Pearl Jam - Gigaton

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PJ Fan Until The End

Pearl Jam will always be my favorite band until the end. I get’s not the early 90s grunge era anymore but what is with all the slow earthy songs??? I know Pearl Jam always ends their albums with a slow song but five slow songs on an album??? Come on!!! You guys are a Rock and Roll band. I do like Mike had some good guitar solos. If you guys make one more album please please please leave it all on the table and go out like the greatest that you are.


Fitting for our current times.


Not gonna say anything here because you need to listen to it for yourself. If you’re someone who disregards everything after Vitalogy, you might not like it but I think it was definitely worth the wait.


Would’ve been a classic on par with the first five albums if the slower songs were as good as the harder rocking ones. Just my thought after the first couple listens all the way through.... curious to know if anyone else feels the same?


Sounds like Neil Diamond


I think the album is great. The older I get, the more I take time to "listen" to the music and the stories or messages the songs are trying to convey and apreciate the artistry envolved in the music. I've always respected Pearl Jam and how they can always change a bit yet remain true to their art. Thank you gentlemen for continuing to evolve and not be afraid of change. Peace & safety to everyone in this time of world-wide challenge.


It’s PJ, which means real musicians, no bs just great rock.


This was not a disappointment at all. Definitely worth the wait! Alright is my new favorite jam!! ❤️


Took me a few listens to get into some of the songs, but ultimately I really like it. Pearl Jam has always changed their sound from album to album, so this is not a surprise. It’s both explosive, meaningful, and overall blends well with the times we live in. Here’s to our quarantine and listening to great music! Stay safe everyone.


Lots of texture and terrific musicianship. PJ seem real comfortable in their own skin. Feels like this album flowed and the band enjoyed making it. As 2020 darkens, there’s plenty of light emanating from Gigaton.


OTHER THAN SONG 1 and maybe 1 or 2 I would not pay a penny..........


Not one song is memorable from this bunch. If you're into ordinary rock, this album is for you. Enjoy.

Megan trainer fan 558


Jen Walsh 79

This band is unstoppable. Thank you for consistently making music that tells a story; is relatable in all aspects of my life; gets me out of my comfort zone; makes me think; and sends a message. Every song on Gigaton exudes each member of the bands passion and dedication to their craft. Thank you, Pearl Jam, thank you so very much ❤️


What the hell happened to my band???? I guess the best is behind us now


These songs left no impact on me at all. Forgettable music from a band that once provided incredibly touching and moving music.

A review 123

I am not one of those people who write a review on a album with two or three songs Now that I have spent pretty much the whole day with this album playing over and over. It is an album that I will need more time with. It is nothing like its predecessor Lightning Bolt which rocked start to finish. For now I say hold your money, listen to it on Apple Music or whatever music source you use. Then if something jumps at you buy it. Me I am a completist I buy no matter what. It is all over the place record with jamming songs , acoustic songs , new sound /experimental songs . Maybe down the road somewhere a track will jump out at me right now it is going to take time....

Argyll Cahoon

I felt a little throwback to some 90’s material dare I say. A lot of great guitar and lyrical composition. I think it’s much better and more energetic than Lightning Bolt. Definitely give this one a listen. Needed some fresh PJ during these times.


This is not the same PJ sound that most of us grew up with. This record lacks the riffs, energy, intensity, and epic sound that defined this band. This project sounds like b-sides to they’re recent material (which isn’t so great) or bad covers. Maybe it’s time for these men to grow on and grow up into another musical escapade individually. It’s similar to watching an athlete over the years succumb to age and the ability deteriorates. Ed’s work on “Into the Wild” seemed to be where his musical future would take him? Maybe he should take his own advice from his younger days and . . . do the evolution


Such a mix of music styles. Comes Then Goes, perhaps about Chris Cornell, is beautiful and heartwrenching at the same time. Sounds like they worked with some of Soundgarden's staff so it would make sense. Dance of the Clairvoyants is a departure from the typical PJ style and really takes me back to the 80's feel. Not regretting purchasing at all. Well done!


Pearl Jam haven't released anything decent since Vs. and even half of that was terrible. This is just another step even further in that direction.


Don’t rlly like the new sound

Why the delay itunes?

Preordered the album and can’t download it. What the heck itunes?


Not a bad album but their older stuff is much move heavier

Que G Oh

An easy listen. One of rare albums you can just hit okay and leave it alone.


AMAZING!! couldn’t come at a better time


Gonna go hard pass here...


I did not like binaural


There are like 2 songs on here worth a squirt. The rest is either all over the board rehash or Eddie mumbling singing like he is depressed with the music backing him barely passable. If this were a new unesteblished band it would be dragged over the coals but they are living on past glories. In all honestly, as a fan since 1991, please stop making albums as the last 3 at least have been poor. You are killing your legacy. Cannot believe they thought releasing this was a good idea.

Nikolai Khabibado

Just experienced my first listen to the full album. It couldn’t have come at a better time. It injected a shot of energy into the morning that even had my 7 year old son jumping around. There is so much musical depth to some of the songs that I’m sure I’ll be discovering more gems the more I play them. Great balance of the band exploring new territory with plenty of classic PJ sound along with it. Doubters should just let it play through and soak it in.




Some no-so-great songs


This is one the most creative bands that continues to give us their all in each album. Don’t listen to the negative reviews. They obvious like bands such as chumbawamba.

In\/isible Kid

Sounds like a cross between Matchbox 20, and Hootie & the Blowfish. Make of that what you will.

beef xy

Way too mellow.To few rockers.Boring


PJ is done

Shadowstorm Vash

Another great Album! Some of the songs really got my mind and imagination running like “Alright”, “Buckle Up”, “River Cross” and “Retrograde”


Don't judge this album by one single that was released. The entire album, minus Dance of Clairvoyants, is an awesome PJ album. Every album can't be like their first. Take a true listen to this and most PJ fans will be very impressed.


I’m reviewing the WHOLE album, unlike most people on here reviewing the whole album based on one song. This is Pearl Jam’s best album in years! If you’ve listened to and loved Pearl Jam through their entire career (and don’t judge every album by comparing it to their first few) you’ll love this one too!


Blown away. This is the album we need.

Bird virgin

I’ve been a PJ fan since the beginning. IMO, they’ve been up and down musically for my taste. I’ve been waiting for another “Ten” or “Vs.” era album much like we’ve all waited for a Metallica album as good as their first four. I thought we were on the upswing when “Lighting Bolt” came out... Crap, then we get this melatonin injected album after 7 years. Maybe they got up with the guys from Tool and decided to throw their hands up in despair? Oh well. I guess we need another Democrat in the WhiteHouse for these guys to cheer up.


Great album from Pearl Jam and they’ve mixed it up a little on some of the tracks.


Sounds bad

humbled man 75

So I’ve been a true fan since PJ came on scene (1991), and I truly feel this is their Worst album to date. Majority of album is too slow! I understand they are older now and trying to keep things fresh, however, it’s not working. They started as a “Grunge/hard rock” band and now they are more like a folk band. Their early formula wasn’t broken, so there was no need to try to fix it now. This album will be forgotten quickly.


this is art

Sabre Rakkasan

Greatest Of All Time!!


Just stop already. sounds like eddie can barely even speak. terrible


From their early days of Grunge, to their complex sounds and styles they come to develop in their tenure as one of Rock’s most versatile bands, Gigaton is a powerhouse of meaning and subtext. Channeling bands like Talking Heads, The Who, among many contemporary styles, this album is sure to leave you in a whirlwind of emotion. I highly recommend to any past or present fan, or casual listener.

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