Three Days Grace - One-X (Deluxe Version)

℗ 2006, 2007 Zomba Recording LLC

One-X (Deluxe Version) Tracklist:

Robert W. Fox

Love the music, it’s worth buying the album definitely, just have know clue why the song ‘Pain’ is in it twice. Better not be making the album cost more!


I love this album because it helps with your deprression and makes you calm and I feel sorry for Adam gontier from his problema before, but I really enjoyed listening the album! By the way, don’t they have this song called “Running away”? I just checked it out on YouTube


To sum up the early 2000’s era of rock and punk, this album would be first pick.

Jack Mehoff77

Adam will ALWAYS be the true TDG. His writing, expression, and voice is what made the band so awesome!!!!


If there was an album of a lifetime award, this album is it. It encompasses so much raw feelings and just tears your heart out. Bless this album 🙌

Kanji Hanafuda

I sure wish that track no.6 (Riot) and track no.11 (Gone Forever) are explicit due to cussings. You always stick with the clean hit (Animal I Have Become). Because It’s your call.


Just awesome

Mine craft 10253

Let’s start a Riot! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥u gotta shifting your life left to right get u head on straight man

ًًًDJ Felix

¡Animal I Have Become es lo mejor Three Days Grace!


I discovered this album by listening to ‘Animal I Have Become’, and I must admit I fell in love with it. So far my favorite songs are- 1. Animal I have Become 2. Pain 3. (Not in this album) I hate everything about you


A must have for your collection if you really love dark rock music 🌹😍😍😍 Adam Gontier 🌹🌹🌹🌹😍🌹😍😍😍


What I usually do when I'm feeling depressed (like when my great-grandfather passed away) is listen to TDG's "Pain". It really immerses me in what is happening. 😢


Three days grace has gone downhill since Matt Walst has Joined the band but I always come back to this album when I miss how they used to be( which is always). God I love this album and all the others( besides human)

😍😍 impressed


This album is flat out amazing. Adam wrote many of these songs during his time in rehab and you can really tell how much emotion he put into the lyrics. Every song has a lyric or many lyrics that you can relate to. Each time I listen to a song on this album it brings me back to a good time in my life. 5 stars.


I would absolutely recommend this album, especially to anyone who enjoys rock music. I was completely hooked from the first note. One-x actually got me into Three Days Grace, and now they’re my favorite band. If you haven’t listened before, start with Animal I Have Become, Riot and Pain and work your way to the rest. They’re all amazing. This band needs to get more credit.

Ty rules!!

One-X is by far, no joke, the best album I have ever heard from any band. Three Days Grace's music relates to teens, like myself, and that is something I've never found in any other band. But I'll get to it then, here's my song by song review. It's All Over 8/10: The perfect way to open an album, with the kinda' ominous sound through out and makes you just want to sing along Pain 7/10: Wasen't to big on this one to be honest but it definitely kept me listening with it's slower tune and great backing vocals Never Too Late 10/10: Probaly the most popular TDG song ever. It provides hope and encouragement to someone who just wants to end everything, and it's great to see a band that cares. On My Own 9/10: When I first heard the beginning I wasen't really interested, but then I kept listening for a bit and then I realized how awesome this song was. Kept me head-banging and singing along. Riot 9/10: My second favorite song on the album. If you're having a rough day, working out, feeling p'od about something or someone, then this is the perfect song to listen too. The guitar is amazing and the song overall makes you want to break stuff. Only reason this get's a 9 is because of the use of the wasent necessary. Get Out Alive 10/10: My favorite on the album with it's creepy ominous tone and awesome bridge. Let It Die 6/10: Meh Over and Over 10/10: Another ballad about being better off without the one you love but deciding you would rather go through all the pain for that person you love and want to be with. Time Of Dying 10/10: Guitar is amazing, lyrics are really good, and vocals are well done. A head banger for sure. One-X 7/10: It dosen't feel like it belongs on this album for some reason. It's very mellow feeling but is still a good song to listen too. Wicked Game 1/10: Boring and bad vocals. Animal I Have Become 15/10: This is "The Song" on One-X, it's the song everybody knows about. It's a more personal cry for help from Gontier pleading for someone to "help me tame this animal I have become". Amazing work, this one will never get old. Definintly my favorite album and will be listening for years to come.


I used to go through lots if stress and when I listened to never to late you guys really helped me with that song so thanks

una MJ

i cri. In a good way, because this album is one of the best ever. Never Too Late and Time of Dying are the first songs I've ever heard by them and remain in my top favorites ever since. Over And Over's great too, as well as Let It Die. Just get the album. You won't regret it.

A Shwartzeneger

It's mediocre at best, but I've gotta say, that opening riff on "Animal I have Become" is genius. It just makes you think "darn, I wish I'd thought of that!"


These songs are fantastic I love them.


I love TDG. Basically my favorite band.


5 stars for them. 0 stars for iTunes for not letting us buy Wicked Games without the entire album that most of us probably already have.


Love u guys and ur music hope u make more

Lambo Bou

Still they're best album ever


This is an awesome album totally worth it!


I love this band, they're amazing, sure, they lost their old singer, but got a new one, and he's great. I just wish they would look back at what they did in their older album One-X and do more of that kind of thing it's their best album in my opinion. And PLEASE MAKE A CLEAN VERSION OF RIOT!!!!! PLEASE ITS MY FAVORITE!!!!!!

Orbik Olmedo

My Favorite Band Growing Up With Them During My Childhood, Amazing!


I heard these when I was younger, and now I understand them completely! Great songs! 👍

Awesome critic II

Greatest album of three days grace yet, love the song "on my own" and "pain", u must buy it is awesome!!!!!🎭


This album is amazing!!!!!!! My favorite band playing nothing but pure rock! Thanks Adam! (Wish you hadn't left)

Jeff in Tampa

Time and time again I keep going back to three days grace


Three days grace is so good at the gutair, amd his voice goes so well with it!!!


Luv luv three days grace

M3TAL [email protected]

I love this band! All of their songs are great but only if they were still together


This band can do no wrong. Whenever I listen to this album I feel all my stress faid away. 3DG puts all my feelings in their songs.


I'm in love with this album!


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It's a shame Adam left the band. He put so much meaning behind this album, dealing with a dark time in his life.

Night fiter 61836192718372

I love get out alive I think it's the best the others are good to but get out alive is my fav


Wow. The power that songs have to save you, lift you up, and give you a magical, musical adventure... In your mind. :) Love this song. Whenever I hear it, I feel better and stronger. Thanks, Three Days Grace.

Batman fanatic15

Before this album, i had never listened to Three Days Grace. A friend recommend I listen to Its All Over and i loved it. Then, i realized the rest of the album was just as good. This is how rock n roll should be. Not poppy electro stuff. Every song has exceptional lyrics, a good meaning, and superb instruments. The guitar work is best in Its All Over in the opening. I love it. My favorite songs: Its All Over, Pain, Riot, Let It Die, Animal I Have Become, and On My Own. Those are the best. It surpasses their first album and makes up for the quality lacking in their next 2. 3DG just needs to stick to this and they could be the best rock band ever. Buy it.


Great band I love them

Christian Metalhead\m/

Arguably their best most passionate album.


Three days grace onex deluxe is one of the best albums yet keep goin THREE DAYS GRACE

Seizure 2000

I love this song so much! I rate it 5 stars. I'd rate it 10 stars if I could.

Forever love it

I don't understand why some people don't like music like this,instead they like very common music talkin 'bout partying & fun life.not everyone's life is like that but actually very few are like that(the singers duhhh) but 3Days Grace not only has AWESOME music but it connects to real life stuff,like nothing lasts forever...^^


Riot is my faV stupid auto correct