The Beatles - The Beatles (White Album) [Super Deluxe]

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The Beatles (White Album) [Super Deluxe] Tracklist:


Last I checked Sir Paul you were a billionaire. Last I checked I wasn’t. The outtakes and demo’s are cool and definitely have historical value but seventy dollars is a bit much for low resolution download.

Trust and Us


Ariana does it again!!!!

Legends never die

Friend of God j316I<3itdude!

All I wanted was the new 2018 mixes. These people want $70 for those plus all the demos and outtakes. No. I would have paid as high as $25 for the new mixes even though I already own the 2009 remasters on iTunes. I’m really disappointed. The CD price is even higher at $150. This album came out 50 years ago guys. We deserve better treatment than this. 4.5 stars for the new mixing job. 1 star for the pricing. So basically 3 stars.


Any time anyone remixes/re-intreprets/"modernizes" Beatle tunes, it's a fail. So is this. Just buy the original LP/CD/whatever and, if you don't like the sound, do whatever EQ you like. It will sound better than this. The bass and kickdrum has an annoying hollow, boomy sound that is very annoying on any speakers other than the built-ins on a phone! :(


I have read some of the one and two star rating write ups and feel sorry for those who don’t get it. They are free to spend their money on “new pop,” or Miley Cyrus...and leave these tracks to those of us who love, recognize and appreciate real music. It’s a history collection, and a privilege to be allowed to hear so much of went into this classic gift to music lovers. I look forward to Let It Be and Abbey Road 50.


To bad they don’t offer all songs for single sale 12 minute song that you want you have to pay $69.00 for what a shame.


The remastered version enhances the overall experience! It’s like hearing “Blackbird” for the first time.


I find it amusing the comments that this collection of remixed songs is too expensive. Simple solution: Don't buy it or choose the cheaper version with just the remixes and no demo recordings. Also, the ones that critize the White Album would be better as a single LP with just the top songs, clearly does not understand the whole free art expression of the late 60's. Art is art, good or bad, and a bad Beatle song is miles above the standard of most popular artists. Just like in Sgt. Pepper, Giles Martin brings out the sonority of each instrument and vocal the way they are meant to be heard. With the Pepper, I realized bass lines and guitar licks that were muffled in the original mixes due to technical limitations of the time. And for the guy who said he would give to his grandparents this "outdated and old songs", I must say that those will be very happy grandparents. What a great grandson!

Cincy Jim

A CD player with an audiophile stand alone DAC makes remasters so much better. Giles Martin takes this remix White Album to the next sound quality Rubber Soul,Revolver, and Magical Mystery Tour needs to remixed.

That One Guy!

Jackie Lomax's rock version of "Sour Milk Sea" is great! George, Paul and Ringo all played on it in 1968. And now that more people are discovering that song with George Harrison's Esher demo on this White Album 50th, now it's time for Jackie Lomax to do a 50th Anniversary of his 1969 album, "Is This What You Want?", with a bonus track where George's vocals from a "Sour Milk Sea" demo is mixed in with the instrumental of Jackie's version, which George, Paul and Ringo all play on. (There's a better bootleg demo than the demo on this Esher disc. This Esher demo is better sound quality, but the bootleg demo has louder vocals and more of a punch, so all they need to do is bring that demo up to the same sound quality as this Esher demo, so it's not the poor bootleg quality.) There are plenty of fan-made Harrison/Lomax versions of "Sour Milk Sea" on the internet, but it would be AMAZING to have an actual professional mix done from the original source tapes rather than the low-quality bootlegs out there. Mott The Hoople did the same thing in 2006 with "All The Young Dudes". Yes, David Bowie has his own version of that song, but the most famous version is the one from Mott The Hoople, and in 2006, they had a bonus track where they removed Ian Hunt's vocals and put in David Bowie's vocals with their version which everyone knows. Jackie Lomax should do the same thing with George's vocals on a bonus track. Now is the time to do it with the White Album 50th fresh on everyone's minds!

Rhett's Synthroom

Giles and team did a wonderful job. Sad that iTunes LP is gone. I enjoyed the extras, especially on past Beatle purchases. Would have been 5 stars... will have to purchase elsewhere to get any extras/visual-photos/liner notes/artwork/essays. I enjoyed the videos that came with the past box sets too. Search YouTube “iTunes LP” to enjoy Steve Jobs enthusiasm for this. I agree with his point: “we can deliver amazing rich content digitally and that’s what we’re doing with iTunes LP”. Discontinuing this was a step backwards ... please bring iTunes LP back.


The best ever 👍


I truly feel sorry for anyone that buys this... I am so sorry that you are that much of an idiot to spend your parents money on this garbage...


It’s really enjoyable to hear how these songs came to be. The esher session is refreshing and totally uplifting to listen to. The new mix sounds great too


These songs are amazing but 70$ it’s too costly 😕


The White Album is the Beatles and there’s a lot of fantastic music but I’m with George Martin who said it would have been one of the best single albums ever. As a double album it has some b-level stuff. My fav Beatles albums Revolver. Magical Mystery Tour. As a single album the White Album, cutting a lot of songs, imho, would include Back in the USSR, Dear Prudence, I’m So Tired, Martha My Dear, Revolution 1, Julia, Blackbird, Long Long Long, While My Guitar Gentle Weeps, Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da, Happiness is a Warm Gun. That’s an album right? Hey Jude recorded at the same time would have had to be on there too. Can you imagine?!

John Toscano

Giles Martin did an excellent job remixing these tracks in stereo, I now can hear new pieces of songs that i've listened too for years are now, subtle instruments in the background. Highly reccomended for any Beatles fan.

Chris McKenzie

This remix is nowhere near as necessary as the Sgt. Pepper one was. That, I could understand, since the instruments in the original mix ended up in the extreme left and right channels. With the White Album, however, it was already very well mixed. The main difference I notice is that the bass is turned up significantly, and there are a few original recording elements MISSING. Not my White Album. The Esher demos are gorgeous and well worth getting on their own, if you get nothing else. It’s like unplugged Beatles sitting around their living room making music. The outtakes range from indispensible (Revolution 1, sadly only available as part of the entire album; Not Guilty; Good Night takes; the “I Will” sequence on disc 6) to filler (all of the instrumental backing tracks). For hardcore fans only.

tim bullard



The remixes are outstanding. The archival material gives insights into the politics of the Beatles during this period. If the Esher demos are an accurate reflection, Lennon came to the table loaded for bear with as much material as George and Paul combined. While the majority of Lennon's songs were realized with full group participation, McCartney's best efforts (I Will, Mother Nature's Son, Blackbird) were Paul sans Beatles. Hmmm...A double album was the only way out. Forget Yoko. You can see where the tension came from and why Ringo took a temporary hike. But even Beatles filler is superior stuff.

Another Beatles Listener

1) I truly appreciate recent and prompt improvements upon the presentation here, specifically with regard to track titles for the song listings; someone has refined this list beautifully. Yes, it is largely about the music . . . but we are, all too often, being offered material that is — especially for this format — denied the respect of careful attention to the given title(s): “No Repsect” via Someone (Else), allegedly for the Kingbees; “Bad Reputaion” via Someone allegedly representing Freedy Johnston; “Three Time In Love” via Someone allegedly for Tommy James; an “a Capella” version of a Tag (or Coda) as allegedly representing The Beach Boys (!!!) . . . come on, folks ! 2) How about this for a wildly tight White Album (without any attempt here toward a track sequence)? Blackbird While My Guitar Gently Weeps Julia I Will Mother Nature’s Son Dear Prudence Honey Pie I’m So Tired Rocky Raccoon Don’t Pass Me By (I know; verily doth it border ’pon blasphemy for some.) 3) For a new Revolver (or Rubber Soul / Revolver) Compilation — or somehow! — could iTunes gather in a couple of such Previously Released items as the “Yellow Submarine” track (from the Real Love EP) that includes Ringo’s Spoken Intro . . . or the “complete” version (from the Free As A Bird EP or Single) of “Christmas Time (Is Here Again)” . . . ? Just askin’. I have ’em on CD, so it isn’t quite Snooze and Lose. 4) The present breathtaking Official Compilation now gets the fifth star from me because of such improvements of presentation as I mention above . . . leaving aside any issue of whether to include “Hey Jude” via a traditionally (Pre-’15) unshortened edit of the song in its familiar “standard” form. 5) Thank you for any and all patience with my lengthy, well, First Review Ever; perhaps some will want it to be my last; and it may well prove thus.

Nurk Twin

I remember listening to this on LP back in the early 1980's. I loved the many personalities of this double LP. It is my favorite Beatles LP. Not as polished as Abbey Road or ground breaking as SPLHCB. Alone, this LP is simple and straight forward. I have always loved "Goodnight". Such a warm and gentle way to close out the LP. Have the "Black Album" so never really liked the demos off it. I over did it in the 80's on them. Will buy it on pay day...... JDSB-3 in New York "Child of Nature" became "Jealous Guy". You heard it here first.


This is a great album with many beautiful, unique, amazing, and memorable songs. But I wish there could be a album about the 1969 Apple Rooftop “Concert”.


Any true Beatles fan will LOVE this!!! Excellent work Giles Martin!

The Dapper Dane

Ok so I’m listening to one (1) track - the dear prudence esher version - and you can hear all the novelty and nakedness - what’s not to like folks? These guys are no longer in business. All worth it. For the fan.


I found The Beatles through NYC DJ Murray the K in October 1963. I was 11 and scurried to my record store in South Orange, NJ as soon as “Meet the Beatles” was released. I was hooked. I followed all things Beatles and even bought a Beatles wig at Jordan Marsh in Fort Lauderdale in March 1964. I was immersed in Beatles music for the next couple of years and bought every album except Revolver. It just didn’t resonate with me and was too slow. The White Album was a revelation but I didn’t understand it so I didn’t appreciate it. Listening to the anniversary disks brought the entire Beatles world back to me and I fell in love with a song I could barely tolerate when it dropped: Harrison’s “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” The numerous takes of so many of the cuts and other recordings on the disks pierced my memory, my thoughts and my heart. Everything old was new again. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to go back and come forward with four geniuses and, of course, their guru, George Martin - the real fifth Beatle (sorry, Murray the K and, of course, Cousin Brucie) and the brilliant work of his son, Giles,on this compilation of musical and cultural genius.


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I think the electronic version cheapens the whole product. I give it 5 stars because it is an awesome album.


Maybe would buy for my Grandfather. Old and outdated songs from years gone by.


Wild Honey Pie sounds creepier.


Clearly, from a documentary point of view it is interesting for someone like me who bought the album when it first came out and has enjoyed many listenings to listen to these cuts. However, 70 bucks stinks of a cynical money grab packaging existing demos as some trancendent, historical "holy grail." Please.

Midwestern trails

Giles Martin has his father's touch, maybe not his ear, but pretty close. There is no one in this world a fan would trust more than him to do this work. He is really true to the original intent and goals of what they all wanted it to sound like. Even Paul and Ringo will confirm that using today's tricks, techniques, equipment, and technology this is how they would all like the music to sound. After all, even as revolutionary as the Beatles were, they were still limited in their world by the technology of the day. Even John Lennon said in some interviews and commentaries, when their work was only 10 years old, that he would like to sit down with George Martin at the time and figure out why some of the mixes were as they were and how to better their recordings without ruining them. 50 years is high time we looked hard at these recordings and gave them the once over. I agree with some comments here that it is too bad that Rubber Soul and Revolver were not treated to this kind of release. Maybe it could still happen. It would seem as though we will be treated to Abbey Road in 2019 and Let It Be in 2020. Why not? I have heard some bootleg recordings and there are some interesting things in the can with Let It Be especially, but they are a lot more tight with Abbey Road. Time will tell. I remember how Giles talked about the White Album release when Sgt. Pepper came out last year. Apparently inadvertently. So it would seem originally this may have been envisioned as a surprise, but was let out of the bag. I am sure the media have given Giles a barage of questions hoping to get the same slip from him. Have not heard anything about an Abbey Road Super Deluxe remix. I think it would not be appropriate to remix Abbey Road. That album was mixed for stereo and used the highest technology of its day which still comes across as great. As for the White Album, it does deserve this kind of update. Good work Giles, from a big Beatles fan. From start to finish, this edition is fantastic. Some songs are incomplete, but still great and interesting, especially the While My Guitar Gently Weeps which is interrupted about 80% of the way through by George Harrison trying to sing like Smokey, and as he says "I'm just not Smoky." These recordings capture some of the atmosphere of the recordings and the mood of the whole production of the album, mostly on the positive, but some not. Vital to purchase for the Beatles fan, but much of it worthwhile, especially the Esher Demos for the light Beatles fan (and who is not at least a light Beatles Fan). Gotta get the Esher Demos even if you are not a big fan.

Force of Gravity

All of the Giles Martin remixes sound wonderful! I love it. I bought this album on the day that it was released in then and love it still! One comment - I was floored a few minutes ago when I listened to Long, Long, Long through headphones. I actually teamed up a bit listening to George Harrison’s voice — in the original mix, it was always subdued and hidden. Here it is as clear as a bell and the harmonies sound heavenly! Thank you, Giles!


Better then ever listening!

Wreck 'n Ball

Becomes Jealous Guy! Amazing!


There's a lot of debate amongst Beatles fans of what the perfect White Album would have been if it were edited down to a single disc. If it had been released that way, it could have been their greatest, but the inclusion of a number of mediocre songs and stinkers like "Wild Honey Pie" and "Revolution 9" kinda bring the whole of it down. That said, some really amazing songs are also on it – you take the good with the bad. THAT said, I don't think making it even longer by including outtakes is the greatest idea. IMO, it just waters it down.

Ben Kenon

I was really looking forward to this, ever since the Sgt. Pepper box set. Unfortunately, unlike Pepper, the White Album already had a “modern” mix that sounds very contemporary, so there was very little for Giles Martin & Co. to do. The new 2018 mixes are nice and clear, but my first impression is a gently disappointed one. Often, the new “modern mixes” which are (like the Peppers box from 2016) intentionally different from the canonical 2009 remasters, sound dry and alien. Other times they sound a lot like the official mixes but with some elements turned up or down. The Esher Demos are the selling point of this set. It’s fantastic to hear what the Beatles heard when they were actually writing these songs, before they were refined in the studio. It’s somewhat startling to hear how fully-formed many of the songs were before the boys reconvened at Abbey Road. It’s also nice to hear some alternate takes and studio chatter, but not essential. The Esher Demos are the real prize here.

Mister Mooso

Phenomenal job by Giles Martin! I would love for the same treatment to be applied to Revolver and Rubber Soul.

10$ for albums and no higher

This is an outrageous price.


Incredible sound

Not that BB

I was a young guy in 1968 (!!) when, listening to my AM radio on my car, a new song came on that immediately stopped me from turning off the ignition and getting out. 'What is this?' I wondered to myself. 'Sounds like the Beatles, sort of... Do they have a new album?'. At the finish, the DJ said it was, indeed, a new Beatles tune entitled Rocky Raccoon. Living in Duluth, Minnesota at the time, I made it my No. 1 priority to get my tail to the Wrecka Stow and pick up the White Album. I'll never forget that moment. Fun to relive it with this stuff...


Yes, it's the Beatles. What else do we need to know? Giles is carrying on the magical work of his father and, just as importantly, is giving us early takes and songs we get to hear for the first time. Just the fact that "Junk" was recorded first for the Whitew Album is special. It's the Beatles. Nothing else need be said!


The variations are so special. The 2018 mixes of the original album adds new layers and depth as well. A historical document to enjoy. A Beatles masterpiece.

Best Generation

In the 60's every Beatles release was an event. You would take your new record into your room and never come out for days. The White Album was really interesting and exciting at the time. It had so many different styles and hidden meanings. Every time you listened again you heard something new that you had missed before. I often wonder if these re-releases excite and mesmerize new Beatles fans? The Beatles are the one band I never get tired of. I have probably heard every song a thousand times. But I still love them and will probably fork over my hard earned money for the record I already bought on vinyl, 8-track, cassette and now digital download. Am I crazy? Maybe?


This is nothing more than a money grab by McCartney, Starr, and the Estates of Lennon and Harrison. Can we expect more re-mastering in 2020, 2021, etc.? Why don't you release new music, and I will gladly purchase it.


The white album is one of the best albums you will ever hear. Recommended.

The Bradleyss

I'm sure the reissue will be great, since it is based upon the Beatles most lasting record. But I'm not sure what to think of the iTunes review, which includes such stupidities as calling George's "Piggies," one of the Beatles starkest social commentaries, "silly."


I love them

Dlee All in One

Anything Beatles is amazing! Itunes you don't get it. Calling Piggies silly shows your silliness and misunderstanding of the whole culture of The Beatles and Rock & Rolls impact on the world at that time. Of course mastered for itunes mutes out the best part of most songs too. Peace