The Weeknd - Trilogy

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Trilogy Tracklist:


Except for house of balloons (the first ten) by itself, this is the best album / mixtape / compilation (whatever) ever. Like I can’t even describe how good this is. The worst song here is like a 9/10, and overall the album is a 10. It’s so good. Listen to it. Now. If you don’t you’re missing something truly amazing


I honestly believe this is The Weeknd’s best album, including After Hours, which was very 80s and techno pop. It’s great, but the gritty mood and industrial feel of Trilogy makes it stand out from all the other works Abel has made


Before After Hours Comes Out I listened to this masterpiece of an album, This Is An Amazing Album, The Song I Loved The Most Was House Of Balloons/ Glass Table Girls, that song was hype and I loved it


If you haven’t bought this album by 2020 then I’m not sure what’s holding you back. The Weeknd puts together a master Piece of stories and beats that mesh like no other soundtrack album has done before. Released back in 2012, the songs are still replayable and enjoyable for decades to come.

L ur mom



Great Songs, so much talent


Forever will be the greatest album of all time.


The best compilation album of the decade


Let there be 🔥🔥🔥

Exodus The Last

Wanna feel sad, this is for you. Want to play this in the Boom Boom room, this is for you. Makes you feel powerful, this is for you Phenomenal Voice and Great lyrics Suggest checking out Kissland. Has a great Variety of music but is all one story.


Too much sauce in every song


Legit perfection. All 30 songs are fantastic. Mixtapes in order of greatness imo: EOS, HOB, Thursday

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A masterpiece. xotwod


My go to album for any mood/feeling


I still can’t believe this album has so many songs AND they are all so unique and dynamic. I can listen to this music for every occasion. I love the Weeknd.

Bugsy HoLLiday

The Weeknd until the sun comes up, literally. This maybe his best work to date.

Music Album of The Weeknd:

Lust for Life (feat. The Weeknd) [BloodPop® Remix] - Single
Lust for Life feat. The Weeknd [BloodPop® Remix] - Single (2017)
Nocturnal (feat. The Weeknd) [Disclosure V.I.P. / Edit] - Single
Nocturnal feat. The Weeknd [Disclosure V.I.P. / Edit] - Single (2016)
Might Not (feat. The Weeknd) - Single
Might Not feat. The Weeknd - Single (2015)
Starboy (feat. Daft Punk) [Kygo Remix] - Single
Starboy feat. Daft Punk [Kygo Remix] - Single (2016)
Starboy (feat. Daft Punk) [Kygo Remix] - Single
Starboy feat. Daft Punk [Kygo Remix] - Single (2016)
Nocturnal (feat. The Weeknd) [Disclosure V.I.P.] - Single
Nocturnal feat. The Weeknd [Disclosure V.I.P.] - Single (2016)