Pete Yorn - Back & Fourth

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Back & Fourth Tracklist:

ca native

This album, of all the ones I have of Pete Yorn I LOVE the most. I never get tired of it, Paradise Cove could be my all time favorite song of 2009. It's back to the Pete Yorn from the first album, I don't think anyone who really enjoyed Nightcrawler will like this as much. Of all my Pete Yorn albums I love this one the best, and I bought Nightcrawler and barely listened to 4 or 5 tracks... purely subjective of course, but Back and Fourth is brilliant songwriting, with gorgeous melodies from my favorite male pop/rock artist.


I have been a long time fan of Pete's work and this album just reinsures myself as to why I absolutely love him. Back & Fourth is the first album in a long time that I can play from start to finish and not get bored. Everysong on the album has a unique sound of thier own but yet come together and share a theme. Definitely one of my favorites if not my favorite album of all time! And at only $7.99 you are practically stealing it. Top Tracks of the album include "Paradise Cove", "Close", "Last Summer", and "Long Time Nothing New". Cannot wait to see what else Pete Yorn has to pull out of his sleeve.


This is certainly a more mellow album. Your first clue is the lead-off track: "Don't Wanna Cry". But one needs to listen to this album from start to finish with a nice pair of headphones to really experience this album. "Don't Wanna Cry" also reveals that this album has a lot going on. The core of the music is always Pete and his guitar, surrounded by layers of guitars that provide excellent texture to each song. Widening the atmosphere are the keys. All this is anchored by a solid rythmn section giving just the right amount of push to songs like "Paradise Cove" and "Last Summer", and hanging back for songs like "Social Development Dance" and "Long Time Nothing New". "Last Summer" is truly the highlight of the album and is arguably one of Pete's best songs yet. This album definitely has the Mike Mogis signature of brass, wurlitzer, and heavy compression. But with so many layers of instruments, it's hard to manage this sound without significant compression. This album has plenty to offer the ears and mind and is a high water mark for Pete.


Please keep listening... When I first listened to the album I was a little disappointed, but as with Nightcrawler, the more I listen to it the more I like it!

alright already

This album is disappointing to me as a big Pete Yorn fan. I loved his first three but this one is just typical pop.


Songs like Don't Wanna Cry and Paradise Cove have certainly grown on me, but i'm still waiting for pete to get back to the good stuff he had in 2001 with musicforthemorningafter. Better than his last album, Nightcrawler, but i still think Pete should try his upbeat stuff, cause i think that's his best work. nonetheless, this music is pretty and grows on you


PETE YORN has always been a brilliant song-writer since Day 1.... there's no question there. BACK & FORTH... his 4th full length under Columbia finds him at different place musically though.... there's no question there either. If you have loved Pete Yorn since 2001's "Musicforthemorningafter"... then you probably won't be too happy w/this one. Pete's earlier work features amazing lyrical content combined w/a rusty, rough around the edges musical score. His previous recordings all have a un-produced, raw kind of sound.... a sound apparant in his vocals as well..... Now... 2009's "Back & Forth" finds Pete on a more indie/folk pop road. All of these songs are lyrically sound.... which is a credit to Pete.... However.... the musical sound of this record is much more produced and put together than any of his previous work. I'm going to go out on a ledge and say this is my personal favorite of Pete Yorn's. I think "Back & Forth" plays like a perfect rainy day or sunny drive album.... It's awesome! Like I said though... if you like the raw/unproduced sound Pete featured on his earlier work you won't find hardly any of that here..... Still an amazing record though... from an amazing young songwriter.


I think this is Pete's strongest effort yet. I love all of his music, but this is peerless in his catalog. Sure, it's more plaintive, but it's definitely got bucketloads more soul. Not Otis Redding soul, but bare your soul sort of soul, something his other releases were a bit more lacking in. Give it a listen.


I know many of Yorn's fans dig the edgier side of his music (Murray, For Nancy, For Us, Crystal Village, etc.) but for those of you who enjoy the softer side of Pete, Back and Fourth is maybe his best album yet. Best tracks include Social Development Dance, Close, Paradise Cove, and Last Summer. I have been spinning this album for a month now and can't seem to get enough. Enjoy.

pete yorn fan

don't listen to the first review! this album is anything but boring. pete yorn shows how diverse he is and this album has some extremely vulnerable moments. I highley recommend this album!!


Well I had been playing "Shotgun" for a long time before the album was released and loved it and couldn't wait for the rest of the album. Like a lot of the reviewers here, I've been a fan of Pete since his first release. I can see there's a point made that it has a lot more mellow songs but I look at him as such a good songwriter that I just appreciate him more for the changes he can make. Paradise Cove, Shotgun and Last Summer are some of my favorites. And I can't stress enough how important it is to see a live show of Pete and his band to fully appreciate him. I will be at the Fillmore/San Francisco show for sure!

Hell yeah !

Ok, this is Pete Yorn's worst album. Not that it's a bad album, just nothing compared to his first two. His third album was good as well, but lacked a tiny bit. This album went down even more in quality. Now an artist can go either way at this point. They can either make an amazing album for the next one, realizing that they have gotton a little stale, OR begin to recycle the recent work just to pop the albums out. We shall see.


longtime fan (since 2000). Was initially very disappointed with this album. But i just kept listening and after about a month or so, it fell together and now I am completely addicted and in love with these songs. I suggest for those who are struggling to keep spinning this album, and if you can, check these songs out on his current tour. This is his second best album behind musicforthemorningafter.


Mediocre compared to his other albums


This record is a lot of what Pete's nailed down over the first three -- accessible singer/songwriter songs that tear at the heart sometimes and really showcases his cool voice. I miss some of the rockin' from the first records, but Back and Fourth is high in my rotation right now.


This album is really great, from the musicianship to the lyrics. This album takes a little time to really sink in, but when it does, it really touches the heart. As a singer/songwriter myself, it takes alot to really impress me, but this album sure did. Thank you Pete for another great album, your a true artist, and have touched me along with many others with your music, God bless you.




Yorn has delivered a beautiful acoustic masterpiece with Back and Fourth. It differs from his earlier works in that it feels more direct and has a consitency of tone throughout. He really bares his soul lyrically here, without making things too complicated. He comes off as more honest then ever before. Mike Mogis's production lends itself well to the affair. Standout tracks include Country, Long Time, and Social Development Dance.

Neil Dorrel*

This album represents a big musical step forward for Pete. It is subtle, nuanced, beautifully layered stuff that is infused with deep emotional feelings. It reminds me of another largely ignored genius, Lloyd Cole. Some of the detractors here may yearn for more of the pop-centric elements of his past albums. But I find this to be deeply considered music that rewards me with each successive pass through the album. I was fortunate enough to meet Pete's dad Larry at a show in L.A. during the heady days of Pete's second album release; Larry took me down to the front row at The Wiltern, and then back stage afterward. When I met Pete, I got the impression that all the hyperbole made him a bit uncomfortable. He struck me as a sort of a shy, gentle type of person who is always thinking and just lives for his music. Back & Forth seems to reflect Pete's introspective side. It is a beautiful album. Highly recommended. Neil Dorrel

Kurt SF

Sorry, Pete - this album is boring. There is no other word for this record - it bores me. Yorn really peaked with his first two records, they were loaded with interesting arrangements, grabbing melodies, and interesting sounds. This album sounds predictable and bland. If you're new to Yorn, check out his first two albums - even Nightcrawler has a few good songs to cherry pick.


Forget anyone who doesn't think this album is pure genius. He rocks it!!


I've been listen to Pete since i first picked up musicforthemorningafter and have been hooked ever since 2001. Back and forth is a very good album with some strong cuts, i don't feel there are any bad tracks.


Ever since I saw PY at the HOB in Cleveland and saw a preview of this album I couldn't wait to download it and put it in my car. I have listened to the whole album at least a hundred times (so far) and keep finding new lyrics and moments in the songs I love. What people don't understand is that being a artist and making music is a evolving process where the music changes and your point of view is different where you create music from those points and different moments you're in. GREAT JOB!!!


I have been waiting so long for new music from Pete Yorn! I have to say, I am a little disappointed in "Back and Fourth." Like the post below me, the music isn't bad, but it's nothing compared to musicforthemorningafter, which is without a doubt one of my favorite albums. Regardess, I am a huge Pete Yorn fan, and I have yet to see him live; which is something I need to do asap. I'm glad Pete's back.


I had been highly anticipating this release, being a Pete Yorn fan since "Musicforthemorningafter". However, I think it is fair to say that this is hands down his worst album to date. It's not that it is bad; it just doesn't have anything special that used to define Pete's music. As other reviewers mentioned, the hooks have all but disappeared, and each track blends mindlessly into the next. No stand out vocal melodies or guitar riffs, and I can hardly differentiate between the verses and choruses. All I can say is I hope it grows on me, as it is a pretty disappointing release.


Pete Yorn's work is an inspiration to me and my band. This album is growing on me the more i listen to it. I do Pete Yorn should go back to doing all the work himself.

thecheesestands alone

i'd say i'm an average pete yorn fan. i love mftma, nightcrawler had some gems, but this album's not doing it for me. at least not after 3 listens. nothings jumping out. the recording quality is poor and lacks the dynamic range of his previous albums. the music lacks the complexity of his earlier work. i can get down with the simplistic folk thing, but pete's not pulling it off for me here. i hope it gets better.


Concept albums are always a tricky situation, but Pete Yorn started off his career with a concept trilogy dealing with the times of the day: Musicforthemorningafter, The Day I Forgot, and Nightcrawler. The first two albums had their great moments signaling Yorn as the next great singer-songwriter from the Garden State making a niche as either a folksier version Bruce Springsteen’s E-Street Band era of a more rocking version of his Nebraska style of music. But by the time he got around to finishing his trilogy, Yorn sounded like he was just spinning the tires with songs that sounded like his previous work but less adventurous. With the trilogy out of the way, there were high hopes for his fourth full length album Back & Fourth. Unfortunately is follows in the trend of Nightcrawler, a step backwards. There are a few bright spots on the album like the depressing (in an entertaining, more melodic Ryan Adams kind of way) Social Development Dance where Yorn hears about the passing only to get no results when Google her name in quotations. Last Summer perfects Yorn’s ability to write hard driving emotion songs. But in the end, if you already have the first two Pete Yorn albums, there isn’t much need to pick up Back & Fourth.


I'm a huge PY fan and have listened to every other album of his (including the live double album) hundreds of times. I'm sorry to say that this album is just average. PY has always been great at writing songs that aren't complicated but have a lot of passion. Back & Forth just has songs that aren't complicated and are almost completely devoid of any passion. I've listened to the album around 10 times and still can't find a song that really calls to me. If you're a Pete Yorn fan like me, I would still buy the album, but if you haven't listened to PY yet, I would start with Nightcrawler. I consider that to be his best album to date.


People that look for unique, complicated, original, etc. just don't get Peter Yorn. I have all of his albums and to me he is simply a musician and songwriter. I like him because, and simply because, he seems to write and play from a very personal place and clearly isn't doing so with reference to his past material (i.e. trying to break "new" ground) or other music. Every one of his records is worth buying for anyone that truly likes good music. You won't like every tune but there are rare gems on each record.


A return to the glory of musicforthemorningafter, Pete puts out a strong album built on a concrete foundation of lyrics with the backing band being the bricks.

PY Album

Just buy this album, you will thank me.


This is a wonderful recording. The variety of sounds and styles is wonderful - definitely a terrific example of a classic singer/songwriter in his prime. I've got to say I still love his live stuff better - Live from New Jersey is required listening for any Pete Yorn fan. He has an enthusiasm in his live shows that doesn't get much light in the studio. But this is as close as he's gotten to that passion in the studio, and is his best studio effort to date. Well worth the price of admission.


"I got what I wanted, but it wasn't enough" . . . By far the best track on the record. The question is -- why the hell wasn't this the first single? "Dont Wanna Cry" IS boring; "Paradise Cove" is brilliant and wonderful!!


ive been to paradise cove!!!! its amazing there!!!!! so beatiful!!! and his songs are pretty beautiful too, he has a soothing and unique voice that i like


I have been hearing about Pete Yorn for sometime now, so I decided to finally check out some of his stuff. Don't feel anything groundbreaking here. Pretty blah material. Maybe longtime fans of Pete Yorn will find the diamond in this #%&!...

The Honest To God James Geatens

My favorite album of all time is Musicforthemorningafter. I love the other albums as well, but my favorite songs have always been in the vein of "Sense" and "EZ", quiet obscure songs filled with personal quiet. This album may end up my favorite. Understated sincerity on songs like "Social Development Dance" are gorgeous and touching beyond words. I love it. Buy it and calm down by escaping into the mind of a true singer songwriter.


So far, everything I have heard is awesome, though I have yet to listen to it in its entirety. I just had to say how excited I am to see Long Time Nothing New on here - an Edwards Burns fan, I remember this song from the film No Looking Back. I am also really enjoying the new version of Rooftop! Pete has been a fav of mine for years, and he has yet to disappoint. Woo! Pete!


Unfortunately, the listenability of Mr. Yorn has gone steadily down with each album. What happened to the great hooks and melody of Musicforthemorningafter?


Album is amazing buy it!!!!!

Carpe B

Best work since Music for the Morning After...nice come back Pete!


Back & Forth makes me want to kick off my shoes, sit on my porch, listen to this CD and watch the world go by


I didn't love Nightcrawler but this album is amazing.


Pete Yorn opened for Coldplay's second Viva La Vida tour in West Palm, and was simply amazing. He got the crowd going and ready for Coldplay. Thank you Pete for being there on one of the most amazing nights of my life!


I've been a huge Fan of Pete Yorn since Musicforthemorningafter. An every album since then has only lived up to the bar he set in that debut record. If you haven't ever heard his music, do yourself a favor and check out this artist. It'll only leave you wanting more!


I was really turned on to Pete Yorn after I saw him open for Coldplay. I really wish this album was out then so he could have played more songs from it! The First half of the CD is awesome! the second half all kind of blends together but its still Pete Yorn so his basic sound is still there. Great music still! I have been waiting for this CD since May and now that it is here I am very satisfied. Definitely worth the $10.

never let go

i like the new album. really like thinking of you and paradise cove. PY's work is a journey.


I felt that Nightcrawler was a bit forced in order to complete the "trilogy" of albums. This album is beautiful, heart-felt, and genuinely emotional. Pure Yorn.


so happy hes back i hav missed his voice dont wanna cry is the perfect song 2 help u get ovr a break up this album is js beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Great work on this album - very different sounding on some of the songs. Yorn is so versatile... So talented. The story telling is simple, so raw that the emotions come pouring out when I listen - Especially 'Shotgun', 'Last Summer', 'Social Development Dance', and 'Don't Wanna Cry'. But his previous albums have done that as well. Beautiful work... Thank you Pete Yorn!