Zac Brown Band - You Get What You Give (Deluxe Version)

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You Get What You Give (Deluxe Version) Tracklist:


Everything Zac plays is too good to be true


best album of them all!!!❤❤❤

Mackenzie Star

I love the song Cold Hearted. Great song to listen to after a break up. The vocals are great, and the music is beautiful. Got in my feelings. 👌🏽


my most favorite song ever. super relatable and takes country to the level it should be-from the heart and relatable, rather than beer sex and trucks.


I wish I could give them more stars!!!! They are soooooooo talented and amazing at writing, singing, playing instruments, performing, and making amazing and beautiful music!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!! WE ARE ALL HERE FOR YOU!!!!!! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING AND SO GIFTED AND TALENTED!!!! KEEP GOING AND NEVER STOP!


Cold Weather.... should be called HOT HOT HOT Weather!!


This album lifts my spirits so! Every song is as good as the first--amazing.

GW in PA

This CD blew me away. Just great music by great musicians. "Whiskeys Gone" is a barn burner!!

Anonymous Person 7777

One of the best albums I've ever heard in my life. It's insane to rate this anything under five stars!


ZBB is the most talented band in music today. Period.


I absolutely love this band and their music. The best song in here was who knows


I cant describe how Zac Brown Band music makes me feel. Their country music is truly in a league of its own. The lyrics bring you to tears, and there is so much you can relate to in their songs that bring you closer and closer to the band each time they play. I have never grown tired of their songs..and never will.

laxbro2222 also know as nick

i love sac brown band music he is my favorite artist


Yet another great album made by Zac Brown Band. Best song is Knee Deep


One of the best albums I have ever bought. Worth every penny. "Colder Weather" alone makes it worth it. Definitely get it.

Sr. Music

This band brings you back to the good days of summers past, all there songs are a work of art, and will relax even the most stressed out person. keep up the good work!


With rock solid songwriting talent and voices to blow your hair back, you just can't go wrong with this one. Be honest. Can any of you listen to "Colder Weather" and resist the urge to sing along? Great American music, by any measure.


I'm zack and I'm 14 from Florida and me and my mother listen to chicken fried on the foundation since it hit the radio and I can't forget this band. I started listening to more of them and they are the best band I've ever listened to. I listen to the classics like frank Sinatra and the rat pack. Even matallica and eminem but zac brown... EVERY song is amazing and zac if you are reading this. At my first concert you did a rap in Tampa Florida.. You are the one and only macaroni! Haha keep making amazing music!


I loved this album( also The foundation). I feel this group does not get the credit they deserve.


Couldn't even contain myself when he put out an album featuring Jimmy Buffet. Love them both. The album was Not what I expected after hearing the foundation but it immediately grew on me. Martin is one of my favs, loved to hear a song about a guitar instead of a woman who breaks hearts for a living. Great album, definitely get the deluxe version!

The zack brown band

Lets go zack brown


Love it


Zac brown is awesome


You can't ask for a better down home band than these guys!


Just amazing.......... Love it like im at the beach.......... Ahhhhhhhh................


My favorite country band! These guys rock and their song whikeys gone is absolutely an awsome true country song that bring country back to country. It will make you want to do burnouts on a tractor

The rap lover

It rules I'm a big time redneck.I listen to this stuff before mud bogging.If you hate this song,you better change your mind or you get shot by my redneck gun


This was the first time I ever listened to Zac Brown Band. I loved colder weather so much on the radio, and I really liked the way they seemed like real musicians, so I went out and bought this cd. I had only heard a few of their songs, and liked them, yes. But little did I know that within months they would be about my favorite band of all time. Every ZBB cd is worth a buy. They are absolutely amazing and so full of soul. There isn't a doubt in my mind that they won't keep making amazing music. This is a great cd, I'd say my least favorite has been quiet your mind. It's like 10 mins long, but I could just not get into it. It lacks that awesome rhythm ZBB always puts out. This is just my opinion. Other than that the album is as lovable as can be! Their radio singles are good. Colder weather As shes walking away Knee deep But let it go and I play the road are some favs on the album. I also really really love Cold hearted.

Mandy Giannattasio

If I could give them 1,000,000 stars I would! Love ZBB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Livverlove 123

I'm not much of the country fan, but when my parents went on thier honeymoon the only song they listened to was "knee deep" now I love it too!!! :) thanks for actually writing songs about the good things in life, and not about relationships and money <3 it


I think this is one of the most musically original bands. They collaborate so well that they can come up with artistic wonders. They have an amazing range of funk, rock, country, folk, and reggae, and I love that they don't feel confined to just one genre because they can do it all. This is an amazing album and I think they made it purely from themselves and not from anybody telling them what to write and how to produce it. I think this album satisfies music lovers especially if they can appreciate what talent and imagination goes into these songs. I can tell this band doesn't want to be ordinary or typical. I can't wait for next albums to come ZBB!

Choir nerdy

I am a serious country music fan and this album is amazing! You can't get bored with it, the songs flow well from one to another and it's not the same tune with different words over and over again (Taylor Swift)... Highly recommend it!!!




Well the thing is if you really love country and you have the same style as them then the music is great. But if not you might like it but you might think it's crap. I think some songs are good, but some are just annoying to me.

Rascal rocks

How do write these songs? Are you magic or something? ? •__•


Knee deep is so awesome and of course the brains was zac brown. Awesomest band ever


I like the Zac brown band and this song to.




Favorite band!! Keep up the good work!!!


Every body that likes zac brown band will love all of his songs so get this NOW!!

Cherry Gal2

Not much of a country fan but the words are meaningful like Highway 20 ride and Colder Weather. Makes me happy that people actually write good songs still.

cool boy 222

zac ur awseome keep doing what u do best writing country im ur number 1 fan man


Before I found the Zac Brown Band, I thought music was going to auto tune, beat mixing, and almost no lyrical creativity. But when I found the Zac Brown Band, it gave me hope for this generation's music. Welcome back!

All Nighter <3

This is their best album yet:) So good.


What talent


These guys are just talented across the board. If you think the album is good and if you haven't already check them out LIVE!!!


WOW! Ican't listen to "Who Knows" without shedding a tear. The unexpected reggae feel, the upfront AMAZING lead vocals, and that harmony! You definitely have made a new Zac Brown FANatic. Another favorite is "Colder Weather"!! You wont be disappointed!!

Professional Musician

First rate song writing, playing, singing and performing. It has been a long time since I have been impressed. Finally real music again, thank God.


Zac brown rocks