Various Artists - 50 Jumpstyle Tunes, Vol. 1 - Best of Hands Up Techno, Electro House, Trance, Hardstyle & Tecktonik Hits In Jumpstyle

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50 Jumpstyle Tunes, Vol. 1 - Best of Hands Up Techno, Electro House, Trance, Hardstyle & Tecktonik Hits In Jumpstyle Tracklist:




When are they going to finish mortifying this album so I can buy it because it's getting annoying when I'm not able to buy the album


I love " Rock That Beat" ! I'm an 11 year old girl who loves jumpstyle or hardjump. Now if I could teach my boy friend Dominic. :D


Just so we're clear these songs are not stolen they are taken with permission from the artists and remixed from the genre they used to belong to to a jumpstyle version so yes the songs will sound different but like some people have said this album is not for pro jumpers due to the lack of high bpm tracks they vary from slower to moderate bpm and they offer a good start to jumping so if your just starting, in the process of improving , or are just a fan of jump music this is well worth 7.99

Samantha 7 Florida

Worst song ever

Lolgitta have

Got this album over a year ago and still jump to most of it!


These songs are not really tectonik music more of techno y the way why do u want tectonik to impress ur friends haha jk

Ghost 9-4

Hey this isnt a review of the album, but a question. Please Respond. Are these songs good for tecktonics? I'm looking for good tecktonics songs.


I was so oblivious that iTunes had an album this... INSANELY awesome. I want to marry this album

DJ Spinmaster

I loveddddd this so much i got the entire thing and for a good price a must buy if you like the genre


This is an awesome album of jump songs. I can jump to ALL OF THEM!! If you're good but not perfect this is exactly what you need!


just buy track 22, a step too far. i messed up and wasted ten dollars on the album, but that one track almost made it worth it


to be honest..the only song i like here is say say say..the others arent really jump or hardstyle..its not easy to actaully jump in general and these songs arent easy to jump to..its okay i guess lol to each his own =P

a pain

At 10 bucks for 50 songs, its a steal. you need this to even consider jumping. if you're thinking about it, do it. if you're not sure, do it. if you do it, congradulations


I like that this collection offers 61 songs and at $9.99, you can't really argue on the price. However, I don't like that there are 8 (16 songs total) duplicates, mostly Radio edit/extended mix and two random advertisements mixed in here right at the end. Overall, the songs are great, but I don't see why they have the duplicates and the advertisements at the end (especially one that's only 8 seconds long).


The album...great. One little thing though. DJ Boten Anna is totally a rip-off of Basshunter! He STOLE that song. As a Basshunter fan, that insults me. If you like that song though, go check him out.


Really really good


this album tried to hard to mix happy hardcore and hardstyle and it didn't work out. the remix of hardcore vibes is a discrase to the song

a tree named trevor

YO i hardjump and this albom is sick i could jump to this non stop man so itunes keep pumpin out the good jump music HARDJUMP FOREVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DJ Bones "Drop that beat"

This is an amazing collection of Jumpstyle toons. I wan't to correct the comment that DJ Rave Rave left because I am a Dj that likes to drop hadcore and Jumpstyle at raves, and I live in Alaska of all places. TECHNO FOR EVER.


Cary August's The Launch 2009 is a perfect 5. I love the beats per minute and it's better than the original. Mike Andrews Sex I T U N E S


why do you have a couple that are "only album"


This album is all-around great. I first purchased it because I had seen a couple of songs that I knew and loved but after getting into jumpstyle, all of the other songs are great too. The songs are always uplifting and the beat just fills you with energy so I strongly recommend the album!




Calabria will never be the same after this hacking. Drunkenmunkey needs to have his decks revoked. B0000000


Awesome compilation. Was looking for some tracks to play while in gym. Man, I'll be jumping all the time in there lol =).


No other compilation has the caliber of this. Every song is one hundred percent jump-worthy. And now, with the album priced at ten dollars, this is officially the jumptyle cd sent from heaven, this IS the one you have been waiting for. If you have even HEARD of jumpstyle, BUY IT. This is THE must-have cd for jump. Period.


This album as a whole should have a fixed price, rather than the sale of each individual song only. Excellent album, great trance jumpstyle remixes. DAV8R.


All I have to say is that this is one of the best album of songs that really move me, great for working out!!!!!

DJ Dave Rave

Hardstyle is huge in Europe & Australia (look up Q-Dance events), even has a following in Canada. Americans, though, haven't really been exposed to hardstyle like it's meant to be heard (on mammoth speakers). Listening to it on cheap headphones doesn't do it justice. Hope to see more hardstyle in the U.S. iTunes store!

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