Lin-Manuel Miranda - Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

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Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording) Tracklist:


Love this so much


I listen to this every freaking day. It gets you so hooked on the songs and I can’t stop listening. 5 stars definitely

harry potter 162

Amazing music brought tears to my eyes


Hamilton is the best musical I have ever listened to, it will make you laugh, smile, frown, and cry.


I watched the full musical and on Disney plus and It was amazing so I wanted the soundtrack this is absolutely astounding I’m sorry if im raving but this is amazing


I love all the songs and I know that there are some bad words in some of them but ppl that’s how the world is now. But I’ve been putting some lyrics into my everyday life and I’m basically obsessed with Hamilton now even tho I only saw it a week ago on Disney plus. My fav songs are guns and ships Adams administration and Reynolds pamphlet If u don’t rlly want to buy it just get Apple share or whatever it’s called and download the playlist because that’s what I did and I didn’t have to spend a penny!


Best album ever


I literally listen to this soundtrack everyday! Highly recommend! I would ask for the money for your birthday since the price is a little high.


It’s awesome I can’t Believe it



🤪Lean Bean🤪

Love Hamilton and I listen to this soundtrack over and over again 😍😍


I watched the play on Disney plus and all the music is so great. King George is definitely the funniest. I think it’s the best album and play I have ever seen and heard!


Worse than the original

🐯 Tigerboy 🐯

This is a soundtrack from the best play ever and I love it almost as much as I love the play. Highly Reccomend!


Just watched this on Disney+ and it is amazing I literally bought the soundtrack half way through the movie and it’s so good!


lin has made a freaking masterpiece. i’d appreciate a little less swears, but overall i worship hamilton

Trust and Us



This is amazing the feeling the freedom of seeing the light I like how it even gives clean versions amazing

marshmellow walker

I ain’t throwing my shot

citty ♥️er

My mom was listening to it and I’m like,” huh” so I listened to it in the car for awhile, and then a year and a half later, I know every lyric, yes it Is a little inappropriate for people 10 and under, but I’m 11 and enjoying it, so if u r looking for a soundtrack to buy, GET THIS!!!!!!


You have to get it !!!!!


I stop downloading a few of the songs and it now says purchase and won’t download now please tell me what’s wrong?!? I want my money back if this won’t fix I paid 20 dollars 😒




AMAZING. No words can explain the talent, creativity and care, that went into this musical.

I heart pets

In Aaron Burr, Sir, it has one explicit word. But other than that, I LOVE HAMILTON!

Ellie Redd

Literally floored by this masterpiece. The diversity, the delivery, the pace, and the sheer vocal talent is just incredible. Download this now. You won’t regret it. I know it sounds cheesy and exaggerated but it’s a literal life changer. Lin Manuel-Miranda is nothing short of a genius, and it shows. I would recommend The Room Where It Happens, both Cabinet Wars, Dear Theodosia, and Alexander Hamilton, but honestly every single song is a musical miracle (see what I did there 🤠). I’ll geek out about this musical until the day I die.


I love Hamilton so much! I hadn’t even heard of it until about two months ago, and finished it in a day. Ever since I have listened to it nonstop (Ha) and I never get sick of it. The very last son, Who lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story actually made me burst into very happy tears, and I sat in my closet rethinking my life and how I should be more like Eliza. Really, Really, Really recommend it to anyone who likes rap, Broadway, or just need some new music to listen too.

le best.

Them gurlz ma fav, plebz.


Amazing! Just amazing! Having one of the best musicals that has all kinds of music plus the fact that the facts are pure history! I just couldn’t “throw away my shot” to write a review for the musical that will “blow us all away”

Ronnie Phri

Just go buy it. Do it. It’s worth every penny


I am taking a field trip to Washington, D.c. soon and this will be the perfect thing to listen to on the way there! I first found out about this by my friend about a year ago, and I can’t stop listening to it ever since! Lin Manuel Miranda is truly a music-making genius. I definitely recommend this musical! It will get you exited, make you cry, and cheer you back up again in two hours. But it it’s the best music ever!

littile l

OMG I love the music but it is over Priced 20 dollars really??

Alex Baily1

This is awesome people!!!❤️❤️❤️

nsync rules

This soundtrack is AMAZING. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s vocals and rapping is amazing you will love it if you like history and musicals this soundtrack is perfect for you


LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! I’ve been listening to it Non-Stop

Alexander Hamilton #79

This album is the best I’ve ever heard!!!!!!!!



The Ragin' Asian

I can now die in peace...Asian-approved!

e monny

This soundtrack is amazing


Perfect 4 my history class


but not really clena

The mama2

Some songs still have swearing in it


THIS SONG IS 1 OF THE BEST SONG EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!✌️


This is so good I definitely recommend it to any play lovers or anybody it’s so good


This is like music to my ears. I loooooooooooove it.


It’s so worth your money😭❤️