Tycho - Dive

℗ 2011 Ghostly International

Dive Tracklist:


Nothing else to say

From Louisville

I know it's unsafe to bike with buds in, but seriously, if you can get away, go for a ride to this. You will feel amazing when you get back!


Ascension was played at my old job over & over. I started working at Sears back in 2012 & I would hear that song & finally here I am following the rest of the albums lol.


Scott Hansen is a brilliant mind and this album deserves every bit of praise possible. An album that brings out all types of emotions is an album worth remembering forever, and this does exactly that. 🤘😀


Omg !!! React2nothing, I found this cd the same way you did by shazaming " hours " at a Kmart !!!!!


This album is perfect for coming home to after a long stressful day. Just relax and imagine yourself being wisped away to a nice overcast day at the beach. Catching some nice breezes while overlooking the ocean with a tequilla sunrise in hand. When you sit up from your chair with drink in hand you'll have a hard time remembering which was a daydream and what was reality. Could not recommend this album enough. Very atmospheric and soothing with enough beats to keep you intrigued. Buy this and you'll see what Im talking about.


Love this album...especially "Adrift"...mesmerizing

Hydrogen Demon

I first found Tycho on the zen station for DirectTV. I looked for it on iTunes. It's been 3 years and now it gives me nostalgia. I would definitely recommend this for any one who loves chill music. (It's worth it)

Raintide Bunnyfox

When I first heard music from "Tycho" on Pandora I was immediately reminded of the surrealistic music of a game called "Eufloria".


It's been 4 years and I still can't put this album down.


This is a great album (along with his others) to put on repeat and listen to all day while at work and just have going in the background. It keeps me focused in a way that no other music that I have found can.


no joke, i discovered this album when i shazam'd "hours" in a kmart. Amazing vibe.


Smooth stuff


Has anyone ELSE played Eufloria HD?


I discovered these guys on Songza and immediately bought the album. I listen to them at work and it really keeps me focused and creative. Buy this album NOW!


They have a really tranquil and peaceful, but upbeat, album that re-energizes and always lifts your mood. Listen to them on YouTube if you don't know whether or not to buy the album. They have really pretty instrumental beats and it sounds really beautiful, like an instrumental poetry. Reminds me of watching the ocean at sunrise