Taylor Swift - Red

℗ 2012 Big Machine Records, LLC.

Red Tracklist:




AMAZING album by Kristen Wow My favorite song is the best album Is we are never ever getting back together 22 red the lucky one starlight and state of grace 😍😍😀 fantastic work Taylor


I’ve loved Taylor since her debut album but this album I just can’t get enough of and it’s been 8 years since it’s release ♥️♥️♥️

biggest taylor swift fan❤️🥰

I don’t really like country but I love this! She makes this album her own. And stop talking about scooter boy.


1 cool 2 very well made 3 great crossover to pop and 4 good musicians


Lol was da hype about this white girl?


by far her best album ever! forever my favorite

Basil Noodles

Her music sounds all the same! Over rated!!!


I knew you were trouble is obviously anime music duh 🙄


Dude catches lighting in a bottle with Justin Bieber and is looked at as some amazing manager. Dudes a rat, and no one should buy this album.

Girth Brooks 505

Scooter purchased it legally.

Never got my pony

but dont buy from scooter 😝




One of her best

reputation 222

Beautiful ballads I loved it !!!

Princess Meem 💖👑

Taylor is amazing. 22 is my favorite. ❤️

Garrus Vakarian12

Stupendous. This is a great album for easy listening and her songs are soothing. Taylor has talent. The style here is a mix of pop, country and rock. The beats, melody, and rhythm are great. My favorite songs are Stay, Stay, Stay, Holy Ground, and The Lucky One. I love how she brings up drumming that guitar with the drums in the background. Some songs aren't memorable and country may not be my taste but she really knows how to excite her fans and create excellent music.


We Stan Taylor she slays and this is a bop to the top 😍😍✨✨✨


I swear when I last saw this album it had 46,000 reviews....


female country album of the 10s



Swift ❤️❤️

I love this album so much but I think it was too hyped up by people so when people Heard it I loved it but then it went downhill The album is still awesome but people expected more and I’m not saying I think this way but all of the songs that are popular were singles. Which is sad so you should buy this album don’t expect as much as people raved about


This is not her best album (the three that have followed it so far were all better, in my personal opinion), BUT that only goes to show what a talented artist she is — because this album is wonderful! So many songs on here are great. My favorites include "State of Grace," "Treacherous," "All Too Well," and "Holy Ground." All of them capture the emotions of being in love so well!


Dont buy this from big machine / scooter braun wait wait wait and buy it when she puts it out again I believe if she puts this out under Columbia her new label she will get the Grammy it deserves


Thank you


I knew you were trouble is ok but the rest mmmmm


This album has so many incredible songs, but it’s a shame that Taylor Swift no longer owns her own music.

Swiftie Swiftie Swiftie

Red deserves a Grammy


My favorite song is We Are Never getting back together

money taken- no collage

Sad Beautiful Tragic

12943765432 girl

Second best songs in the world


I love The lucky one and 22 and holy ground. Ok I love all of the them😍😊


Can kinda relate to this song sort of. It's just as emotional as "All Too Well."


Hi I like this song lol


I wouldn’t consider anything she sings country! Just another rich brat that can’t come up with anything but bashing songs!

Di Di 😜

It really is not very “Country”. For example: 22 is pop, I Knew You Were Trouble is pop, Starlight is pop, The Lucky one is pop, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together is pop, Holy Ground is pop, So why is this labeled under “Country”? I would have loved if it was labeled under “Pop” or at least “Country Pop”. And also reputation had a country song, New Years Day. I was looking somewhere where the official genres of reputation were there. I also did RED too, I realised there is the same amount of Pop and Country songs, WHAT!?!


Still waiting patiently for another country album


This album is amazing I do want to purchase it even though Taylor doesn’t own it but I already have some of the songs and I really want to complete the rest of the red album.


ya I do you go girl and never not do your thing


This album, simply to put it, is a masterpiece. It’s flawless.


why would this album be labled Country when most of these songs are obviously pop




they changed the album name from RED to Red? WAIT UNTIL TAYLOR RE RECORDS. DONT purchase this. It doesn’t support Taylor.


This album was Taylor Swift’s last recent country album and Taylor had some of these songs on this album that the radio like “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”, “22”, “Everything Has Changed” (feat. Ed Sheeran) & “I Knew You Were Trouble”. In this album Taylor mainly expresses true feelings about her past relationships and turns these songs into songs that you’ll remember. This album is my 2nd favorite country album by Taylor & it grew on me since the 1st day that I started to listen to it!

frog women woman

Song has been like the best song I’ve ever saying and now in my music cause they’re so amazing is that I am Mary Brooks you’ve me have never been to My knees cause but they are so amazing you should probably can’t tonight but if you don’t that’s OK but really I wish


This is one of the most amazing albums ever, but scooter Braun owns it so if you buy it he’ll get all the money :(


It’s RED not Red guys if you buy this album Taylor won’t get any money The Human pieces of garbage who don’t know the definition of loyalty will.



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