Miley Cyrus - SHE IS COMING

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SHE IS COMING Tracklist:


Love it Miley!!!

Number one Miley fan

Come on Miley You can do better music than that


This whole EP is honestly a vibe. I'm digging the sound


I love this EP so Much, thanks Miley ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


good, but not perfect. i’ll always love her though no matter what.

Emmotional for ever...

Love it... I like her raunchy side! And Mother’s Daughter is insanely emotional and I can feel it’s importance and depth deep in my brain... I’m becoming obsessed...! By the way: don’t forget to watch her new Instagram show “Bright Minded” What an amazing beautiful woman and so smart!


My favorite track is “The Most”. Such a sweet song, and the vocals bring it to life. The whole album is a little over the place. But it’s good.

fk&c #1 fan

She has done better but I do love a couple songs on this album like mothers daughter that’s one I do like


The Most and Mother’s Daughter are above and beyond fantastic. Both songs are both very different from each other yet both powerful. Great work Miley really great work.


I've never like Miley Cyrus and I never will. She's a crude, horrible person. I don't even know why people like this music. And, I've heard so many people say that her music will be remember in the next fifty years. Yea well, they are right. She will be remembered. As one the most mest up singers in history. Someone who has serious daddy issues and it shows in her music.


The queen has returned 🙌🏻💜

Nick nick Andre

She needs to go back to the drawing board

: 4004 :

the REALEST in the industry




She is back on top!


absolutely WONDERFUL, y'all hating on it are just mad because she's good at every genre in the game. what a queen


Is not good at all


Keep up the great work. I love that you push your music artistically.





Lemony Bubble

Good lyrics, nice arrangements. Vocals, as always, sound great. She’s not afraid to push the envelope.

water man bun kelly

Trash music 🗑


You’re trash if you don’t have a good reason for hating her music. This album is really good! Mother’s daughter is REALLY amazing!

Katie Harness

It’s so awesome mother’s daughter is the best song yet because I making movies I already put that song in it the orange fire series Coming in 2022


The queen is back and she ain’t playing games ❤️❤️


It’s great and so catchy

hannah jean sandoval

She love her from Hannah Sandoval I love her feels good Miley just love her 🤠hey y’all!!!!!!!!!! Team Miley 🤟Rock on from Hannah Sandoval I be nice and be kind love you guys 🐎

Ellie V the Fifth

YES YES AND YES SOME MORE! Mother’s daughter is amazing, as well as the rest of the EP. An fantastic body of work to add to Miley’s discography.


I haven’t listened to this only mother’s daughter but I feel bad for all the hate she gets so I’m giving it five stars 😭 sorry Miley, I feel so bad for her


I am a big fan of Miley Cyrus and I love a lot of her songs but this one was on the top nice job Miley!!!


I love how experimental this EP is and it was so refreshing to hear Miley with a new sound. Mother’s Daughter SHOULD BE a hit, it’s one of the best songs she’s ever done. Unholy is definitely my second favorite on the EP, those 2 songs deserve a lot more recognition then they are getting


WARNING!!! DANGER!!! NOT HANNAH MONTANA!!! NOW...... sit down, shut up. open your mind.....AND ENJOY!! Club music as it should be!!!


Yasss yasss yasss 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 get it get it cassssh moneyyy


Well I expected more... sounds awful to me and very unorganized but what do I know...


She is disgusting. She scares me and probably should choose a different career path. Her music videos are soft porn and poisoning everyone who watches them.


Do people not see the art behind this? Especially mothers daughter .. always have loved Miley 🔥🔥


How are you allowed to be inappropriate like that. You need to calm down your being to loud stop it please

Matt D4875

Love every song❤️


This Nikki Minaj copy song makes me want to die


I LOVE IT..... ❤️


Miley is so talented. Her music is incredible. Wow what a cool person. I wish her first song Mother’s Daughter did not have the f word in it. That is something I do not understand. Why do artists have to swear in their music? Makes not sense to me. If there was no swearing I would have given this album five stars

Ellie Redd

Miley, go ahead and experiment, but you really need to get with the program and choose a final style to go with. The world is getting tired of you. Your 15 minutes of fame are up.


It was the time where albums from pop stars were WOW, well still few, very few pop icons do cause us WOW, this is not the case here is just an album, the type of album just to say I am working. Nothing special, Cattitude track featuring RuPaul is fun.

Carolina sage ferguson

I love you Miley... but no. I loved Younger Now. Please stop smoking pot and get your creativity back. Bring back Malibu. You looked so happy when you were releasing that music.


Mothers daughter is my new anthem!!!!

Yorick Delano

In the words of the great Squidward Q Tenticles: Our next act is living proof nepotism is alive and well



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