The Psychedelic Furs - Made of Rain

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Made of Rain Tracklist:

moody mick

I’ve listened to this album multiple times & it’s addictive. Classic Furs sounds that makes great use of the saxophone & Richard Butler’s very distinctive voice. Do yourself a favor & listen..,


After nearly 3 decades away how rare would it be for a band to come back with the best album they ever made? This is what you get with Made Of Rain. Don’t Believe Wrong Train No One You’ll Be Mine These 4 songs are killer tracks. This material, the vocals, the production are all out of this world. BUY!!!!!!!!

James Sonny Crockett

What a revelation.. Just a fantastic record top to bottom. So thankful for new music from this iconic band. Can’t wait to see them live yet again.


Every song is perfect. 52 minutes of some place and time other than 2020! Pure medicine!


I'm only 4 songs into the album and love them all! Powerful lyrics, great melodies, brilliant musicianship and Richard sounds like he's still in his 20's! Well done boys!


H 🦽😡🇬🇧🔀🎵🎶↘️🎿🙌🏻🔗🔐


It's amazing how some bands can pick it up right where their instincts were years before, every song is so well crafted and so meaningful, we're all the "Wrong Train" now and again, absolutely love this! Even feels better this time 'round. If "This'll Never Be Love" was released in the 80's it would have gone through the roof!


Every track is splendid! Thank you 🎧

DJ Sangron

The last album I bought from The Psychedelic Furs was "World Outside", and that's because it was their last studio album...Until now. This is a great return from a band that I wanted to see live this past April until the show was cancelled due to the Pandemic. My favorite songs (so far) on "Made of Rain" are The Boy who invented Rock and Roll, Come all ye faithful and No-One. This is a must have for true furs fans.



I have wanted this for so long


Glorius in all spaces - voice, songs, production, performances.


The album represents a spectacular comeback for the Furs. Richard's brooding almost haunting vocals have not missed a beat. The synths from keyboardist Kramer wrap the songs in an ephermeral bubble of sound. Good's guitar tone is both ambient and prominent when necessary creating what I consider the typical Furs' guitar sound. The low end and backbeat are held in perfect harmony with occasional flourishes of rhythms and beats that can create an almost danceable aspect to some of the tracks. What a fantastic return for the Psychedelic Furs!

DJ Därko

"Made of Rain" sees the band at the top of their game. The production, writing, vocals and instrumentation are all top notch. This is their A game!


Longtime Furs Fan 🙌🏻 Butlers unique vocals and sound are timeless. Very few bands have the ability to pull off a “comeback” with a full length album. Made Of Rain sounds like it will be as equally amazing as their previous works!


It really sounds like a great album. 4 songs released and they are all Furs. No overproduction, just raw sound and lyrically rich. A welcomed reutrn indeed!!!!


It's been a long time, glad to hear some English rock.


Take note good music doesn't need social media to be good.

Nurk Twin

I saw them in Syracuse New York 1986. They still sound good.


The Furs are so freaking 80’s!!! They haven’t missed a Beat❤️ I can’t wait for the new release. These new songs are classic Furs!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Can't wait for the entire album to drop. The first two available songs are amazing.

October Noir

Psychedelic is the feeling and The Furs are the drug! The music is timeless and hauntingly familiar to my soul. You’ve been missed!

Dead Kennedys are dead

Richard still sounds great. Can't wait for this.....finally!


There's no such thing as a bad Furs album. Welcome back Furs! Another timeless album coming.


Saw them multiple times in the 80’s. Classic voice to so many memorable nights😜. If the rest sounds as good as the first, welcome back!!!!!