Passion - One Thing Remains (feat. Kristian Stanfill) [Radio Version]

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One Thing Remains (feat. Kristian Stanfill) [Radio Version] - Single Tracklist:


This song really has magic to it and is so powerful and the lyrics and rhythm really help me through times and they always allow me to feel like god is with all of us and the same time and he loves nobody more than another even if you have regrets in you life. Thank you for sharing this! 😘😘😘


Agapē oudepote ekpiptō ... the love of God NEVER QUITS. “Your love never fails, and never gives up ... it never runs out on me.” - One Thing Remains (Lyrics)


Crazy good


When you think you've had enough and are at the end of your rope, there is no better song. It is truly awesome because "One Thing Remains" is that his love never fails.


Every time I hear this song, I feel God's Presence, more so. Unlike mainstream music, hearing Kristian - Sing through these speakers - feels like my Brother yearning from his heart. Powerful!


It reminds me He is always there!


I remember hearing this song at a Christian summer camp and we learned a lot about God that week and this song has truly reminded me of all the good times I had there and even shows his love and affection is never ending.


This is the last song my grandma ever heard. I played it for her the night that she died, we left when she fell asleep and that was the last time that I saw her alive. When I went to school the next day people called me a crybaby and I almost lost it on the last period of the day.


The lyrics to this song are so true and overwhelm me with His great love! Thank you Passion for this great song! <3

Ian 123123

Love it!!!!!!

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