Richard Marx - Greatest Hits

This Compilation ℗ 1997 Capitol Records, LLC

Greatest Hits Tracklist:


There few artists who are this talented and fill thing amazingly well. I was a very young child when I heard his music for now as an adult, I hope I can see him live sometime. He sings live just as he sounds in his albums. That is the mark of a truly talented singer. Not to mention, he also writes and plays musical instruments. This is very hard to find in some of the so-called singers today.

👍😎Marx fan

Bought this project years ago cuz I loved the song collection by a very underrated singer songwriter with a golden voice. The sleeper track and one of my favorite selections is a song I wasn't familiar....Angels Lullaby. Can't remember what compilation project that was on or how I ever missed hearing it years go. Call these songs sappy ballads and pop songs if that's what you wanna label them; but I will gladly listen to them thank you very much.

Karolina Sten.

Great songs pure words real art


Whenever reviewing an older album, people have to put themselves back in time to understand why and to really feel the song. I hadn't heard these songs since being bandaged up in the Nurse's Office in Elementary School (radio constantly on Lite 102 in Baltimore). I hadn't given this guy a second thought in decades, but today I heard he took down a violent attacker on an Airline with his bare hands and all by himself. His heroism was on my mind while perusing iTunes and I decided to give him a listen again…took me right back to skinned knees on the playground in 2nd Grade. Thanks for the memories and for being a boss helping those in need!


What a voice!! Stunning songs. Love him!!!


Richard Is the best song writer I've listened to, you can hear the heart speaking through his ballads.


I've been a huge fan of Richard Marx's music since the 80's. He has a beautiful voice & he's an amazing musician! He sounds just as good live as he does recorded. Can't say that about most of today's artists!


Great song to spoon with your girl too


This album takes me back to a time when life was peaceful, this music brings back so many great memories. If want a trip down memory lane, this is the album for you


How is it possible that "Keep Coming Back to You, with it's uncredited background voclas by Luther Vandross, barely rates on the the i-Tunes richter scale? "Hazard", "Aneglia", etc. have the same rating. This is such an amazing album, with Richard's vocals so emotionally in tune with the material. Listen. Know. Love.


The review me by the guy above me is totally insane. Richard Marx though... Not insane and writes great songs. Any one of his albums is a classic.


This is a great song it reminds me of a young girls murder which today remains unsolved. Irene Izak. The river I believe is the flow of things and someone sometimes gets caught up in the down throw rapids. I just feel i have to follow through here . Irene is a member of my family and we are still here.

Josh OKC

Richard Marx Greatest Hits Has Some Cool Songs Right Here Waiting, Endless Summer Nights, Hold On To The Night, Now And Forever,