Norah Jones - Pick Me Up off the Floor

Blue Note Records; β„— 2020 Capitol Records, LLC

Pick Me Up off the Floor Tracklist:






The last two sample songs are good, but the first song is her worst ever. It’s a skipper. I will anxiously wait for the rest of the album, and if lucky, maybe this leadoff track will be replaced.

Prayerpilgrim 1

Norah always blesses us with wonderful whimsical musical journeys however, sometimes she seems to run out of gas (inspiration)- I think it’s because she preferred the immediate feedback of an audience. This time.... this time she doubled down and went with an OUTSTANDING producer, Charlie Peacock who had helped her previously and just as then, this time Mr. Peacock, her wonderful accompanists and muse(s) project an air of honest, soul filled, almost worshipful with some almost perfect reality checks that seem to reflect the spirit once shared on Begin Again. This is honest, beautiful and touching. You share her journey and will surely help you on your own. Isn’t that what β€œMusic” is supposed to be about? Expressing the soul and spirit of our travels through humanity over the years. Thank you for this reflection NJ.


So happy to have a new music from Norah Jones. I love this song.

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