy and stream Stupid Love and the rest of the album on iTunes and Spotify!!

Victor Matter

the power that that has, the intelligence that that has, the clearance that that has, the access that that has, the influence that that has, the profile that that has, the international implications that that has.

Adriana M. Hillstrom

I am S͟E͟R͟I͟O͟U͟S͟L͟Y͟ so stoked for this album to be released. From what I've seen it's gonna be a fun pop/dance sound. I love that. It's my favorite kind of music & upbeat & happy!. 𝙎𝙏𝙐𝙋𝙄𝘿 𝙇𝙊𝙑𝙀, was a perfect start to this album. I legit can't even wait. So excited Momma Monster has been in the studio making her children monsters (us) some phenomenal new music. Great job my lovely beautiful lady miss GaGa. I'm also not even ashamed I've watched the music video @ least 25-34 times. Love from Spokane Washington!

should be studying for finals.....

I’m getting some Annie Lennox and the Eurythmics vibes. 👍🏻


So glad she went back to all of the drama 💗


the legend herself has returned stream right now 💞🥺


I went in with no preconceived idea because I love Lady Gaga. This song immediately made me want to dance. But there was something else. A trip maybe back to the 80’s without totally going back but a nice time thinking of me back in high school. This song is fun gets my blood going. It makes me happy and makes me feel good. Looking forward to the rest of the tracks.


i’m sry but stupid love is just not it:(


Earth is cancelled

uhhh ab

so upbeat and fun!!

just a german

I listened to the preview for stupid love and it’s kinda like Gaga lost it in my opinion (I’ve only listened to 5 songs from Gaga). And before you 5 star eaters slap me this is coming from a guy who listens to HEAVY METAL, death, thrash, and electric metal so please understand and if you don’t check out Pantera. (RIP dimebag brother)




So much hate on here. This song is perfect, unlike you.


First single sounds promising, hope the entire vibe of the album follows this sounds. It sort of has that Stock, Aitken, Waterman feel to it, hit producers in the 80s hey day that was responsible for producing albums for Kylie Minogue, Bananarama, Rick Astley, etc.


You are The Queen! 😍💋


Terrible. A waste of studio time

Music Album of Lady Gaga:

Poker Face / Speechless / Your Song (feat. Elton John) [Live from the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards] - Single
Poker Face / Speechless / Your Song feat. Elton John [Live from the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards] - Single (2010)