Michael Bublé - To Be Loved

℗ 2013 Reprise Records

To Be Loved Tracklist:

Trust and Us



Michael Bublé you have done it again!! Just downloaded the album and took a bubble bath with champagne while listening to the WHOLE album and I loved every song!!! Had the best “Mom needs some alone time PLEASE kind of day!” As I sat and soaked with all my luxury soaps, potions and a chilled bottle of Champagne ... tapped my toes and sang along with this FANTASTIC album!!! I love the covers, duets and the new music!! MB you always bring it!!! I love that you have a variety of music to listen to don’t pigeonhole yourself into just rat pack or Jazz when there’s a whole myriad of genres to sing....and oh boy you can sing them ALL!!! MB you have the talent to sing anything you want to sing!!! I love all of your work!!!! I love this ALBUM SO MUCH!!! Thank you so much for bringing beautiful music, romance and a little cheekiness into our world!!! Fantastic album!!! Completely hit it out of the ballpark AGAIN!!!!


Michael Buble is a great, nice, awesome singer and I love his music.


Downloaded this album when it came out, don't know why I never gave it a review because it is AMAZING!! I cannot wait for his next album to release in October!


In my opinion Michael Buble's best album since his home album every song on her is great and mostly orginal. Even the ones that he sang that were Sinatra's he did a great job of singing them. It just cant get any better.


I absolutely love his vocals and the people playing the musical instruments are impeccable. Just loved this so much.


LOVE IT👍👍👍👍👍👍


Michael Bublé is my all-time favorite artist, and has certainly never let me down in his covers, original songs, and duets. It's not his best album (I prefer "It's Time" better, but that's my opinion). I think changing up his style of music in this album was surprising, and a good one indeed.


This is close to being as good as his debut album. A must for any Buble fan.


Doesn't skip a beat. Perfection of an album.


I have to ask whose idea it was to pair Michael Buble and Bryan Adams up for this song. Whoever made that call certainly knew what they were doing. They sounded amazing together and the song fit both of their styles beautifully. Awesome job by the both of them. Can't get enough of it.


I love this song. It is amazing. It is my favorite of his music


Love this Michael.... Thanks for the memories.... thanks for singing from the deepest parts of the soul. I am so loving this album.


Omg I love Michael buble to be loved is a hot album my fav song on here is young at heart and you make me feel so young those two songs really show how amazing his voice is his voice is the most amazing I ever heard in my life I'm only sick of these idiot ppl writing reviews saying that he uses auto tune he does not use auto tune I heard him live and I listened to his live songs that's really his voice if you need proof listen to his live songs which aren't mastered for iTunes then you'll see what I'm talking about that he really does have an amazing voice


After recently seeing the last US performance in Austin, I couldn't help but be pleased with MB's maturity as a singer and a showman. What he lacks in vocal range, he more than makes up for in style AND substance. His unplugged, a capella finale, which capped off an hour and forty-five minutes of singing, filled the assembly center with warm, genuine appreciation for the audience. This album is a healthy mix of his originals and reinterpreted standards and i dare say, puts him almost in league with the legendary vocalists of the previous half century.

Las Cool

I love it

Jack Twomey

He speaks the mind of what many wish to say and feel


I love Michael Bublé songs. What a voice! 💜

<3 Camelbak

Since purchasing this album I have become infatuated with his voice and the message of many of the songs on it. However, many of the songs sound a bit similar. I just want him to be my personal serenade! :p


I'm quickly becoming a big fan of his and this album is about to put me over the top. Truly a great a great album.

the voice one

what happened auto tune on the single, too many originals that are not that good, terrible choice of duet partners and lackluster covers , this is muzak which cheap italian restaurants will love but not for me , and the price keeps changing


Obsessed with his albums! Love him and his music! ❤😘


As usual, Buble is timeless in this new album!!! Grab the one you love, Buble is on!


Purchased an hour ago. First time I've ever bought something from Michael Bublé. I've listened to him on Pandora and he sounded amazing (that's why I bought the album). Best album I've bought. Also bought "Haven't Met You Yet," and "Save The Last Dance For Me." I was also addicted to the music videos. :D


I love this song but it will not play. My system says I need to authorize my computer in order for it to play. I downloaded the whole album. Can some one help me out with this?


This is a of the best years's music!!


me encanta esta canción

The Phantom Gamer 1

This album is well worth the purchase. The old mow town feeling is classy but as always there is a smooth twist in his arrangements that give the song a new feel that let's you experience old songs in new and different ways. The original songs are very strong with meaningful lyrics and an original sound. The duets in this record were chosen expertly and blend very well. The combination of new and old songs with different sounds somehow fit together perfectly. I would highly recommend this album to anyone interested.


michaels voice is jus pure perfection. like I can't with him lol


So fantastic. He is fantastic mix of classic Jazz and modern pop, he knows both making him probably the greatest artist of our generation.


Just amazing! Pure talent


Love all his music and this album has a verity and very good lyrics! Heart-felt!


Never knew micheal till now and now he is my favorite i am not even a pop fan he is just that good. Close your eyes what a great song and a great lyrics. Sooo good!!!!




Super nice me Gusta mucho su musica, Muy Buena Compra.........


I too, was one of those that listened to Bublé from almost his beginning, playing It's Time, Michael Bublé and the Let It Snow CDs until they'd practically worn out. Seeing him at small venues like the Paramount in Denver — such talent, such intimacy, such heart. When I saw him at Pepsi Center and hated what that stadium echo did to his voice, I knew the worm had turned. He is such an incredible talent and it's sad to see what seems like a less inspired direction. I hope I'm wrong and I hope he's happy with this CD, but I'm not buying it.


He has a great voice. Very UNIQUE style. Nobody has sounded like him. Some of his songs sound familiar to one another, but oh well. they're good enough for that to not really matter. Lol


So refreshing, upbeat, and crazy good!


just a wonderful album. makes me want to grab my girl and dance


I've been a big fan of Michael Buble since his first album and he doesn't disappoint with this album. It's fun, it's airy, it's what you want. I've seen him live and I can tell you, he truly seems to love what he does and we love him even more for it! Bravo Mr Buble!!


I am such a huge fan of Michael and this album continued to impress. Every note is perfect and the song choice is magnificent. Can't wait to see my inspiration in September. :)


the son Something Stupid will sound better without Reese Witherspoon!!!


Can't go wrong when it comes to Buble. This album encompass the essences of love from being in the wrong relationship to not letting go of that ONE love that makes it worthwhile. Strongly recommend this as this crooner has given us yet another masterpiece.


Some people just don't know what they're talking about.... This album,like his other albums, is fantastic! I don't hear any GLARING auto tune (everybody does a little bit)


THIS MAN HAS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL FLAWLESS VOICE DEAR GOD I CAN'T EVEN DEAL. Seriously. This man deserves all the recognition and this album is definitely a must have like all of his others!

Split chin

This album is amazing. I especially love the song it's a beautiful day. Pretty much every artist out there today auto tunes their voice and it sounds so fake, when they sing in concert they sound awful. But Michael Bublé's music sounds so real. It is purely his voice. I think that we need more of that in the music industry. Well done Michael👏👏


Beautiful day is like the best song ever his voice is just amazing!


Auto harmony. Buble did not need this. Although in this industry basically every superstar uses this. But some of the songs are good.

Ninja 6544

Amazing! MB is simply amazing. Album of the year in my opinion.


I don't get why some people are hating on this album. IT'S AMAZING. Michael Buble's music on here is still wonderful like his past works. He's truly been blessed with great musical talent.

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